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21 Cloppers
22 Disturbing fanfics about it

Yes this is my most hated thing. I just want to read a good flutter off fanfic! They are all either written by people with bad grammer or super creepy and explicit.

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23 Boring episodes

You call it boring? If it is boring, than it should receive 3/10 likes on iMDb - NexusUnterganger639

24 Boys like it for some reason

Come on there are much better things besides stupid ponies - EpicJake

Once my class was studying Jackie Robinson, and a boy raised his hand and randomly said, " I love My Little Pony! Do you like My Little Pony? " That had nothing to do with the topic whatsoever! And it was super creepy.

Come on dudes at least like Transformers that's what's sparking up the nation.

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25 You see ponies everywhere

Because it's a pony show. Don't you get the title? - NexusUnterganger639

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26 It's an internet sensation now
27 It turned Lauren Faust into a sellout

She used to make good cartoons. - Petmehorse

Same with Rebecca Sugar, middle school, college and adult humor to toddler and kindergarden humor

28 Stuant Synder fired Laruen Faust which caused her to make this show
29 Not much better than the older generations
30 Doctor Whooves

He's a ripoff of Doctor Who and nobody cares about him

31 Ponyifications
32 Shipping
33 It is not entertaining

If it is not entertaining, why then many people watch this? - NexusUnterganger639

34 Bad plots

Twilight's Kingdom and The Cutie Re-mark? - NexusUnterganger639

35 Pinkie Pie is not even funny

Seriously I watched 4 seasons and the jokes are so dry it hurts my brain, get a sense of humor.

She's as crazy as Daffy Duck on drugs

Pinkie makes me laugh in the inside

36 It has 2 movies

Oh great box office bronies now that's what we need for it to suck

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37 It is the worst movie in history
38 Vitriolic friendship girl drama issues between the Mane Six
39 Feud episodes
40 Animated Atrocity

There are way too many claims this is atrocious. I think it does not :P - NexusUnterganger639

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