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1 Music artists become famous based on image, not musical talent

Today the music industry is selling sex. because as we all know, it's all about the outside. NOT!

Go metal - musical talent matters while image doesn't. - Metal_Treasure

The music industry should be selling music not sex.

Yeah if the boys are hot
people "like" them - Adventurur2

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2 Autotune

I like electronic music, and hate it when it is criticised for autotune by people who can't tell the difference between the godforsaken pop and electronic. House and trance does not use autotune. Stick that in your ear. - PositronWildhawk

Are there any American singers who do not use autotune?

I can't stand this stuff.

Sound like robots - Adventurur2

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3 Most of the stuff on the radio is pop music

And nobody cares about Rock or Metal. Its never on the news. Look at this - sometimes an music artist gets arrested. If it's a rock or metal person its on the news on the bottom scroll line 2 weeks later. If a pop artist or anybody that's not rock OR metal is arrested it be the headline on everything and Barack Obama would bale them out that afternoon. - RustyNail

Where's the jazz? Where's the rock? Why not play different genres on the radio instead of pop and rap?

Also, there's hardly any foreign bands/musicians played on American radios. Why because people don't like to listen to a foreign language? Bologna! It would be at least more easier to learn a new language anyway.

We're missing out on some of the best bands ever. Bands like equilibrium, metsatoll, and more!

mm-hmm - Adventurur2

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4 Too many artists have died young

Some of the greatest artists include Michael jackson, amy winehouse, kurt cobain, tupac shakur, the notorious B.I. G, selena, easy e, and jim morrison.

RIP Kurt Cobain! Why does Justin Bieber still have to live?

The only thing on this list I can honestly agree with. - SammMinajj

We may now add Chester Bennington to this list.

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5 Too many songs about partying, sex, drugs, butts, and getting high on weed

What ever happened to morals in music?

But songs during the 80s and 90s also had those. That seems to be hypocritical.

Don't forget twerking and boobs - Adventurur2

6 Rap

Rap and hip hop was great back then. Back then it had good messages. Nowadays you hear generic raunchy rap with no messages at all. These modern rappers (especially lil Wayne and nicki minaj) are killing the genre.

The only thing worse is Rap "musicians".

The only good rappers now today are Eminem and tech n9ne.

The only good rap is rap like: Eye N'I, Amoc, SlinCraze, Hail Mary Mallon, Jurassic 5 and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Not only, but still.

7 No heart, soul, or morals put into music anymore

Songs used to have meanings, now it's just about butts and getting high at parties.

If you like their songs, it's fine, but you're basically not in it for the music,

8 There are very few bands around that are good

There's still some bands around that sound pretty good. bands like the foo fighters, disturbed, three days grace, seether, and evanescence. but they're all being overshadowed by all these talentless hacks.

How come most people don't listen to three days grace? Their music reflects on life and other important things. their songs even saved my life once. adam and the gang are the truth and they should get more attention.

Even if there are still good bands, old band that are still alive until now are very underrated compared to before

I agree with the stuff about Three Days Grace, Adam is really someone to look up to. He overdosed, but went into rehab and turned his life around. TDG's music has helped many to overcome the difficulties in life.

Seether, Breaking Benjamin, Finger Eleven, Evanescence are also great bands still around. Saint Asonia, consisting of former Three Days Grace frontman, Adam Gontier, and Mike Mushok, Corey Lowery and Rich Beddoe first single, Better Place, looks very promising.

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9 People consider one genre of music to be the only good genre of music

YES I don't mean to put anyone's taste down but it's annoying when someone straight up refuses to listen to a song because it's not a certain genre. It's just so ignorant

Who gives a crap about the genre. I only listen to a song just for the story or the meaning or the music.

Why not except all types of music for what they R. I'm a fan of all genres and I don't look at one as the dominant ruler.

True! I mostly like punk rock, but to me, even classical can sound good if you put work in it.

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10 Parents letting their kids listen to inappropriate artists

This is especially coming from the people who said that Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj are role models for the youth.

