Worst Things About Modern Metalcore


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1 Lyrical themes are mainly bullying or failed relationships


I just don't see how it should be on metal. Metal used to take itself seriously, it was never a joke. They a lyrical themes about death, anarchy, war and its effects on the human population and real world problems. But with modern metalcore, it's like, 'MY GIRLFRIEND BROKE UP WITH ME *insert generic breakdown here*" - VenomousCrow

2 Scene Kids

We've all been there before, when you and a different opinion to a twelve year old girl with a stupid haircut and they say "BLACK VEIL BRIDES SAVED MY LIFE" among other stupid things. - VenomousCrow

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3 Hardcore dancing

Looks like epileptics trying to swim. - VenomousCrow

4 Autotune

Same thing with pop music. - VenomousCrow

5 The fact a lot of it sounds like pop punk

Bands like We Came as Romans and Sleeping with Sirens seem to be referred to as metalcore but in reality, they sound like pop punk. - VenomousCrow

6 Squats

You know, the stage move where they have their legs wide open and try to play their guitar as low as possible. Look at the video to "Stick Stickly" by Attack Attack! And you'll see what I mean. - VenomousCrow

7 Techno elements just thrown in

With some bands, techno can fit very well with bands such as Scar Symmetry and Dark Tranquility. But with this, it can just ruin the experience. For example, in "Smokahontas" by Attack Attack!, I thought it was going just fine, that was until the damn techno part! You had one thing going and you just blew it! - VenomousCrow

8 Breakdowns

All right partner! Keep on chuggin baby! You know what time it is! *insert generic breakdown* - VenomousCrow

9 No guitar solos

Come on, Whitechapel had a guitar solo in one song. - VenomousCrow

10 Emo

Depends on how annoying the emo is. This has nothing to do with the genre

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11 Matty Mullins

No explanation needed

12 The people who act Emo but are actually obsessed with Barbie

You know, those fake Emo peeps who actually like Barbie but keep it a secret because they are hardcore! by the way I'm not saying there is anything wrong with liking Barbie and stuff, it's just annoying when people try and hide it and act the opposite of who they truly are. Be yourself.

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