Top Ten Worst Things About the New TheTopTens Design

I could be wrong, but it isn't really as straight forward. But sure, it does have some good about it.

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1 You can't see replies

This honestly annoys me the most. I want to be able to see my replies, and the website just doesn't look like itself anymore - kaitlynrad11

Exactly. How will someone know that I am replying to you right now? - letdot52

This reminds me of how YouTube changes their design when it is unnecessary, but there is nothing we can do about it now.

Although the design looks clean, it's hard to see replies... - Delgia2k

CHANGE IS GOOD, Without layout change, everything would be bland and boring, as a computer expert, I imagine a worse fate, Way WAY WORSE!

-Camp Argyll

2 Message notifications stand out less

Hearing that Britgirl's messages are now glitching is breaking my heart. Anything to fix that would be much appreciated, admin. - PositronWildhawk

The messages box is WAY to big and the little orange notification is WAY too small. - gemcloben

I liked seeing the notification when getting a message, and now I can't see them at all. This is going to take some getting used to. - Minecraftcrazy530

3 You can't see your feed

Go to Home, scroll down to Happening Now and click More - bobbythebrony

You can see the feed. It just takes more effort to get to. And for a busy, impatient person like me it's slightly annoying. - Britgirl

Laying the feed to rest was so unnecessary. I liked using it to get comments of criticism easily, but now I'll have to look at every list... - Turkeyasylum

I have a link to the feed, but the feed is pretty much ruined. - Puga

4 Remixes are made all at once, rather than step by step

I like to take it step by step, rather than all at once. - gemcloben

I think this is a good thing. - Puga

I felt this was a large improvement. - Garythesnail

I am happy people has enough coming scents to no this designs bad people with no coming scents no be a life - Comparisans

5 You can not see profile pictures on blog post comments

UPDATE: As well as having the option to switch to the old messaging system (if you experience the lag-this does fix that and it may help if its having problems loading) you ALSO can have the option to have profile pictures appear under comments. I have turned this feature on and it looks great! - keycha1n

Yes, I miss this. It takes out the iconic look of a profile picture. But honestly, my complaints are fewer than the pleasant surprises. - keycha1n

Oh my God, yes! Whenever I read a list or a blog post, I usually look at the profile picture of a TopTenner to know who is it because it's much easier to find a miniature profile picture on a list than it is to read the blue text. That, and the profile pictures really stood out on lists and blog posts. - Turkeyasylum

It basically makes profile pics pointless. Might as well go back to the days where you can't get custom ones. - Puga

6 It's unnecessary

There was things to worry about and...I'm officially done making lists. I will still message once and awhile but as now, I am retiring. Maybe I lost interest or something but I will still always keep the memories I had here on this site. I am also gonna try to focus more on my YouTube channel more. I'm done for real this time. - Chaotixhero

Absolutely unnecessary. The previous design was simple and sufficient. Can't even comprehend why they would've changed the design into this crap.

I know, It was very unnecessary to changed it like that, Maybe they could've just changed the color to teal and that's it.

Chaotixhero is retiring?

7 The silver on the 2nd place items looks like every other item

I have too look closely to realise it is ever so slightly darker. Guess the numbers on a ranking list really are 50 shades of grey... Sorry that was awful - gemcloben

Feel shameful for mentioning that horrendous book. Sorry, I'm not into romance drama. - Therandom

This is so true... - JaysTop10List

Yep it's very sad - Toucan

Yeah... - MrCoolC

8 It is more complicated

I think we just have to get used to the fact that the website isn't blue anymore, its ORANGE. I don't like the color at ALL - kaitlynrad11

It looks much "cleaner" but way harder to use, especially on mobile.

On mobile, it's a bit finicky, but overall, it looks super slick and modern in my opinion. Very minimalistic, but clean. I kinda miss how cozy the old one felt though... - keycha1n

Kill me, but I actually kinda like the new system. I do miss the old one. - JaysTop10List

9 After posting a reply to a message, for a few moments there is a bar with the message name and the website name

Am I the only one with this problem? Or is it just this iPod?
EDIT: It is just the iPod I have. Still annoying though. - RiverClanRocks

10 It is harder to get to an account from a remix

I click on the username, and it takes me to the remix, not the profile! - gemcloben

I agree. If I wanted to see the remix, I would have clicked the remix.

The Contenders

11 It's too different to the old look

Youll eventually get used to it though - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

12 It's terrible

Very horrible, a few T.V. networks have done much worse.

13 Other peoples' remixes are harder to browse

Only 3 at the side, the link to the rest hidden away in the corner, browsing others' remixes just seems like a bit of an unorganised mess. - gemcloben

14 The log out sign and the messages sign have moved to a less visible place

Right at the top? Really? Maybe I am just not used to it. - gemcloben

I find that function was an improvement. - Therandom

15 Not easy to see who else is online

I'm talking about Online Members. Remember when you could see that on the side? That helps out quite a lot when it comes to messaging people and other things. Now I have to go to my own profile page just to see who else is online. - NuMetalManiak

Exactly. What is the point in simply getting rid of a very useful passive feature? - RaineSage

16 Visitors Cannot Make Lists Anymore

Well I never knew about the old TopTens website I just found this on google the new design with blue letters.

Good - robertoiglesias271

17 Visitors cannot reply on posts

Awesome. Visitors are annoying - robertoiglesias271

18 You have to sign in to comment on posts
19 The number 1 item doesn't have a crown anymore

Yep, this actually needs to comeback (I first came to this site before the new design update). - MrCoolC

The crown always means the King or First Place, without the crown, it just looks like a list from a typical site.

20 There are two search bars

There should only be one! - NuMetalManiak

21 It's boring
22 Their Color is Now Orange Instead of Blue
23 Looks stupid

People are messing things up to the point where we can't handle things anymore, That's what happened to this list, they messed it up, whoever changed it needs is going to regret it.

24 Everyone cannot accept change

Actually I like this,other than a few bugs here and there it's good - Toucan

I like the new TheTopTens. The other one was so dated and so last century. The only thing I don't like is the color. It can stay orange but I think it needs to be toned down a bit because it looks like a kind of puke-ish color. Great job admin! You've made the site more cozy. Also, I think everyone should at least be grateful for the new site and for communication. Very few sites have a talking admin who will be at your every beck and call. Usually other admins are boring men and women who type all sophisticated whenever someone complains about something. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

25 It's too flat

Flat design really grinds my gears. There's no need for flat design on a site like this, especially because silver looks like everything else! - imacg4

26 No more comment section
27 You have to scroll down to the item if you want to read more than 4 comments
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