Top Ten Worst Things About Music Lists

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1 Users will get hated on

I don't like Eminem, which means that people treat me like Satan upon them. People have their own opinions, it's part of life, and why base your life on the "flawlessness" of that artist? - PositronWildhawk

It's not that you hate him, it's that you constantly bash him over and over without logical reason.

Hypocrite. - SwagFlicks

Especially when you're like "Justin is okay while singing..." and you get a bunch of "HE SUCKS HORRIBLY GO AND LISTEN TO HIM IDIOT".

If you praise Nickelback be prepared for a argument that never ends - christangrant

I do not like the song Stair Way To Heaven but a lot of other people do that's life - BigBrotherSucks

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2 People will think their favourite musician are all 100% perfect

All these white people rank Eminem #1 on every rap list. He's top 5, but not close to #1 - Lameformer

I HATE seeing Jackie Evancho being at number 1 on almost every positive music lists. She is at the top 5 but definitely not close to number 1 - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

All the X-Japan fans out there say "Hide can just DESTROY Slash or Jimi Hendrix! If some hater calls our precious band crap, We will kill em! "

I hate it when people say, "Man, Metallica/Nirvana/random band is sooo much better than that lame popstar! " While it might be true, please keep your opinion to yourself. I have done it a few times myself, even though it is wrong. - Alpha101

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3 Someone comments something completely irrelevant of the items in the list

My dog is a terrier - Lameformer

I hate mushrooms. - SamuiNeko

I wash my hands after I poop.

My cat will go psycho - SuperBacca

4 People are forcing you to what song you should or shouldn't be listening

Not really. All I do for my music lists is post my opinion on what is best of an album or artist. It's fine to tell them that but it's not fine to tell them how much you want them to listen to an album/artist. - NuMetalManiak

5 If you like 1 pop song, you're considered a bigot

There is a ton of modern pop songs that are fantastic. Uptown Funk, Rather Be, most Taylor swift songs; Pop can be a really great genre.

Also, anyone who says Pop is trash in a list and cites Justin Beiber as an example is moronic, because Beiber hasn't had a hit song in 3 years.

Not all pop songs are bad.

Nice point made there. No this doesn't make us a bigot. - Kiteretsunu

Some metal fans are all like, "JB SUCKZ! METAL IS BEST LISTEN TO IT NOW IT BEST THING EVER! EVERYTHING NOT IT IS TRASH ONLY OLD MUSIC IS GOOD, NEW BAD STINKZ! " These few metal fans cannot accept the fact that pop and new can be good too. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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6 People comparing an artist with a completely different artist altogether
7 Justin Bieber is no 1 on every negative list

Seriously, I'm so sick and tired about people putting him on the top on every bad list. Stop making these jokes! - Arelli Raven

Just because most people hate him doesn't mean he needs to be number 1 on every negative list - BigBrotherSucks

I think Nicki Minaj should be number 1 on every negative list. - ThePwoperMuser101

That gives a good point, he's the world's most AWKWAAARD person

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8 People aren't going to get your point across
9 If you don't like that Artist then you are a "Belieber"

I think that should apply to Linkin Park

10 People insist that there is one good music genre

And it's only either metal or rap. Electronic is my favourite, but I really like all genres, that is with the exception of rap and mainstream pop. - PositronWildhawk

I like almost every genre. Even my least favorite genres I can at least respect. - MusicalPony

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11 Most lists saying that rock and roll is all about rebellion

To be fair, the rock and roll movement was actually very appealing to teens when it first came out because of the unique free sound. - NuMetalManiak

There's plenty of rock songs not about rebellion! - RiverClanRocks

12 Fans that get butthurt if you don't like a certain singer or band they like

Most especially the case with Directioners.

13 It always ends up in dramas

This was something that got completely out of hand. Mainly on his part. - PositronWildhawk

14 The haters have no respect to the artist that they don't like
15 Michael Jackson always wins
16 All the bands or Artists from Asia make it into the top 3

A. Hackers
B. Crazy K-Pop fans - RiverClanRocks

17 Music lists are more popular than movie and video game lists
18 Insults given to pop stars and their fans just because they are successful

Come on people their is a line and it's been crossed to many times

19 Jackie Evancho is number 1 on all TheTopTens lists

I love Jackie but this reason definitely number 1. Argh, this is so damn annoying. - 05yusuf09

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