Top Ten Worst Things About the New York Giants

The Top Ten

1 Eli Manning's Face

He looks like that kid who has no idea what's going on ever.

2 Tom Coughlin

He should be in a retirement home eating pudding.

Such an ignorant and idiotic statement! Odds are very unlikely that you will ever exhibit his level of competence even when or if you reach a peak. - Billyv

3 Odell Beckham

Makes one Catch and is considered the best Receiver in the league.

4 They Share Stadiums With the Jets

They don't even have there own stadium.

5 Stupid Defensive Linemen

When one you're d-line blows off his finger u deserve to be on this list.

6 Plaxico Burres

He Shot himself in the Leg. IN THE LEG.

7 Lawrence Taylor Lawrence Taylor

There best player was a coke head.

Actually, one if the greatest NFL players of all-time. So as you criticize the Giants, your statement is equally relevant to the entire league and sport. - Billyv

8 Location of Stadium

The stadium they share isn't even in NY.

9 The Fact That Eli is Considered Better Than Peyton

He wins 2 rings and is considered better than his brother when Peyton has the most yards and TD.

Who considers Eli better? A couple of your friends? Lol. Surely nearly every reasonable observer knows Peyton cannot miss immediate entry the Hall Of Fame when eligible. - Billyv

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