Worst Things About My Little Pony: The Movie

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1 It sucks

The show was already ruined before the film even came out, it jumped the shark at the end of season 5.

It certainly does - MegaSoulhero

Disneydude, please state some REAL facts please. - Jessicarabbit

Disneydude, you didn’t prove your point. - MrCoolC

2 It has horrible animation

What happened to the original animation?!?!?!? - bendyfazjazz234

The only entry on this list which actually provides a valuable critique to the film. - DCfnaf

Wouldn't call it horrible, but I'll agree the actual show has better animation... - Livirus

The animation is horrible, it is inconsistent, stiff, choppy, the 3D is horrible with N64-PS2 graphics and no one blends into the background or is grounded into the environment properly; they just look like 2D animation cells that were poorly photographed into a 3D video game.

3 It’s trying to be a cool movie

Yep. - bendyfazjazz234

4 It’s stupid

100% subjective again. You might not like it, but other people do. State REAL facts that explain why you dislike the movie. This also counts for those who like it. - Livirus

Sorry, I don't like My Little Pony. I had insane bronies in my school who gets mad if I don't like it... Okay?

You hate it because it’s stupid? That’s a terrible reason to hate something - MrCoolC

5 It is a rip off of The Little Mermaid

By this you mean only one scene is a ripoff of the Little Mermaid, right? - MegaSoulhero

Explain in what scene(s)... - Livirus

6 Half of the songs are trying to sound like Disney songs

"Open Up Your Eyes" is just a wannabe "Be Prepared" and "One Small Thing" is a poor man's "Under the Sea." - SailorSedna

Or you just think they sound like Disney songs... - Livirus

7 It’s short

It's 90 minutes but it feels both too slow and fast, the pacing is a total mess. - SailorSedna

This should be a good thing from your point of view... - Livirus

8 All the characters are boring

State. Reasons. Why. You. Think so...it's not that difficult... - Livirus

I ate all of them even tough some of them are my favourite in the show

9 It's a rip-off of Mulan

What do these films have in common?

10 Copying Junior Eurovision

All the songs the colors the diversity. A real ripoff ot Junior Eurovision that is one show I can watch kids doing what they love without being abused

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11 The title of the movie is lame

What else should they have called it? - MegaSoulhero

Okay, what about every single movie that's titled after what the main character is? Like...oh, I dunno: every single kids' movie ever - Livirus

12 It's a rip-off of Aladdin

The climax, enough said.

13 It destroyed all of Twilight Sparkle's character development


Twilight basically was just a racist, selfish, unlikable, huge jerk who manipulated/lied to her friends in order to get her own needs, and came off like she didn't learn anything season 1, episode 1, or practically hasn't. This was proof she doesn't deserve the title of "Princess of Friendship." - SailorSedna

14 The songs are annoying

I hate it Ripoff of Disney and Junior Eurovision Songs

Most of them just aren't that catchy or memorable, and some of them, like in the show, are all starting to just sound the same. The only one I really liked was "One Small Thing", but even then and there that suffered from some cheesy lyrics. I hate "Open Up Your Eyes", which is just a pathetic "Be Prepared" wannabe,"Time to Be Awesome" is just awful and annoying, sounding like something an overly energetic 10 year old girl would write as a pep rally for her cheerleader squad, and "I'm the Friend That You Need" and "We Got This Together" are just generic and mediocre sounding, not even Sia/Songbird Serenade (who's there for no reason)'s song "Rainbow" is memorable. Also considering how badly the film is paced, there's too much singing in it and it just slows down the film even more. - SailorSedna

15 The seaponies also being hippogriffs concept is a stupid idea and the mane six seaponies thing was false advertising.

Seaquestria could have been a hidden kingdom with a secret kingdom of sea ponies, a new race of ponies, but instead, they opted to have the seaponies actually be hippogriffs who turn into them with some magical pearl (the thing Twilight tries to steal). It's just stupid, and it makes no sense as it opens up too many questions like "were the ponies griffons all along but turned to ponies because of something? " Yeah, I may be nitpicky there but it's still dumb sounding, those two aren't even remotely/closely related sans hippogriffs being part horse (I saw them as more of bird creatures though).

Not to mention we never find out why the Pearl was needed as after Twilight and her friends are expelled, that entire plot point gets forgotten, making that whole Mane Six turning into seaponies, one of the biggest advertised parts of the film, FALSE ADVERTISING and completely pointless (would there be anything lost if the Mane Six didn't turn into seaponies? ), except for selling toys ...more

16 Twilight Sparkle sounds like Jasmine

No! It's "Twilight Sparkle sounds like Ariel".

She sounds ugly! Bleh!

17 Songbird Serenade sounds annoying

Songbird Serenade was really just an OC of Sia shoehorned in to promote her and to sing a bad, bland, forgettable song called "Rainbow." The song sucks, it sounds like every other generic pop sound out there, and while Sia's voice isn't horrible it's clear she's using autotune, which should just go away. - SailorSedna

18 It got 49% on Rotten Tomatoes

So? Forrest Gump got a 72% on Rotten Tomatoes, but is often seen as one of the best movies ever made (rightfully so) - Livirus

Shouldn’t this list only include things that are within the movie that make it a bad movie? - MegaSoulhero

19 It's a rip-off of Disney Princess Movies
20 It's a Sailor Moon Crystal rip-off

Sailor Moon Crystal sucks anyways, I'd say a rip-off of Sailor Moon in general. - SailorSedna

