Mega Rants - Parents With Annoying Kids in Movie Theaters

MegaSoulhero I recently went to see Cars 3 at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles, and WOW! The kids in the theater were beyond annoying! I don't remember a single time when I have even been this annoyed with children in a movie theater! There have been times when I go to a movie and there are a few kids making noises, but this was just ridiculous! It's almost as if it was their first time being in a theater! For some of them, it probably was, but you would think that the parents would teach them how to behave in a theater.

Literally throughout the entire movie, a bunch of children were talking! There was barely a moment of silence! The movie is 109 minutes long and the kids wouldn't shut up that entire time! There was even this one Asian kid sitting directly behind me! He was probably the loudest kid in the entire theater! Since I saw the movie at the El Capitan Theatre, they did a little stage show before the movie. The kid was yelling during that, but I accepted it since it was a show involving BMX stunts, dancing, and athletics. You expect kids to cheer during that stuff. I thought he was going to behave during the movie, but I was wrong. He was screaming and yelling during the movie! And he kept continuing to do it! He kept speaking at the top of his lungs! "It's Jackson Storm! I want to meet him!" "Lightning McQueen crashed, Daddy!" "Can I have water?" "Why is the firetruck crying?" Keep in mind, he was sitting right behind me so his loud voice was driving me crazy! I was tempted to leave the theater and tell someone about it, but I didn't want to miss any of the movie. I noticed that the kid's father made an attempt to silence him, and of course the kid wouldn't listen. If I were him, I would've just taken the son out of the theater!

I also thought some of the kids' reactions to the movie were annoying. Some of them were screaming at the highest pitch possible! Don't these parents know how to control their kids!? I remember this one parent who took her son or daughter out of the theater. And as they were leaving, the kid was screaming and crying EXTREMELY loud and at a VERY high pitch! Most of the parents didn't look like they were caring about what their children were doing! It's very hard to focus on a movie when there are a bunch of kids in the theater who keep making noise! These parents paid money to see the movie at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on opening night. Why would you do that if your kids don't know how to behave in a theater? If it was a regular theater, this wouldn't bother me as much. Even during the loud parts of the movie I was still able to hear the kids! It clearly shows that the kids didn't seem to care about the movie!

This was quite possibly the worst movie theater experience I have ever had. The movie itself was good, but I would've had a better time if the children were quiet! When you have a theater full of people talking during the entirety of the movie, it makes hard to focus on the movie! Some parents are idiots! They need to control their children!


That's happened to me a few times, mainly when I've seen Disney movies that have recently come out. When I went to see the new Beauty and the Beast with my sister and mother, someone brought their baby and it cried throughout the first 20 minutes of the movie (don't get why someone would bring a baby). Trust me, it's better to wait at least a week before you see a kid's movie, otherwise there will be lots of screaming children there. - Elric-san

My Rogue One experience in a nutshell. "What happened to that guy daddy? " Also, idiots were on their phones during Sing. God, I hate movie theaters. Movie theaters are just abysmal experiences to go through. The entire damn experience is just horrible and outdated. The worst thing is the idiot parents bringing children in. If you are a parent and you bring your child to watch a film at a theater that is CLEARLY not aimed towards them such as Logan and Get Out, I actually want you punished. I don't give a crap if you show your children something like Harry Potter as a little child, but for the love of GOD, do NOT bring them to see Fantastic Beasts or some other movie that's rated PG-13. Kids do NOT give half of a crap. They're bored, running around the seats, asking questions, being morons, crying, etc. and the idiot parent does NOTHING. If you were a good parent, you wouldn't sit there the entire damn movie while your idiotic braindead child is running around causing a racket. Also, WHY do people bring BABIES into horrible, scary, and violent movies? How the hell is that allowed? I just have so many issues and it sucks that this is the only way to see a new movie. If a child is acting rude and loud during the movie, either tell them to shut up (yes, you are allowed to be rude to people interrupting something you paid good money for) or get someone to kick them out of the theater. Please reply bro. I want to have a discussion. - DCfnaf

Basically any experience at a kids movie in a nutshell. - visitor

I went to this movie theater and was watching La La Land. The movie was painful, but there was a billion 5 year olds and they kept shouting at the top of their lungs things like "Oh
my god! ", "What's happening" and some started to CRY! There were all around me. At some point, I got bored and opened Sonic Dash to play and a kid behind yelled at me "SONIC SUCKS! WHY ARE YOU PLAYING IT?! " And this was what happened to me for the rest of the movie and that kid won't shut up. - visitor

Who the hell brings their five year old children into LA LA LAND? They don't give a crap about that movie! - DCfnaf

DCfnaf agreed - Trollsfan536

You can beat the kids up. That's why I stick to more mature-rated movies. - AlphaQ

Until some dumb parent brings a baby into one thinking they will be fine - Phillip873

That is disrespectful as hell, I completely agree. - visitor

Some crap happened at Spiderman where this man went look, look, look! I said shut up and he said no I told the manager if I could leave and I said yes and he said 'your fault' I told went up to him and punched him in the nose. I was furious. - visitor

Oh god this stuff happens to me mainly when I go to PG-13 movies because irresponsible parents bring their crying BABY to a PG-13 movie (not made for babies! ) - Phillip873

People are so rude and inconsiderate! The worst is when someone brings a baby with them. Get a babysitter, you cheapskate! 😤 - visitor

True. - Anonymousxcxc

When I saw The Last Jedi I had two women behind make giggiling throughout the movie. - Trollsfan536

When I went to the new Grinch film, there was this little boy that said " He hasn't got no reindeer, Mummy " And a kid was laughing at the Grinch's backstory - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001