Worst Things About "New" Minecraft (Beta 1.8+)

What are the worst things about Minecraft that was changed/added after Beta 1.8, especially 1.6.4 and onwards. Changes that can be turned off/reverted without mods or plugins are not allowed.

The Top Ten

1 The terrain

Ugh...Your boy just hates this new terrain so much. It used to be amazing with all kinds of terrain, like mountains, flat, and rolling hills. And there used to be so much clear area to build with a lot of scenery in the background! Now it's just ALL gently rolling hills, with double tall grass on practically every block! The grass colors used to vary more and blend better because of the old temperature/rainfall system, but now it looks ugly and is usually a dull color too. - PinkSheepForReal

2 The orange lighting

This has to be the ugliest thing ever put in this game! It looks like crap and completely ruins the feel of Minecraft! It's just so ugly! Also before torches used to be for more than keeping monsters from spawning, you actually used to need them as light, and they had a shorter range too so you needed more than 2 torches to light up 30 blocks. - PinkSheepForReal

Actually there is no setting to remove the orange lighting. Even with smooth lighting turned off and fast graphics, it is orange. The sunlight is still white (although a bit darker than before), but the light emitted from blocks is orange. Also the nights are too bright and there is an ugly bluish tint at night and it isn't near as dark as it used to be. - PinkSheepForReal

3 The integrated server

I know lots of people like this but your boy knows it causes so much horrible lag! Have you ever broken a block and it reappeared for a few seconds just after? Or seen the sun jump backwards suddenly? This is all FAR more annoying than bad framerate! I just can't believe this was made! Hopefully me and all my homies can put a stop to this stuff. - PinkSheepForReal

It's there. Some computers don't do this, some do. Note that Minecraft's performance is not linked with how good you computer is, or with how other things perform, even within Minecraft. It's weird. - PinkSheepForReal

4 Tall grass everywhere

Before it was only single and it had a better texture and was not everywhere, now there is no places ever without it or something else in the way! - PinkSheepForReal

Those all have ugly dull colors and are not flat or are filled with too many trees and the snow is an exception, but it's snow, what if you are tired of the snow? What about the classic, non grassy biome with normal colors? - PinkSheepForReal

5 New fog

The fog used to be cool and gradually fade into the distances, now it is just like the optifog mod is enabled by default and unable to be turned off, and that is really ugly. Also I liked the old tiny, short, normal and far distances better. - PinkSheepForReal

Actually your boy didn't notice until I went back to the old versions and realized they looked a lot better. No you can't turn it off. - PinkSheepForReal

6 The RPG elements

Minecraft is about building. Stop adding RPG elements to mess up the game. - MChkflaguard_Yt

I know some of these can be not used but some are not able to be toggled like the annoying hunger bar and stuff like that. Minecraft is not meant to be a RPG, and fine if you add enderdragons but don't make them a boss or anything. - PinkSheepForReal

7 The new water & lava textures

Before the lava was really cool and looked like lava, now it just looks like molten cheese and I don't like cheese because my friend ExplodingTNT is around it too much. The white lines in the water are also too repetitive now and harder to see. - PinkSheepForReal

8 Realms

Just make a server. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Sorry but realms is just an excuse to make money and it sucks anyway with all its restrictions like only a certain amount of people and getting kicked every 2 idle seconds, and you can only use the latest version of Minecraft. It is actually easier to use your own server anyway. - PinkSheepForReal

Yeah it's actually cheaper + easier to make a server instead. Point valid. - mattstat716

9 Bad focus

I am expecting new blocks but they just add mobs. Microsoft completely forgot about the builder and modder community. - MChkflaguard_Yt

New updates don't focus on stuff like new blocks, mobs, items, tools, or anything with value. Instead they add elytras and stuff that is only fun like the first 3 times and after that it just ruins the feel. In 1.13 they also will add all new textures and that will officially be the end of Minecraft. - PinkSheepForReal

Gotta agree, this is completely random updates. They just add trash and nothing of value.
Polar bears, llamas, parrots etc are examples. - mattstat716

10 Too many ores

Before with the Beta 1.6 glitch ores were only as prevelant as they are now in one corner of the world. So you had a 50% chance of walking into an area with fewer ores than now, and a 1/4 chance of walking into an area with even less than that, so only a 1/4 chance of going into the area like it is now. That's why diamonds and even gold were valued more in the past, as they were actually hard to find. Of course when they fixed the glitch they picked the lots of ores corner instead of the few or very few corners, which just ruined the fun of mining. - PinkSheepForReal

And we still mine diamond ore... and that's still the final tier... Invalid point. We don't have enough. - mattstat716

If I can complete the game in 15 minutes by finding 3 iron ore, 3 logs, 1 coal, 8 cobblestone and about 48 diamonds, we have a problem. - mattstat716

The Contenders

11 Combat changes

This should be #1.
The old combat was at least decent. Now it's just trash. - mattstat716

12 Making all the versions pocket edition
13 Modding API
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