Worst Things About Modern Music


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61 No good popular bands

Really OneRepublic And Imagine Dragons Are Talented But Their Music Needs Some Work

You got The Script. They're pretty good, even if I don't really listen to them.

62 Pop-Country
63 People like it V 1 Comment
64 Country Rap

That's a thing?! Because normally cowboy/skinheads don't mix with hip-hop culture.

65 Most Songs on the Radio are about Partying, Sex, Drugs, Weed, Etc
66 No Heart, Soul, or Morals Put into Songs Anymore
67 Music Genres going Downhill
68 Most girls love artists like Justin Bieber and One Direction just for their looks

Let's face it, no one should judge ALL music by the likes of Justin Bieber, pachelbel and nickelback (no capital letters on purpose).

69 Most popular songs have horrifyingly bad melodies V 1 Comment
70 Ke$ha's single, Tik Tok has sold more copies than any Beatles single

So bad it's on here three times!

71 Too many music artist collaborations
72 Most popular artists are immature

Justin Bieber is a very good example of this

V 1 Comment
73 Most modern artists are immature

So bad it's on here twice.

74 Most modern pop stars and rappers are fake

Nicki Minaj is fake. Not only by the voice, but also with the body.

75 Songs About Partying, Sex, Drugs, Etc

We don't want the youth of America to look like this! If it does, I'm gonna grab a gun and kill myself.

This appeared 3 times on the list!

76 The Flaming Lips working with Ke$ha and Miley Cyrus
77 Horrible electronic music
78 No emotion in songs

There is nothing put into most "popular" songs. They are as emotionless as a piece of bread. People today look up to singers like Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea. When their songs talk about being cool and not wanting someone for their, well. The lyrics of Anaconda and Fancy are good examples.

Meanwhile good artists such as Adam Gontier and Shaun Morgan are being ignored because they sing the "old rock stuff" Both of these men turned their lives around. Adam overdosed on OxyContin and went to rehab, turning his life around, and then writing inspirational songs reflecting on the past, telling people that they should not take the path he did. (Ex: Life Starts Now, Never Too Late) Shaun also went into rehab, and suffered the loss of his brother, due to suicide. He wrote a few songs about him. (Ex: Rise Above This, Pass Slowly)

79 Lack of Prince music in streaming websites

VERY FEW young people will celebrate the talent and genius of the Purple One, I'm afraid. The most talented solo artist, ever.

V 1 Comment
80 Songs don't have a meaning

For example, songs used to have meanings, but now they don't. It's just random crap thrown together and there's nothing the song tries to tell you. - Gunner224

I agree - that's why I listen to metal music. Believe it or not, the most meaningful lyrics are in heavy metal but metal isn't played on the radio. - Metal_Treasure

A lot of pop songs still have meaning - it's all the radio's fault.

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1. Music artists become famous based on image, not musical talent
2. No heart, soul, or morals put into music anymore
3. Parents letting their kids listen to inappropriate artists
1. Rap
2. Music artists become famous based on image, not musical talent
3. People consider one genre of music to be the only good genre of music
1. Music artists become famous based on image, not musical talent
2. Too many songs about partying, sex, drugs, butts, and getting high on weed
3. Autotune

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