Top Ten Worst Things About the Movie Ghostbusters

I watched this movie last night and it was unimaginably terrible, and I'm going to explain why!

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1 Uninspired Storyline

Yo, me, the ass man, likes this movie!

Basically, ghosts invade the town and a group of scientists (aka nerds) called Ghostbusters tries to stop them. Wow. How original. A retarded kid could think of a better story than that. - KoolGuy2218

It's a ' comedy! The story and plot are So unimportant - it's about characters, jokes, amusing and creative "spirits", pokes at culture... Some people just pick a movie and think it's made to cater to their presuppositions or assumptions - Billyv

We talking about the remake right

This list was just a terrible excuse for most haters. Maybe KoolGuy2218 just talked about the reboot version not the original ones. I love Ghostbusters and the storyline was great by the way, it was'nt really inspired but the concept was really astonishing.

Also, you called it "unrealistic". Because maybe your not a fan of fiction does'nt mean your being too realistic. That's unfair. Every fiction is'nt really realistic unless your making a documentary or non-fiction subjects.

This list was a huge disgrace for the franchise especially the 2016 reboot.

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2 It's Unrealistic

Every story is in a way unrealistic! Bioshock is unrealistic, Star Wars in unrealistic, Tales of the Abyss is unrealistic, but put together fantastic storys.

They are FANTASY storys, they are SUPPOSED to be unrealistic, that makes them fantastic! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

Excuse me, not that your point isn't very valid but GHOSTBUSTERS is actually also a COMEDY, and prImarily SLAPSTICK at that. - Billyv

When- I repeat, WHEN- are ghost going to haunt New York City? Ghosts don't even exist. - KoolGuy2218

Yet you have no problems with Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. Hypocrite. - MrQuaz680

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3 The Jokes Are Unfunny

It's labeled as a comedy, but the only laughs I got out of this crappy movie was how bad it was!

Not only that, but they were also way too predictable - KoolGuy2218

Yeh. No one liked this movie when it first came out of over the decades that you didn't watch it. Huge audiences panned it at the theaters, on T.V., video copies were rarely bought or rented and then quickly returned with vehement complaint. Critics everywhere tore it to shreds. So, they decided to pay more millions to most of the very successful cast and make Another One! - Billyv

It tried hard to be funny

4 Terrible Special Effects

Have you considered when the movie was made?

The ghosts don't even look real. - KoolGuy2218

5 Its Annoying Theme Song

Coming from the "Rap better Than Metal" guy - CastlevaniaFanboy128

6 Crappy Title

How does the title "Ghostbusters" get someone's attention? - KoolGuy2218

7 No Scantily Clad Women or Sex Scenes

Hey let's put sex scenes in Toy Story, Barney & Friends and every kiddy movies and sell them to kids so kids can join Al-Sexaeda so we can have free sex in schools - CerealGuy

How can someone make a movie without hot women? It doesn't make any sense - KoolGuy2218

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8 Boring and Bland Acting V 1 Comment
9 The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
10 It Was Made In the 80s

Wow. A whole decade with not one good movie? Yeah right.

The original movie isn't bad in my opinion. I heard that the reboot was worse. - Anonymousxcxc

What about the return of godzilla which is the best movie in the 80s

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