Sheesh, when will they learn? I mean, my favorite albums when I was six were by Radiohead and the Ramones, and they don't write excessively about sex, drugs, partying, etc.

And now parents allow their kids to twerk because of the new "song" by Brandon Beal?! SERIOUSLY?!

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11 Record sales have declined since 2006

The only good thing about 2006 was that three days grace's masterpiece album, one-x, was released.

12 Lack of soul and quality in music

For all of you who say that heavy metal is all nothing but a bunch of screaming and worshipping the devil, GROW UP! Not all metal is like that. metal bands like disturbed and three days grace talk about life and many things that are wrong with humanity. heck, there are even Christian metal bands! Now for those of you who still say metal is talentless crap, go lick a shoe! You people never even give any genres a chance!

All pop and rap music is about partying, sex doing drugs, and cussing. what happened to morals and stories and things that are realistic and deep?

Not all rap is about drugs, money, sex, and violence. There are rap songs that tell stories about life in the ghetto and other kinds of stories. There's even some rap songs that are about being happy with life!

Lack of emotions everywhere - waldo

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13 Some Music is Promoting Violence

Look at Carrie Underwood and her songs "Two Black Cadillacs," "Church Bells," and "Before He Cheats." Enough said.

14 Horrible songs being nominated for grammys V 2 Comments
15 Justin Timberlake and Eminem are the only good male singers of today

There are other good male singers besides Eminem around today. Like dave grohl, tech n9ne, adam gontier, corey taylor, james labrie, rob zombie, anthony kiedis, benjamin burnley, shaun morgan, jared leto, m shadows, patrick stump, ryan tedder, David draiman, and jared leto.

What about Bruno Mars? He actually has talent. He can sing, dance, and play instruments

Eminem is the only good rapper now, but I don't care about Justin Timberlake

Kendrick Lamar is getting better. He can actually rap but his vocals need to improve and he needs to use auto tune less often (only if necessary) - Kid_ethinederland

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16 There are many good artists that get no recognition while the crappy artists get plenty of recognition

Lacuna Coil gets not much recognition, while Meghan Trainor gets too much! See the logic?!

M.I.A raps about real things, gets no recognition at all.

Iggy raps a load of crap, gets millions of recognition.

Get the hell outta here. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

17 Too many songs about love and partying on the radio

Are there any pop songs about the government? Or war? Or history? Or fantasy? Or being positive in life? Or the secrets and life about humanity? Or even about life? I know a lot of songs that have these themes. not just love stories, but tragic stories, horror stories, historical stories, fantasy stories, war stories, and grudge stories. there needs to be a little more variety now today.

We're all sick of the same themes. We want a little more variety!

Three Days Grace's songs are about turning your life around, making the wrong choices and suffering the consequences, the hard times of life, the many things wrong with humanity, etc.

Dunno why but some stations keep on playing the same annoying songs over and over again

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18 One Direction One Direction One Direction (commonly abbreviated as 1D) were a British-Irish pop boy band based in London, composed of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and previously, Zayn Malik until his departure from the band on 25 March 2015. The group signed with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Records ...read more.

To me, one direction is just so unoriginal. Most of their songs are rip offs of songs from older artists. The best example is their song Rock Me which the beat to that song sounds really similar to that of the opening of queen's we will rock you. Everyone knows queen's we will rock you! Why steal from a song that everyone knows?

I like how one group got 18 on the worst things about modern music list.

Ya gotta be a special kind of horrible.

At least Nsync can dance and sing, but One Direction can't sing for their sorry excuse of a boy band. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Absolute worst band ever.

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19 Artists are becoming hypocritical
20 Almost no instruments other than synthesizers

That's not true. A number of songs have a variety of instruments. Also, what's wrong with synth?

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1. Music artists become famous based on image, not musical talent
2. No heart, soul, or morals put into music anymore
3. Parents letting their kids listen to inappropriate artists
1. Rap
2. Music artists become famous based on image, not musical talent
3. People consider one genre of music to be the only good genre of music
1. Music artists become famous based on image, not musical talent
2. Too many songs about partying, sex, drugs, butts, and getting high on weed
3. Autotune

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