Worst Things About New York

If you love NY, then you'll have to hate the things they had today.

The Top Ten

1 Gangsters

Hoodlums, bikers, Russians, latino thugs and mafias can cause chaos in your world, especially when they craves on money.

These gangstars can kill you in minutes. - Jordansalesguy2392


When I pass by someone who's in a hoodie this is what it's like

Gangster: (Standing and smoking or something)
Me: O>O (What I'm thinking: Make sure this guy doesn't have a gun, make sure this guy does;t have a gun! )
Me: (Walks slowly away)
THEY'RE SO FREAKY! - maddyparrot22

2 Corrupt Cops

They're so strict and rude that they'll give you a ticket for no damn reason. Some of these cops are bent cops, even one of them works for the mafia.

Gangsters really aren't a problem at all, you just have to know your way around them. Cops will find ways to give you tickets though.

3 Subways

It stinks and dirty when you have to wait till the next station. Those people gives you the creeps.

The routes are so confusing!

They smell and they are never on time. - CurtisHuberHMSNP

4 Getting Carjacked
5 The Kardashians

Not only they hang out at Los Angeles, but hangs here at the Big Apple.

First they take Miami, and now New York? I hate these sisters so much!

6 Burglars

I think burglers are bad because if you have a baby or child and they have a special toy or some kind of thing they might never stop cring and they will probly get scared I love kids and babys

7 Rude Taxi Cab Drivers

Choose wisely if you need a taxi, otherwise one of them are selfishly rude.

8 Rats
9 Homeless People

As long as you're not too poor, you won't have to end up sleeping in a cardboard box.

10 Terrorists

NYC was attacked in the 2 worst attacks within a 16 year span - IHSCOUTII1973

The Contenders

11 Really huge city to get lost in

You could even get lost in the huge department stores

12 Times Square

I like Times Square

13 Wall Street
14 Corrupt Politicians
15 Broadway
16 Traffic
17 The R Train
18 The G Train
19 5 Av

Prepare to get shot by trump - IHSCOUTII1973

20 Queensboro Bridge
21 The Bronx
22 The Mets
23 9/11 Terror Attacks 9/11 Terror Attacks

Worst terror attacks - IHSCOUTII1973

24 Lack of Public Restrooms
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