Worst Things About Modern Emos


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1 The "Emo" Trinity

What "emo" trinity?
Well: My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy
Not only this three bands aren't emo, they always make a reference about them in everything
Is really annoying and stupid - Pato_cargo

2 They Don't Know Anything About Emo

Literally know everything about the same three bands but nothing about the story and the style, they miscalled they favorite bands as "emo" and then pretend they know everything about that thing - Pato_cargo

3 They Always Listen the Same Bands

Well, same music actually

4 The Fanfics

The milk fanfic for example... - Pato_cargo

5 Everything They Like is Automatically "Emo"

When TOP wasn't so popular they didn't know they existed and didn't classify them as emo, but after Blurryface get released now they are part of the "Emo" Quartet
What the hell that means anyway? - Pato_cargo

6 The Memes

Every meme rellated with the same bands and singers (usually Gerard Way, Brendon Urie, Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, Tyler Joseph, Billie Joe, Frank Iero)
Sometimes even try to be more dank or add modern memes with them - Pato_cargo

7 Their Music Taste is Pretty Lame

I like some of this bands like Paramore and My Chemical Romance
But... yeah the rest is pretty bad - Pato_cargo

8 They Ruined My Chemical Romance

After My Chemical Romance dibanded is when this kids started this trend (by the way, at that time FOB was returning to music) My Chemical Romance had probably one of the worst fanbases in music history, I'm not surprised that Gerard Way doesn't want the band come back into music - Pato_cargo

9 They Don't Know Essential Emo Bands

So FOB, P! ATD, Green Day, BMTH and Paramore are emo bands but Sunny Day Real Estate, Taking Back Sunday, American Football, Jimmy Eat World, Brand New and The Get Up Kids aren't? - Pato_cargo

10 They Like Twenty One Pilots

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11 Their Hair is Too Plain
12 Their Fashion is Horrible

The girls don't wear any pants anymore! I still wear skinny jeans, though.

13 They are Cringy

If you read what they said on a X music video of their bands you will know how cringy and stupid they are - Pato_cargo

14 They go around saying how "emo" they are.

I mean really let me guess you just found out about the subculture and use black sharpie for eye liner not that it's a bad idea in some cases but still I see a lot of new emos talking about how emo they are we used to deny it when asked about it that is a sign of a modern emo or power when saying yes to that question

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