21 It isn't funny
22 It's creepy
23 It's cheesy
24 It's a rip-off of Cinderella
25 It sounds like Barbie 2.0
26 It's a rip-off of Hercules
27 It's annoying
28 It's trying too hard to be like a Disney film

A lot of stuff in it just feels like it belongs too much to other Disney films ("One Small Thing" a poor man, or mare's version of "Under the Sea", the Pirates, Pirates of the Caribbean or Hook's crew from Peter Pan, to name a few). - SailorSedna

29 It feels nothing like a My Little Pony movie

Did anyone feel like they were watching an MLP movie? I didn't. In fact, all of the Mane Six, or most of them could have been replaced or cut out and nothing would change, it didn't feel like it focused on any of the ponies at all, sans maybe Twilight and Pinkie Pie. - SailorSedna

30 There is little or no story

Half the time it's just the ponies sitting around waiting for the next action scene to happen. - SailorSedna

31 It feels like an extended episode

A) Rarity fixing Capper's shirt giving him heel-face-turn: to me rips off Rarity fixing Stephen Magnet's mustache in season 1 premiere

b)The Mane Six dumping Twilight (for good reasons this time): rips off them and Spike dumping Twilight (for bad reasons) in Canterlot Wedding

c) The whole plot has sorta a Twilight's Kingdom feel to it, but in a bad way, and Storm King is a stupider Tirek...

d) Tempest Shadow (I can't bear to say her real name which makes a name like "clank dog" sound cool)/her story and bad redemption: Rips off Starlight's from season 5. Though Tempest is even worse than Starlight despite having a slightly better backstory. I've heard the comic on her provides deeper reasons, which I'm planning to read, but another problem: I, along with other fans, the kiddies, and critics, shouldn't have to read a comic outside of the movie to understand a character. And despite her sad backstory, it was no excuse for her to destroy Canterlot, turn the ...more

32 The pacing is all over the place

The first 8-10 minutes are preparations for the Friendship Festival, very slowly, then it just rushes too fast and too slow at the same time throughout the film. - SailorSedna

33 The voice acting is sub-par

Sure we have Tara Strong, Andrea Libman, Tabitha St. Germain and Emily Blunt, but none of them (especially Blunt, no offense to her though) sound like they're remotely excited to be in this film and Tabitha, though she is a great actress (having voiced Toa Nokama) occasionally is a bit too hard on the ears (though I'd blame the voice director). - SailorSedna

34 It barely focuses on any of the mane six

Really, it does. It really only focuses on Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie. Twilight was extremely out of character, and a complete and utterly stupid jerk looking like she hadn't learned anything at all over the past seven years, she would not steal a national treasure from another kingdom, she would not act all "I'd be better off if I didn't have friends like you" and looking like she was gonna hit Pinkie, like what the hell? I know the whole thing with how "when you're angry you say stuff you don't mean" and what was leading up to it, and how desperate times can call for desperate measures, but she crossed the line too many times in there and it got to the point to where I hate her now. That's right, this movie killed any likability/lovability I had for her, and makes me question why she's the "Princess of Friendship." If I were one of the Mane Five members I'd rather choose to just forget about her and move on. Pinkie was the only one of the Mane Six who got prominent screen time ...more

35 Celestia, Luna and Cadence are once again made useless

They just get turned to stone without even putting up a fight. WHY do the writers always use this same lazy trope, and in a movie of all things? Makes them look weak as hell and Megan McCarthy was better than this. - SailorSedna

36 The movie characters mostly are annoying and bland

Tempest is just a bland, one-note villain, Storm King doesn't show up till the end, Capper is "eh", Grubber is annoying as hell and looks more like he belongs in the Lilo and Stitch universe and makes Lefou look intelligent, Skystar is also annoying as hell too. Songbird Serenade has no reason to be there except to promote Sia and contributes nothing. - SailorSedna

37 The movie sounds like Les Misérables
38 Tempest shadow is a godawful, generic, one note/dimensional villain who did not deserve redemption/reformation.
39 Pinkie pie sounds like a baby
40 Fluttershy sounds like a baby
41 Rarity sounds like Alice
42 Rainbow Dash sounds like a spoiled brat
43 Applejack sounds like a huge crybaby
44 Twilight sounds like a brat

Twilight IS a brat, and has been nothing but a snotty one with serious anger issues, acting like she only cares for herself ever since season 6, and she's supposed to be the "Princess of Friendship? " Give me a break. - SailorSedna

45 It's for little kids

No, don't use this as an excuse. To quote Carl Kimlinger, it's not because it isn't true (it is for children) but because it assumes that children’s entertainment doesn't need to be held up to the same standards as other entertainment, being highly insulting to the creators who make superior children’s entertainment (as if to say, sorry Hayao Miyazaki, Jim Henson Marc Brown, Wilbert Awdry, A. A. Milne, Walt Disney, Phil Vischer, Mike Nawrocki, Don Bluth, Stephen Hillenberg, Rankin/Bass, Ludwig Bemelmans, but it turns out that all this time you’ve been putting forward unnecessary effort, you should have just made sloppy, simplistic crap; it’s easy, cheap, and no one cares because its just for the kids anyway). Intelligent, well-made children’s entertainment is all around us, like old Disney films, Don Bluth films, Veggietales, Sesame Street, some seasons of Power Rangers, Fraggle Rock, Winnie the Pooh, Thomas and Friends' older seasons, etc. Claiming that some sort of ...more

46 It's lame
47 It isn't cute
48 It isn't happy
49 It's horrible
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