Worst Things About New York

If you love NY, then you'll have to hate the things they had today.

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1 Gangsters

Hoodlums, bikers, Russians, latino thugs and mafias can cause chaos in your world, especially when they craves on money.

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2 Corrupt Cops

They're so strict and rude that they'll give you a ticket for no damn reason. Some of these cops are bent cops, even one of them works for the mafia.

Gangsters really aren't a problem at all, you just have to know your way around them. Cops will find ways to give you tickets though.

3 Subways

It stinks and dirty when you have to wait till the next station. Those people gives you the creeps.

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4 Getting Carjacked
5 The Kardashians

Not only they hang out at Los Angeles, but hangs here at the Big Apple.

First they take Miami, and now New York? I hate these sisters so much!

6 Burglars

I think burglers are bad because if you have a baby or child and they have a special toy or some kind of thing they might never stop cring and they will probly get scared I love kids and babys

7 Rude Taxi Cab Drivers

Choose wisely if you need a taxi, otherwise one of them are selfishly rude.

8 Rats
9 Homeless People

As long as you're not too poor, you won't have to end up sleeping in a cardboard box.

10 Wall Street

The Newcomers

? 9/11 Terror Attacks 9/11 Terror Attacks

Worst terror attacks - IHSCOUTII1973

The Contenders

11 Terrorists
12 Corrupt Politicians
13 Broadway
14 Really huge city to get lost in
15 Traffic
16 Times Square
17 The R Train
18 The G Train
19 5 Av
20 Queensboro Bridge
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