Top 10 Worst Things About the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards


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1 Biased nominees

Favorite Movie? Regular films always beat out superheroes.

Hunger Games, despite my love of the franchise, biased!

Yes, yes, and yes. This year Gravity Falls was one of the nominees for Favorite Cartoon. I believe that it is actually becoming way more popular than SpongeBob. Plus it's way better too (though seasons 1-3 and the first SpongeBob movie were good). Only guess what it didn't win the nomination, but guess who did? SpongeBob. Again! Why, why, why? - Anonymousxcxc

Most of the actors who won had a connection to Nickelodeon in some way. I think it is rigged. Why the stupid Henry Danger dude instead of Grant Gustin. Or The Flash for T.V. drama? IT IS RIGGED!

Why the actual hell does "SpongeBob SquarePants" wins for every damn year for "Favorite Cartoon"? It makes the other nominees absolutely useless.

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2 If something Spongebob-related is nominated it automatically wins

Spongebob ruins kids choice awards

People assume that if it is something Spongebob related, it must be incredibly popular. In a way, that's true, but often, you should check more on what a cartoon has to offer rather than how popular a cartoon show is. Good example? : Spongebob always makes the win, and yet shows like Gravity Falls and Steven Universe I don't think were nominated for this year. Even Teen Titans, Go! made the nomination unlike the two I mentioned before. I really think that we should be showing our kids more of shows like Gravity Falls and Steven Universe, the old Teen Titans, and mainly the early seasons of Spongebob(1-3). Plus, Spongebob has ran its coarse, I still don't know why Nickelodeon just wont show reruns and just end the shows production all together. - Matt-Rap

Patrick won Best Animal Sidekick? I would understand Gary, but Patrick? - Garythesnail

Terrific cartoons have been nominated for the KCAs over the years. These include the likes of Gumball, Steven Universe, The Loud House and Gravity Falls but do they get the praise they deserve? No, because SPONGEBOB ALWAYS WINS. I'm starting to think that the KCAs are rigged.

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3 Stupid choices for categories

One Direction wins best band and song of the year every year and so does SpongeBob and Minecraft. They don't even nominate good shows, and when they do it just loses to a crappy (The Big Bang Theory lost to Austin & Ally) - simpsondude

Sponge bob is stupid but always wins

The Best Song nominees were so bad. - Puga

Patrick for best cartoon pet Patrick isn't a pet Gary is but not Patrick - Tyoshi

4 SpongeBob always wins

That's a good thing. It lets you know that SpongeBob is the King of modern-day Nick and that The Loud House is overrated garbage. - TheAwesomeBowser

He has been on a winning streak since 2003, but in 2008 he lost to Avatar (THANK GOD) but that was short lived. He's been winning ever since even though he doesn't deserve it anymore. Honestly there are better cartoons, and he should give Fairly OddParents and Phineas and Ferb a chance, I personally like them better. Kids probably vote for him because 90% of the shows they put him up against are crap every year (they rarely pit him against FOP, P&F, or Adventure Time anymore) so I honestly think it's rigged that way. But that's just my opinion, I love ya SpongeBob and all your old episodes (Pre Movie) but you need to learn to lose.

I know right. Though this year apparently it went up against Gravity Falls and Gravity Falls lost. What?! - Anonymousxcxc

There Was A Quiz For What Is The Best Cartoon I Selected Rugrats But They Said The Answer Is Spongebob Nick Is Wrong Rugrats Is The Real Answer And Rugrats Is Way Better Then Spongebob

SpongeBob won again this year. I'm not surprised.

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5 They overhype it

Its not that big of a deal. It tried too hard to appeal to the popular demographic, and doesn't really focus on rewarding talent rather than just handing out an award to anyone who is popular and "trending". - keycha1n

Hell yeah, it does, especially with the slimin' bullcrap. No wonder it's like American idol. I mean, who cares about going' gaga over celebrities when it's really a waste of time?

Nickelodian in general sucks! Disney is terrible and I prefer it over nick!

6 It's gone downhill

(Please take in mind that some of this is in my opinion)

They use to Slime people so often and they made it unexpected. You could never guess when someone would get slimed. Now, they barely slime people and you can easily tell when someone will get slimed. The people chosen to host the KCAs, the voting categories, the nominees, and the winners are also going downhill. I'll take 2015's host, categories, nominees, and winners for example. The host was Nick Jonas, which I guess wasn't too bad, but they could have done better. This year's winner for "Best Family T.V. Show" was "Austin and Ally". Seriously? The other nominees also sucked. I also don't get how "Modern Family" beat "The Big Bang Theory" and "The Flash" for best family T.V. Show. The best T.V. Actor and Actress were both from Austin and Ally, which doesn't surprise me since Austin and Ally won an award already. Obviously, SpongeBob won the best cartoon award, which also ...more

I didn't even watch it this year, but apparently Blake Shelton was the host. Though through Quiz Up I found that Gravity Falls was one of the nominees for favorite cartoon and it lost. Yet somehow SpongeBob won that award again. I'd get it if SpongeBob won it in like 2003, but after the SpongeBob movie the show just went downhill. Nick's just too SpongeBob-obsessed now. - Anonymousxcxc

They don’t even focus on the awards anymore - blackflower


7 They nominated Teen Titans Go

Honestly despite my hatred for this crap show, I'd rather have it win than spongebob win endlessly.

