Worst Things About the Movie The Last Airbender


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1 It Was Directed by M. Night Shyamalan

Okay this list just confirms my opinions that this movie is the worst movie ever created. I'd rather watch the Percy Jackson movies ten times straight (those were okay when I first saw them, I hadn't read the books yet, and when reading the books the movies sound terrible) than see a minute of this movie ever again. - Anonymousxcxc

I agree out of all the directors you just had to go with him. If you think this is bad go see After Earth. I apologize if you die in the process - djghostboy

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3 Not Staying True to the Characters

I mean, I LOVE avatar because of the humor and drama, this was just drama, and made me slightly sleepy. No humor, whatsoever. Not even a funny honor speech from zuko. They messed up the personalities, big time, and they don't LOOK alike.

Sorry it is Sokka and Aang are not funny - djghostboy

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4 Bad Actors
5 Too Much Narration

The whole Narration thing really dragged the whole movie, if all they do is narrate the whole movie than your not a movie your a book. - egnomac

The whole narration felt unnecessary and pointless I don't want to see a movie where its completely narrated.

6 Not Staying True to the Story

In the part with Haru they are standing on EARTH so they could have escaped the whole time - djghostboy

7 The Bending Looks Like Dance Routines

I know this isn't a big thing, but it looked like ballet. I'm sorry. I had a lot of problems with the bending in this movie. First of all, the dance routines. They did this whole, extravagant thing to move one tiny rock between like five earth benders. Remember that scene? And Katara's bending lost so much water while still looking the same. That was weird. Plus there was lots and LOTS of air karate, where they were waving their arms but nothing was happening with the element.

8 It Was a Box Office Success

This film grossed over $300 million worldwide when everything about it screams box office bomb!

9 The Way They Cast the Actors

I heard they casted Noah Ringer because they saw Him doing martial arts and immediately Casted him. Really? - djghostboy

10 Characters Say Random Stuff

I remember when they were in the oasis Aang said something about getting air bending tattoos WHY?

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11 Missing Characters

Where is Suki, Jet, and the past avatars? - djghostboy

12 Did Not Have the Kyoshi Warriors

That was one of my favorite parts - djghostboy

13 The Story Never Takes Its Time

The movie rushes through everything that we never have enough time to take in whats going on. - egnomac

14 A Heap of Earth Benders Doing a Heap of Bending Moves to Move... a Pebble? Anticlimactic.
15 Katara's Love and Motherly Wisdom

Katara in the series is very motherly and loving, she is can be very sassy to Sokka which makes her having funny lines but in the movie she acts so annoying.

16 The Entire Earth Bender Scene
17 The Ethnic Miscasting
18 Every Character Looks Ugly
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1. It Was Directed by M. Night Shyamalan
2. Name Changes
3. Missing Characters
1. Too Much Narration
2. It Was Directed by M. Night Shyamalan
3. Bad Actors
1. Not Staying True to the Characters
2. Name Changes
3. Bad Actors



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