Worst Things About Music Festivals

Festivals are AWESOME... Except when these happen. Feel free to vote and add your own and share some of your own bad festival experiences. Thank you!

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Band Clashes (Two Bands Performing at the Same Time)

So Metallica's on at the main stage. Awesome! But Dream Theater, your other fave band, is headlining the second stage AT THE SAME TIME! It's like picking a favourite child!

I think they make sure the extremely popular bands perform separately for this reason - ryanrimmel

Bad Bands/Artists

For me I would not want to see all artists, but I do admit the lesser known artists would interest me more than the popular artists as I can give them a try to see if I like their music. - DJSchollen

You pay good money to go to a festival, you deserve only the best music!

I would just want to see a select few of the people at a festival. - PositronWildhawk

They are bad to you, but other people may really like them - ryanrimmel

High Price of Food, Drinks, Merch etc

This has nothing to do with it being a music festival or not. It's like this at any sporting even, concert, festival, anywhere - ryanrimmel

£15 for a bottle of water? No thank you!

Lines for Toilet, Food etc

You just gotta learn how to hold it in (for 2 HOURS)!

Justin Bieber's Surprise Performance

And here's the cliche Justin Bieber post again. - ryanrimmel


Drunk People Throwing Beer

Happened to me. Was watching a Status-Quo Tribute act and some guy decided to throw his expensive beer all over the place! Why?!

This happens at every event - ryanrimmel

Performance Goes Wrong

Say the pyrotechnics fail or guitar stops working or something. What a way to burst your bubble!

Of every concert I've been to, nothing actually has gone wrong. This is very rare - ryanrimmel

Tall People Stood Directly In front of You

You want to see the performance, not somebody's back!

Somebody Gets Hurt/Passes Out

Must be a real shame if something like this happened to an innocent concert-goer.

Bands Cutting Setlist Short

Technical errors and/or running out of time really do suck.

This has never happened to me - ryanrimmel

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