Teen Titans Go, More Like Teen Titans NO.

I know what Nickelodeon is trying to do. They're putting bad shows on the nomination so that SBSP seems better and win. They even removed Steven Universe and Gumball this year (2018). But then again, even if they're still in the nominations, SpongeBob would still win because the awards show is obviously rigged. Let's just hope that The Loud House (the least awful out of all the nominees) wins this year.

"You know this monstrosity that ruins a good cartoon from the 2000s? Well, why not give it a chance? "

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8 Nickelodeon likes to reward themselves

Why not nominate Nicki Minaj

Also the awards are SCRIPTED.

It its supposed that Nick hosts the show and not to reward themselves.

They nominated the thunder and in the 2016 one like what IS THIS?!

They nominated the thundermans and in the 2016 one like what IS THIS?! Everyone hates this show!

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9 They overuse nominees

SpongeBob wins everything. BUT WHY?! - RiverClanRocks

I can almost always predict what their nominees end up being. - Garythesnail

At lsast they nominated Loud House.

I can't even wach it and sponge bod is goint 2 win cus he is " the best cartoon ". ther are so meny good cartoons, BUT spongbod is "the best " NO MORE KIDS CHOICE AWARDS! ( the hate netflex shows so muth, there cartoon are not on it ) ( also I want anami)

10 Stupid voters

Those "stupid" voters are kids, they call it the KID'S choice awards for a reason. It's where kids vote on who they want to win. If you hate the Kids choice awards then don't watch it. If I don't like a certain show, I won't watch it because you know why? Common sense says don't watch it. You can go watch something else or turn off the T.V. and go find something to do. That what I do.

It's probably not even the kids they vote for there favorites but Nickelodeon doesn't count them unless they were voting for SpongeBob.

Who's really voting the kids or the nick staff they should call it the nick staff choice awards

I hated it when people vote for SpongeBob. I really wanted to try but SpongeBob is so overrated since the 2000s. - DynastiSugarPop

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11 Just dance always wins favorite video game

How in the name of all that is holy did Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Super Mario Party, and Spider Man PS4 lose to Just Dance 2019?! That franchise is practically a corpse! - Jowa

Actually, I would rather have even Bubsy: the Woolies Strike Back to win if it means stopping those stupid ass dance games from winning

I have a joke: why is just dance good for the environment? BECAUSE THEY KEEP RECYCLING THE GAMES!

Who Even Plays Just Dance anymore and why do they keep games - s646451

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12 Adam Sandler Guest Stars at the 2010 Kids Choice Awards

Adam Sandler is the funniest actor ever so stop. Geesh

Kids don't even know who Adam Sandler is.

Him? The purveyor of terrible movies this century? Bite me!

God, these people are idiots... - DapperPickle

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13 They rigged it in favor of Spongebob!

The whole point of the kca is that kids vote for whoever they want to win. and if they voted spongebob, spongebobs going to win. it’s what the children like. and that’s the reason of the entire thing.

That show always wins and they exposed the truth at the 2015 KCA's when Tom Kenny and Bill, I can recall his last name and I don't care, claimed the award at the show and no other nominee showed up!

14 No fair chances
15 They cannot be taken seriously

They can't be taken seriously they act stupid why and people want to vote but every time I want to vote it sase voting OVER

16 Justin Bieber wins the awards

And the worst part is that he performed at the awards. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Please kill me.

If I see him on one list 1 more time, I will quit - Officialpen


17 They never nominate Rick and Morty or Family Guy

I think those shows are a little mature for those younger kids. - creed99

That's because those two shows are aimed at grown ups. - Croy987 do know the Kids Choice Awards are voted by um...KIDS, right? And Family Guy is terrible anyway - TwilightKitsune

Family Guy shouldn't be nominated but Rick and Morty should - Ihateschool

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18 It is boring

I watch it one year and I ended up switching the channel cause they kept changing it to commercials like every 5 min.

19 They nominated Nicki Minaj

She wins every single time

Doesn't get any worse than this.

I hate Nicki Minaj - Ihateschool

Nicki Minsk sucks.

20 No Gravity Falls!?

Gravity Falls was nominated this year (2016), but LOST to SpongeBob. Who's votIng anyway, the kids or Nick staff?

The one year they had Gravity Falls it loses to Spongebob, which is ridiculous.


Boy, a platinum-grade cartoon made in the 2010's lost to a once-great show that has gone on longer than the lifespan of a humanity itself?

You know your competitors are beating your ass right now, eh Nick?

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21 Jacob Sartorius vs. Jojo Siwa!

She took this over. I hate her

There both the worst - AliciaMae

Both are awful but id have to say Jacob Sartorius is worse - Ihateschool

Jojo Siwa is is the worst person because she its too braggy and full of herself

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22 Bang Bang won for favorite song and the song is about sex

Isn't the kids choice awards for kids?

