Worst Things About Music Elitists of Any Kind

Ever since I joined this site there has always been a ridiculous war of which Genre of music is the best. The people that spearhead these wars are reffered to as "Elitists". People that think that their music taste makes them superior or more intelligent than other people, when in all reality, it really doesn't. I myself am often mistaken as a "Pop Elitist", which is hilarious considering I actively listen to like 3 pop stars and I mostly listen to Rock. I mainly just find myself standing up for pop music more often because, admittedly, Metal and Rock Elitists are far more common than Pop Elitists. (Though there definitely are several pop elitists, don't get me wrong) Anyways, recently there have been multiple lists and uproars of controversy sparked by this "Elitist" argument, and I created this list as a response to all of the people caught up in this flame war.

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1 They fail to realize that music quality is subjective

Love this list! It's about time someone made it. All these points are true. Music is the largest form of media, so large that everyone has disagreements at some point. And as for the Yugo analogy. Cars have a standard of safety and regulation to follow. Their are no standards for music because every genre is different. - cjWriter1997

Music "quality" is not subjective. One's perception of "quality" is. You could as well claim that Yugos were "quality" automobiles because "subjectively," you really liked the way they broke down and fell apart. Doesn't make them "quality" cars by any rational measure.

This ought to be interesting. - WonkeyDude98

My comment once under a list: (top 100 rock songs of the 1980s) Every Breath You Take by Police was nr. 1 and I wrote

"I strongly disagree with nr. 1 but otherwise good list"

a reply:

"it's quite the contrary lol
you f***** acdc fan who don't know nothing about the music except for Back in Black and songs like Final Countdown
piece of s*** I bet my life you don't know nothing about the sixties, seventies and fifties music, maybe some queen songs and stairway to heaven..
go back to school little f**"

how funny these retarded elitists think they know everything about you after one comment... - somekindofaguy

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2 They feel the need to devote time and effort into converting people who disagree with them

Metalheads in a nutshell - Neonco31

3 They think that the opposing side cares about their opinions

They really don't. And if you think you're going to convince anyone to change the music they listen to then you are mistaken and wasting your time because, as I said before, music taste is natural and uncontrollable thing.

What you can do however, is attempt to expand a person's musical collection and recommend new stuff to them, rather than trying to make them stop listening to things they like. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

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4 They act like people with different music tastes are literally Nazis

People with different opinions than you aren't out to get you or destroy your way of life. Let it go and let people be themselves. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

Or just "degenerate plebs" as I have been called before for stupid reasons. - cjWriter1997

5 They don't realize how ridiculous they look

Do you people realize how hilarious your passionate and overly dramatic rants about other people's music tastes are? They make me cringe more than Jacob Sartorius Vines. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

6 They think that people are defined by the type of music they listen to

Listening My Chemical Romance and Paramore doesn't make me an edgy goth kid and listening to Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen doesn't make me a vapid prep. Your personality doesn't mean that you can't listen to certain music, which is precisely why these Elitists need to stop automatically boxing people that listen to certain music. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

7 They take and give criticism way too personally

Name calling and threatening are all too common in the Elitist community. It's absolutely immature and counterproductive. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

8 They criticize opposing genres without even listening to very much of them

You don't have to "delve deeply" into anything. And "history" is irrelevant to making a judgement on musicality. You merely LISTEN. And if it sucks, it sucks.

9 They hate each other over something as miniscule as music taste

I love music too, but hating someone because of it is stupid. - TwilightKitsune

10 They constantly make half-assed excuses for why a singer is famous

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11 They use way too much hyperbole

"This song is going to end the world"
"They are literally the worst thing to ever happen to earth"
"People who listen to this are the reason why the world is falling apart"

Stop. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

12 They think that shred guitar has no soul
13 They use stupid cliches to support their opinions
14 They're not aware of the fact that there's no such thing as good music and that all music is subjective

Of course, most part of good or bad, overrated is totally subjective. - zxm

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1. They fail to realize that music quality is subjective
2. They don't realize how ridiculous they look
3. They act like people with different music tastes are literally Nazis


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