Top Ten Worst Things About a Movie Happy Ending

Nearly ever movie in existence has an happy ending but most of the time, it's annoying but why?

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1 It's cliched

We know how it's going to go down. There is a super fight with the hero and a villain, when it seems like it's impossible win, either a) deus ex machina saves him or b) the villain gives him time to rush back and kill him. Got the girl, happily ever after my balls. - ArchAces

It's just so stereotypical. Everyone is waiting for the "happy ending", so it's nothing original.

It depends on the execution for example SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS Deathly hallows PT 2 and The dark knight rises did it fantastically. - idontknow

2 It's unrealistic

Sometimes happy endings do seem unrealistic. How can a Hero or the main character dodge a swarm of bullets fired upon him, dodges and kills a monster way bigger than his size, gets lucky always all the time and emerge victorious? Too unrealistoc. - Kiteretsunu

This list only has eight things. Are happy endings really that boring, or bad? How can nobody love a happy ending?

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3 People can't be that lucky
4 It's very expected

Almost EVERY MOVIE is like this! It annoys me. - Minecraftcrazy530

5 It's pointless
6 It can be awkward
7 We all know how it's going to happen

To quote Austin Powers-

" "But what if he escapes? Why don't you just shoot him? What are you waiting for? "

"I have a better idea. I'm going to put him in an easily-escapable situation involving an overly-elaborate and exotic death." "

Yeah Dr. Evil... no way this could go wrong. It's so annoying when movies do this (I exclude this one as it pokes fun of other movies that do the same, and it's just SUPER FUNNY)- just kill them when you have the chance! So, it loses the effect. Big deal. You're going to look really idiotic when the hero, a grandparent in a happy, clean world, says, "And Grampy was kept alive because Mr. Villain didn't shoot me but instead challenged me to a contest in which I found an obvious loophole/gave me a slow, "certain" death/whatever." You can burn the corpse in lava. Make an emberassing statue. Save us the cliche of everything and DON'T LOSE FOR ONCE BECAUSE YOU ARE AN IDIOT. Who knew that that loophole could be exploited? Hm... - pandagirl

8 It doesn't make sense
9 It's Cheesy
10 It is predictable.

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11 It's happy
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1. It's cliched
2. It's very expected
3. We all know how it's going to happen
1. It's cliched
2. It's unrealistic
3. People can't be that lucky



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