Worst Things About Monster High

Monster high is the most retarded show ever created.

The Top Ten

1 Bad Animation


2 It's Overrated

Are you kidding me? Monster High is the most underrated thing in the universe! Not that it's the best thing, but it barely has any super-big fans! - Awesome_Me


3 It's Only for Girls

Not exactly, but it's for good-guys-win-bad-guys-lose people - Awesome_Me


4 13 Wishes Movie

Awful. One of the worst animated movies ever I seen.

This movie is just terrible. I hate Draculaura only in this movie espacially Gigi. She is more annoying than Jasmine and Twyla is very creepy. Terrible.

5 Crying Scenes


6 It's the Rip-Off of High School Musical

High School Musical sucks, so this list has to be a joke.


7 Older Characters Are Awful

Only these two characters. Cleo and Lagoona.

A few minor characters... and Frankie Stein. I HATE her! I don't watch Monster High that much JUST BECAUSE SHE'S IN IT! - Awesome_Me


8 It's Retarded
9 Horrible Special Episodes
10 The Horrible Dolls

I don't hate the movies. But I HATE the dolls. I never bought one, but the pictures of them are hideous. - Awesome_Me

The Contenders

11 It Has Never Cancelled
12 It's Cheesy
13 Characters Are Unlikable

Not all of them. If you think Abbey is unlikable, there is SERIOUSLY something wrong with you. FRANKIE STEIN THE IDIOT is the one everyone hates! - Awesome_Me

14 Frankie Stein
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