Top Ten Worst Things About the Modern Disney Channel

I am an observer, for months I have studied the difference between old Disney channel, and the New Disney channel. After seeing the difference between about 92-2006 I feel Walt Disney would roll over in His grave seeing the trash put on for children today. Here Is my list of reasons why I think Disney is just not good today.

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1 The Cheesiness

All the new Disney shows aren't even funny! The jokes sound stupid and like they're trying to hard to be funny and still fail at it! They should just bring back the old Disney shows!

Disney today is just entirely to cheesy for my taste. It is good to have comedy, but it just comes of as being corny. The jokes the creators of the shows write are just simply not funny, if You want to watch a comedy go watch a show from the 90's, 80's, 70's, or the VERY early 2000's. - Shanigirl

This should probably be Number One on this list.

Two words: Andi Mack.

2 Lack of Diversity

When I grew up watching Disney Channel, it was extremely diverse, I hate how it now just focuses less on culture and more on comedy

Oh tell me about it. I remember Disney Channel being a huge reason as to why I tried to assimilate into white culture. They show zero diversity unless it's purposefully trying to make an effort to. I don't think they've ever had a main character who was Asian (I don't count London Tipton to be either a main character or a good role model FYI) and Jessie just twists all of the "diverse characters" into cartoonish walking stereotypes. They act as if they can just add a black person somewhere and be let off the hook-No, equal representation in children's television would be wonderful. - keycha1n

In the older Disney films and shows there was a certain set of diversity as far as ethnicity. Please, don't bring up the show "Jessie", there stereotypes about ethnicity and culture are just sickening. Disney is whitewashed (I don't mean to offend anybody), I wish they would focus on different cultures, ethnicities, countries, etc... - Shanigirl

If I could go one day without the stereotypes of Disney Channel, that would be great! I mean, they overuse stereotypes like how people overuse the word 'like', and it's ridiculous - kaitlynrad11

3 Rolemodels

I bet that all of the characters on that network are less-than-good role models.

I find this a problem with Disney movies today, and their T.V shows. On the old Disney shows the characters had at least some type of moral, and they acted as regular teens. Now, most of the Characters are bratty, big mouthed, spoiled brats. There is hardly anything to them, and it's the same recycled crap over and over again with each Disney show, no original ideas whatsoever. All they do is change the name of the Characters, setting, gender, or outfits. - Shanigirl

To be honest, pretty much all of the network's role models are bad.

4 Bad Behavior

The behavior of half of the teen characters on Disney is just atrocious. It will teach kids it's okay to be rude, snap back at adults, selfish, lazy, and to act like a stuck up entitled brat. Kids these days don't have to work for anything, they are spoiled enough as it is and aren't taught what true work, determination, and sacrifice is already, they don't need even more of a bad influence from Disney. All kids aren't like this, but the majority are... - Shanigirl

Bunked: new kid at camp becomes the most popular because he breaks the law and broke out of juvy. Stuck in the middle: eldest kid centers the world around herself (the youngest acts like piece of crap). Bizaardvark: beauty channel girl becomes a millionaire from being a self centered. And there are so many more terrible people influencing kids to be naughty or self centered. And ever girl in the show are so obsessed with their looks telling kids that their looks are more important than everything - Tisme_draGON

You got that right, Shanigirl. I'm just as ashamed of how the Disney Channel is as you are. If I could, I'd reform it.

5 Realism

Of course I know that this is Disney, everything won't be realistic, but a little realism from time to time would be nice. These new Disney shows offer little relatable characteristics, it's all jumbled up childish nonsense, no real thought goes into shows these days. Each plot I find myself bored with, the plots now are to predictable, watered down, and paper thin. - Shanigirl

6 Characters

Alex & Co. = Stereotypical characters
Soy Luna = A girl who enjoys skating and it's very typical

Good gosh...don't even get me started! The Characters in Disney today are just...wrong. I mean they aren't well rounded at all, by this I mean they have no complexity and are so one dimensional it is cringe worthy! This goes for the movies and T.V show characters! - Shanigirl

7 Teenage Stereotypes

Decades ago, teens were not thought of as mentally immature, selfish, disrespectful, lazy, and bratty. Not to mention addicted to their cell phones. I have heard of teenagers who are unselfish, respectful, and treated others fairly.

Why they're on that channel is likely beyond me. Are its workers trying to force-feed undergrown people into thinking that's how true teenagers are? Well, that's narrow-minded thing to do.

For all people's information, true teens differ from the ones on DISN (Disney Channel) in that they're intelligent, respectful, sensible, responsible, serious-minded, and mentally mature. But none of those things mean that they're downright perfect.

Another thing about true teenagers is that they loosen up in ways that are proper and appropriate.

8 They Make It Seem Like Being Good Is Bad

It is a running thing were the good kids on Disney don't get anywhere, and You have to be sneaky or do something underhanded to get what You want, or be considered "cool". The nerdy kids are often made fun of, or the kids who have some sense of responsibility are treated like dirt by the main characters. - Shanigirl

9 The Feminism

If you are against feminism that literally means that you believe either women are better than men or men are better than women. As most people are, you seem utterly unaware that the definition of feminism is the belief that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities. And you are also proposing that you are against the very movement that gave you the right to vote, lead, work, and receive an education. Without feminism, you and 50% of the population would still be treated as inferiors. Think a little.

