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21 StampyLongHead

It would have been better if he used a Xbox One because Xbox 360 Live is going down soon.

He tries way too hard to be kid friendly and he only plays on Xbox which is stupid. And his Minecraft videos are really dull and boring.

He is so annoying. Just stop talking for once!

22 Host privileges
23 "No Swearing" Rules

Minecraft is 10+, not 18+. Only Super Minecraft Kid fans hate this rule.

You guys just like swearing swearing sucks. -Enderman

Because clearly it's a problem with kids. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

24 Game is not logical
25 TNT

My 2nd cousin Jake blow up my bunker and my house with tnt on Minecraft ps3

26 skydoesminecraft V 2 Comments
27 The EULA

I voted for this just to say: No EULA=Pay to win - ABBCC

28 Minecraft Story Mode

Extremely overrated,even more than minecraft itself! it is also brain washing people if you go on an mcpe server 90% of players are using mc story mode's characters! - MChkflaguard_Yt

29 Minecraft Fans
30 Squeakers

Minecraft was made for kids what do you expect, play counter strike.

31 SkyDoesMinecraft fanboys

Skydoesminecraft is a n00b in my opinion no offense to His fans

32 Lots of useless tools and weapons
33 Squids

I am SkyDoesMinecraft and I find this offensive.

Lol you are a fake.

34 Lack of Blocks V 1 Comment
35 Wool

It breaks and burns down so easy!

V 1 Comment
36 Really Obnoxious People Who TPA to you to see what you're up to
37 Name Changing
38 Graphics

A game isn't only about graphics you know

Man U can do better, it's already 2009!

39 Fire Spread
40 Lucky Block mod

I actually like the mod but it is way to overrated. People make videos of it constantly and it gets on my nerves.

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3. Game is not logical
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