Top 10 Worst Things About the Music In 2015

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1 Too many bland, boring, and dull songs about sex

Most of the music I listen to is 80's music and early 21st century (2000-2010) music. This is one of the many reasons. Music in 2015 is just dirty and boring. (Not all, but most.)

There are good ones, too. The music industry just overly exposes this dirty minority of pop songs, that's why.

Sadly, now this is the usual, every year there are bound to be lots of these

And that's why you listen to Coldplay instead.

2 Justin Bieber is making a comeback

I've been much more accepting and less critical of all music lately so don't be surprised to read this: I think it's alright.

He's one of the only parasites that came back into the mainstream.

And he's blander now

Hide in a box people. We must protect ourselves. (😋)

3 Paul McCartney did a song with Kayne West

And now Kanye's working with James Blake. And Moby and Miley happened too. Faith in humanity destroyed, Mobes pun unintended.

Paul, I know you want to stay relevant. But isn't keeping your great reputation much more important?

Pretty sure Paul only did this to get a laugh about all of Kanye's clueless fans asking who is this Pual dude?

Paul gets NO credit for this song. Though hey! He was singing, just backup, I think.

4 Too much Autotune

What? I never knew people were still fussing over autotune.
I gotta tell you a secret: I love autoune!
It gives the music a sharp, flowing, but silky taste.
Hate if you want, just trying to express my opinion.

Without autotone, they can't make big bucks and popularity...That doesn't make you better singer! Learn how to sing without autotone.

I would like to know if there are any singers who do not use autotune

Autotune sometimes makes their voice weird and robotic to me.

5 Nobody will shut up about the song Watch Me's dance move "Whip and Nae Nae"

Just wait, it will die out eventually. The old days had popular overused dances too, just so you know. by the way, I like the song but I don't do the dance.

On the news. In the USA, Somewhere, loads of people were dancing to this song. In the supermarket, in the pool, everywhere.

Oh my gosh! The day my sister got home from dance after her teacher played that song I was ready to kill her and him!

My whole hood school always do this everyday! Never stop it doing! This song is a crap because of auto tone.

6 Songs that are actually good are being hated on just because they're overplayed

Three words. Shake it off. It's a great song, but it's just very overrated and over played. Enough said.

Actually Adeles "Hello" is a good song but yah "Uptown Funk"...Just no just yah I don't even want to go there

I really love the song "see you again",it reminded of a few friends...

Uptown funk is the biggest example of this.

7 Not a lot of good popular rock songs

Rock, in general, is slowly dying. It's heartbreaking. All the good things to come from The Beatles and for what? It's all in vain if music continues in the direction it's going in.

If the next generation can't appreciate rock, it will die. We can't let that happen

We've got Breaking Benjamin's "Failure" top the Billboard 200, but it isn't much popular in the mainstream.

Why does Linkin Park take so long to release new albums!?!?

I want Linkin Park to release an album! They're the best bands ever!

8 Less meaning in songs

No. I'm sorry, but this list only looks at one side of the spectrum. There have been some absolutely fantastic songs and albums this year. I would list but that would bore you. Just check my comments and remixes on various 2015 music lists.

I guess you're right. Maybe I should've been more specific with the title and call it, "Worst Things About Popular Music in 2015". There ARE plenty of great songs and artists this year, but my problem with them is, they're too overshadowed.

Y'all should listen to Coldplay, they put meaning into every song. They have never made a bad song, except for that one with Jay-Z.

The song "fancy" is arrogant, And "freak of the week" has no meaning even in the title.

"See you again" is meaningful,"hotline bling" is trash.

9 Mass production of mediocrity

That sounds like what's happening, yes. I'd call that mostly accurate.

10 Too much repetition of the hook

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11 The Weeknd is gaining popularity

I thought he was pretty cool at first, now he's just obnoxious.

Can't Feel My Face isn't that bad, however.

I actually genuinely like The Hills

Terribly overrated.

12 Demi Lovato's music is going downhill

From heart attack to cool for the summer.
From wearing awesome to wearing nothing.
From awesome song to bad song.

Her song was great 2 years ago. Now, its sound boring and uncreative. I like heart attack and neon lights.

13 Too much "whoa oh oh"

Well, even when I listen to 80's music, this phrase can still be found more than you think. It's not just 2015, people. Singers have used this phrase for decades because they're too lazy to come up with actual lyrics.

I think this phrase fits much better in Alternative music

I hate that phrase!

14 No talent
15 Taylor Swift got two #1 hits
16 Shawn Mendes got a top 10 hit

I hate this kid so much

17 The beats

The beats are dull and it doesn't have effects and beat structure.

You should listen to electronic music like melody dubstep, trap, progessive, techno, trance,and edm than dubstep.

18 Adele making music again

Comparing her music to most popular songs today (except Bruno Mars) she is excellent. In fact I know a guy who says Adele is as bad, if not worse, than Justin Bieber

I like Adele, but Hello is such an overrated song. I switch the station whenever it comes on.

What's wrong with Adele? I love her music. It's what I listen to when I need to reduce anxiety.

Adele isn't bad compared to others, but her songs are always playing on the radio

19 The lyrics structure

The lyrics keep repeating and has little bit meaningness.

20 Way too many inappropriate messages and sayings

Does anyone here at all agree with me? If you want my true and honest opinion, the best music came from the Beatles and Mungo Jerry. They sang songs that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about sex, love, rapping, screaming, and extremely bad cuss words. The music today in 2015 is extremely outrageous. Most rappers and rock stars are dumb and have stupidity in them, because they think people actually enjoy that kind of crap and they think they are so hot and cool and are the party of the world, or should I say the light of the Earth. I'm basically describing Justin Bieber right now. He is a total show off. I wish we could get the good music back. It was so much better...

21 "Cheerleader" hit #1

Hey, OMI? A "cheerleader" isn't always right there when you need her, and it was only the Feilix Jahen (or something) Remix that actually made the public think the song is good!

I hate that song with a burning passion. I hate u Omi, I hope that u will never make a song again.

22 Too many songs about booty

Wasn't that last year?

23 Poor production standards
24 Bad mixing
25 People complaining about it
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