23 The Jokes are bad
24 Girl Meets World Lost

Girl Meets World lost. GMW is the best children's show (in my opinion) on the network today, it teaches kids so much, and is very popular! But for the last two shows, they've lost! The winner for the 2016 show was the thundermans, which is a horrible show about this family, who tries to "save the world from evil", and then henry danger won this year. It is beyond rigged, and GMW deserved to win. As everyone knows, it is rigged, so yeah, screw you KCA's

Whats more Henry Danger beat it Henry Danger is a show that is suuupperr stupid - Ihateschool

25 Fifth Harmony won over Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy is my favourite band! How the hell did Fifth Harmony win?!

No 5th harmony is stupid and every song is about sex. Fall out boy Is awesome. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

Proof that only little girls and preteen girls vote

26 They didn't nominate My Little Pony


MLP is on a lesser-known network, so they didn't nominate it.

27 Teen Titans Go! was a nominee in 2017

Sometimes, I ponder to myself what kids' tastes are like these days... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Please! I hope it's replaced with MLP!

Te Amazing World of Gumball? Good choice, But Teen Titans Go!? OH NO THAT IS THE WORST SHOW TO BE NOMINATED

28 They encourage kids to use social media

Social media is bad for kids. I only like this website and youtube

29 Minecraft wins every best game award

Wrong, Just Dance always wins - AliciaMae

Sorry To Correct You But The Game That Mostly Wins Is Not Minecraft It's Just Dance And I Can See Why - Stevenpenguin

That's good minecraft rocks - Officialpen

Why can't another awesome game win at this year's KCA like Super Mario Maker?!

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30 It's a popularity poll

People only vote for who is the most popular / trending not by how good they are. Twenty One pilots is in for so many this year and I'm scared that they will lose to some cringey / crappy artist that doesn't even deserve it!

I hate JoJo so much

31 Imagine Dragons lost to Fifth Harmony

What a scandal

This is a Discrase - s646451

Just... no! This is rigged! >:(

32 Slime

The slime is stupid and retarted and I don't know anyone who would want to be covered in this crap. Anyone exept for retard JOJO SIWA!

33 Blake Shelton was the host for the 2016 Kid's Choice Awards

Wasn't there john Cena? WAIT I'm THINKING OF 2017

God, I hate country singers. - creed99

He sucked

34 Doesn't make any sense

They literally put on shows with sex and swearing, artists who sing about sex, and movies that are too dirty for kids.

Seriously Slime, what the hell where the producers thinking. And it looks more like a little kids contest program than a awards show

35 No rockers allowed
36 John Cena hosted it twice

He better not host it a third time, two times is enough. Besides the KCA's would be better off without him.

And all the kids go : YAAAY MAMA! JOHN CENA MY HERO IS ON T.V.

37 They nominate inappropriate films, TV shows and music-related nominees!

Examples: Ghostbusters (2016), Big Bang Theory, Fifth Harmony's Work from Home, Just Dance series, Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj, etc. They should REALLY be ashamed of themselves for doing this! This is for KIDS!

38 Mario and Ligui at Kids Choice Adwards 2016 with Game Shakers sucked

Why let Game Shakers ruin the master video game.
I was with my babysister Leo and we watched The Kids Choice Adwards 2016 and when we saw Mario I told Leo it was going to bad then he said I right. TOTTALY RIGHT, Game Shakers ruined it by the goombas not get jumped, slow jumping, and boring things. WORST EVENT AT KIDS CHOICE ADWARDS EVENT EVER!

39 My Little Pony did not get nominated

Is this a joke?!

40 Mario games never win
41 They didn't nominate preschool TV shows

Yes But They Dora Won The Best Toy Awards In 2006

Like Dora?

42 Frozen always wins

Frozen won once.

43 Metallica's New Album Wasn't Nominated

Kids don't know Metallica that's sad. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

Idiots don't know real music

44 They barely nominate any good cartoons

The only good cartoons that get nominated are Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Avatar, The Loud House, and Steven Universe. Other than that they never nominate any other good show like We Bare Bears, Star vs The Forces of Evil, Regular Show, or just any other show in general. Oh yeah I to mention TMNT and The Amazing World of Gumball also gets nominated.

45 They nominated The Emoji Movie

What kind of drug did it take for them to do that?!

46 They never nominated Power Rangers
47 It’s a scandal
48 Pixar movies always win Favorite Animated Movie

Just to show you what I mean, Spider Man: Into The Spider-Verse, lost to Incredibles 2. Yes, I Know That was a great movie, but come on! Spider verse was WAY better!

Also, barely any other movies win Favourite Animated Movie, Just Look At the results over the past few years! Yes, we know, Pixar is a great company, but I sometimes wonder if the people voting have even watched the movies! Also, voting is rigged. Just thought I would mention that.

49 Iggy Azalea performed at the 2015 Kid's Choice Awards
50 The 2016 Ghostbusters won best movie

Why did it win? How many people voted for it and why?

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