Worst Things About Music Trolls

I have to admit, I don't really hate pop fans. Some of them can be very logical and reasonable.

But still, I hate trolls, especially when it comes to music.

The Top Ten

1 They don't really understand the concept of music

No, a troll would do something like say they love Justin Beiber without any regard of music, like JBL. - TwilightKitsune

2 Some of them are cyberbullies
3 They ruin your lists for their own benefit

Over 20 of my lists were ruined by Music Trolls who added every bad song in existance to my positive lists and vice versa plus its not even funny thw troll was so dam predictable - christangrant

4 They never go away
5 They never change
6 They want explanations from users, but when users explain their items, they turn back

True. Haven't seen him since I provided EXAMPLES for him. Had a big mouth like SwaySway.

"Why do you refuse to provide a SINGLE example... And why do you continue to avoid exposure of your error by deleting? Never mind. The answer is obvious." - zxm

7 They act like they know much whereas in fact they don't

You do not have to "know ALL about" a piece of (alleged) music to make a judgement. You simply need LISTEN. Its "history" or any other minutiae are completely irrelevant to whether it falls well on the ears.

8 They are actually serious
9 They know almost nothing about music

A troll added a Miley Cyrus Album to one of my list and said it was a Psychedelic Rock album yup they know almost nothing about music - christangrant

10 They try to be different in the bad way

The Contenders

11 They make horrible lists
12 They don't usually give explanations
13 They give poor explanations
14 They only give bold statements
15 They take facts as opinions
16 They are useless

Right on. Trolls are like mosquitoes. Are mosquitoes useful? No. - Metal_Treasure

They don't serve a purpose - christangrant

Take for instance, Beliebers (ex: bieberluvr1234, a dead channel who might come back strong soon as an adult which she has been since the mid-2010s), Arianators (ex: my mean-spirited haters such as Thiti2000), Barbies (both the dolls and Nicki Minaj fan-brats), Musical.ly fans, Jake Paulers, Selenators, Team Breezy (and the worst part, THEY ASK TO BE BEAT UP! ) and Directioners (I, The Ultimate Daredevil was harassed for giving out a negative opinion on 1D instead of The Beatles on "ONE DIRECTION CAN'T SING").

17 They never look on the other side of the problem
18 They always add the same songs to every list they see

This goes for both Positive and Negative lists - christangrant

19 They put pop bands onto lists of rock bands
20 They add good artists to worst lists
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1. They never go away
2. Some of them are cyberbullies
3. They ruin your lists for their own benefit
1. Some of them are cyberbullies
2. They never change
3. They never go away


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