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21 YeYe is a weird name

What the hell does YeYe mean anyway? I think it sounds like a term for Fat/Stupid Grandpa. Everyone knows that YeYe is just a ridiculous name for a person

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22 Crappy animation

The animation is horrible, you can tell that a preschooler took over Nickelodeon and made this weirdo idea of a show

23 She is annoying

Kai Lan is a complete retarded 7-year old who doesn't understand anything. She has a grandfather named Ye-Ye and acts like she knows what to do, well, think again, Kai Lan!

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24 Hoho is super-annoying!

Hoho always jumps up & down all the time for no reason! He should take meditation-class instead

25 Tolie has a very bad-temper V 3 Comments
26 Lame appearances

Kai Lan if you are with me I will call the Police to arrest you!

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1. Rinto is a jerk
2. Hoho is a brat
3. She ripped off Dora except in Chinese
1. She tickles the sun
2. She has no human friends
3. Totally is obsessed over pandas



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