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1 She tickles the sun

I agree, in real life that tickling the sun won't work and you could end up burning yourself dead!

This show is nothing, but a disgrace. Those characters are selfish and greedy pricks!

In every episode, she always tells us to tickle the sun. Try that in real life. That won't work to wake up the sun. - EpicJake

I used to watch this show, but whenever I turned six I was like " I hate this show " - funnyuser

If she tickles the sun then she will be burnt to death!

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2 She has no human friends

Her friends are Rinto, Hoho, Tolly, Lulu, the ants and others but not a SINGLE human friend. - EpicJake

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3 The Hula Ducks aren't in Hawaii

Whats the point with hula ducks in China!?! That's weird. - EpicJake

4 She sings stupid songs

On one episode, they sing"were going to China". WE GET IT! - EpicJake

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5 Totally is obsessed over pandas

In the episode when Hoho gets mad, Lulu takes the panda plate and he says"Lulu I wanted the Panda plate". Tolly is so whiny. - EpicJake

6 She talks to the screen like Dora

She tells us to tickle the sun and at the end she always says"you made my heart feel super happy". - EpicJake

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7 She ripped off Dora except in Chinese

She is a total ripoff of Dora. - EpicJake

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8 Rinto is a jerk

One one episode he says "I don't want to hive you a turn Tolly". - EpicJake

There's this one episode where Kai-Lan, Rintoo, Tolee, and Hoho were at a water park and Rintoo wouldn't stop splashing Tolee and Hoho. They got mad, because Rintoo was playing too rough. They wanted to play in a gentle way instead

9 Hoho is a brat

Hoho is the most annoying character in the show! He whines constantly and gets upset over small problems as well! He is much worse than Tolee and Rintoo! He even kicked Rintoo in his leg in one episode, how mean!

Hoho is just like Caillou, he whines/cries when things don't go his way

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10 She always gets what she wants

She got to go to the skating ring! She is a getter wanter. - EpicJake

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11 The name copied Hello Kitty

I hate Ni Hao Kai-Lan! It's a ripoff of Hello Kitty! (Hello Kitty was my favorite character when I was 6 years old) Thanks for ruining my childhood, Kai-Lan!

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12 Hoho always has to be the center of attention

Hoho is such an ass! He sometimes screws everything up. He also sounds too girly!

Nobody cares about a white-monkey who wants everything to go his way!

Why is his name Hoho anyway? Bull! That is complete bull to have a monkey who's name is "Hoho"

We all know that Hoho is extremely spoiled!

I wish I could grab a gun and kill him!

13 Her friends are idiots

Rintoo is a jerk and doesn't really know what he's doing

Tolee is obsessed with pandas and is sarcastic towards others

Hoho is a spoiled monkey brat who loves bananas so much!

Hoho is a spoiled monkey-brat who deserves to go to hell for his behavior

Rinto is a jerk who gets away with almost everything

Tolie has a very bad temper and is really whiny

14 Dumb plots

The plots don't make sense! It's like I'm trapped in a nightmare full of idiots who clearly don't understand what they're supposed to do

I just hope someone kidnaps Kai Lan and her friends. They would be tied up together and they would be lowering down into a huge pot of "Dip" (From Who Framed Roger Rabbit)

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15 All of the characters are stupid
16 She says "You make my heart feel super happy"

That phrase is so annoying, it makes me wanna throw the T.V. outside the window and when she says "Ni-Hao! " It makes my ears wanna gush out blood

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17 It's a ripoff of Dora

She is Actually Dora The Explorer but in a Chinese Version

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18 Crappy theme song

The theme song is garbage, and the music sounds like what a kid would do in a bathroom

19 Rinto is a complete jerk

I do agree that Rinto is a jerk. And he is!

He cries nonstop when things don't go his way (Just like Caillou) and plus, Rinto is a stupid name. Who the hell named him that?!

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20 YeYe is a weird name

What the hell does YeYe mean anyway? I think it sounds like a term for Fat/Stupid Grandpa. Everyone knows that YeYe is just a ridiculous name for a person

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21 Ni Hao Kai Lan sucks

This show needs to DIE, DIE, DIE!

Kai-Lan sucks! She's a Chinese wannabe! She may be the host, but she has a legal guardian whose name is YeYe. Kai Lan should get a spank in the butt until her butt-cheeks are bright red

Rintoo is a jerk! He only cares about himself and likes to play rough! He doesn't care about how Tolee or Hoho feel about him playing vigorously around them

Tolee has a very bad temper, just like Rintoo... He only cares about himself and pandas. He even has a stuffed-panda toy named Pandy. In one episode, Kai Alan invites her friends over for a sleepover inside her tent outside. But, when her friends want to play with Pandy, Tolee refuses and shouts "NO! I''M THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN PLAY WITH PANDY! " Then, he runs away

Hoho is the worst in the entire show! He's a monkey-version of Caillou. He whines and cries nonstop when things don't go his way. He needs to learn that he is not always gonna get what he wants. He's really disrespectful ...more

22 Crappy animation

The animation is horrible, you can tell that a preschooler took over Nickelodeon and made this weirdo idea of a show

23 She is annoying

Kai Lan is a complete retarded 7-year old who doesn't understand anything. She has a grandfather named Ye-Ye and acts like she knows what to do, well, think again, Kai Lan!

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24 Hoho is super-annoying!

Hoho always jumps up & down all the time for no reason! He should take meditation-class instead

25 Tolie has a very bad-temper

Tolie always whines & complains over nothing!

That's just stupid!

Let's just say that Tolee can't ever learn to share his belongings with others around him and wounds-up yelling at him/her

Tolee is most of the time, sarcastic.

Tolie is a very stupid character! Tolie is worse than the others!

There was this one episode, where Rinto makes mistakes

First, he accidentally places the pineapples in the banana-shelf, then he messed-up Tolie's panda-hat.

And then, he accidentally rips-off Tolie's panda-painting with his tail.

Tolie forgives Rinto for the first 2 mistakes he made, but when the panda-painting incident took place. He said "No! I do not forgive you! "

It was an accident! It's not like Rinto did it on purpose!

Ugh! I hate this episode

26 Lame appearances

Kai Lan if you are with me I will call the Police to arrest you!

27 Kai Lan tries to ground us

If Kai Lan tries to Ground us again Were going to call her mother to pick her up and Ground her for 6000 years and watch five nights at freddy's for all her life.

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1. Rinto is a jerk
2. Hoho is a brat
3. She ripped off Dora except in Chinese
1. She tickles the sun
2. She has no human friends
3. Totally is obsessed over pandas


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