That said, dudes are not the demographic of Disney Channel anyways. Even then, basically all characters on there suck regardless of gender. This is excluding Gravity Falls. - keycha1n

I am against feminism, and I am a girl. It is nice that they want to feel empowered or whatever, but I feel T.V overdose it and takes it to far today. The guys on these Disney shows are pushed around by the girls often, are made to look like fools, and have no backbone! They often act like pansy's, or are just stupid. I don't that's right, why can't both the Males and the Females be decent characters? And work together? Besides that there are no positive rolemodels for Young Men on Disney Channel today, as a matter of fact there are none for the girls either! Boys and Girls are different, they don't think or act the same, and learn different lessons in life, sometimes those lessons are the same, but it just varies. - Shanigirl

Agreed a thousand percent! - RiverClanRocks

10 No Cartoons

But in Turkey, it has a lot of cartoons in the modern Disney Channel 7/24! This country is so reliable and understanding that Disney Channel is for kids. I wish USA should have shown a lot of cartoons.

It's good that Turkey has a lot of cartoons in Disney Channel.

Wow. Its suprising this is at the bottom of this list. Just about all of their cartoons are good(or better) and they only show their cartoons really late at night/when kids are at school. However, they show their mediocre to horrible sitcoms just about 24/7. Along with that, they show movies like Teen Beach 2 ALL THE TIME. This is a really big issue in my opinion. - craz

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11 The Parents

The parents now are either not present, immature, or act like utter bafoons. I mean were are the examples for kids to follow? The parents on the show hardly ever "parent" the Children, and let them get away with to much, but once in a while give them terrible cookie cutter advice, that any 5 year old may be able to tell You. The kids seem like they rule the household, and walk all over the parent, there is no moral compass, sense of respect, or authority figure. - Shanigirl

12 Laugh Tracks

Ugh they are laughing at stupid jokes.I hate the laugh tracks! - FreddyFazStark123

Tell me about. Those laugh tracks are just so distracting and irksome.

13 Removing Animated Series and Move It to Disney XD

I am from Turkey and why do they like these cheesy teen shows anyway?!? They say "We want teen shows" is just annoying. I am a cartoon fan and I love them but not too childish! It's good that the parents rant on teenage shows while kids were watching Disney Channel. Teenage shows cause child abuse for some reasons.

Some other Turkish fans want that stupid teen sitcoms more than cartoons, they just don't have a taste of Disney Channel. But I have a taste of watching Disney Channel. I am Turkish and most of the animated series are airing on Modern Disney Channel today and I personally love them.

The animated series are airing on Turkey today. Good for that country.

I barely watched gravity falls after that decision. I used to see the new episodes early because I had wow cable, and we'd always invite our cousin to watch it with us.

14 The Overacting

The characters of the modern Disney are overdone and over the top. The actors for Disney shows tend to force it to much. The emotions just aren't there, and there is truly no real talent. Nobody get's into their character, becomes the person, or embraces it. - Shanigirl

15 Too Much Singing

Slappy Squirrel (Animaniacs): Ahh enough with the singing already!

16 Sitcoms

Way too many of these.

I couldn't agree more. And they're what my brother obsesses over by recording more than one of them like crazy. For his information, true teenagers don't behave like how the teens in those situation comedies behave.

I just wish that whoever's in charge of the Disney Channel would permanently cancel and remove all those trashy sitcoms.

17 Ruining Actors

I loved the suit life and actually got excited for Jessie until they turned debt Ryan into a fanny of a character. The same hoes for girl meets world, the actor for Cory was superb in boy meets world but the turned his character into a hollow shell of his former self. He doesn't act like his old self, it's a brand new character

18 Bullying

This should be Number One because of how bad bullying is.

19 Unfunny

I pretty much agree.

20 It's Sexist

It either is or isn't.

21 4 Year Olds Get into Serious Relationships

If that's true, then it should never be on the Disney Channel 'because there's nothing good about that.

22 All Shows Use the Same Script

Written by a 12 year old girl, who much prefers Disney and cartoon network.
It's pretty much the same episodes at different times with every single show.
Some birthday episode, where something goes wrong and in the end everyone's happy.
loosing something in a big place, most likely it belonged to someone else, and SURPRISE! you have one hour to find it.
Did they win?
12 year old has a crush on someone (completely normal. that's likely to happen.) They end up dating, or they find put that their crush is a jerk.
The list goes on for these 4 seasons horror stories.
My favorite of the disney channel shows, are Coop and Cami ask the world, for the sole reason of a brother and sister who don't hate each other, otherwise I hate that Cami always bosses Cooper around like it's nothing. And also stuck in the middle, because to be fair, the youngest kids are like, 7 and under, and most little kids are kind of bratty. It's not that off brand, let's be real. And Ethan and ...more

23 More Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus
24 Girly Shows
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