Top 10 Worst Things About the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards


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21 They nominated Nicki Minaj

Doesn't get any worse than this.

I hate Nicki Minaj - Ihateschool

Nicki Minsk sucks.

22 Bang Bang won for favorite song and the song is about sex

Isn't the kids choice awards for kids?

23 Minecraft wins every best game award

Sorry To Correct You But The Game That Mostly Wins Is Not Minecraft It's Just Dance And I Can See Why - Stevenpenguin

That's good minecraft rocks - Officialpen

Minecraft a awesome

Why can't another awesome game win at this year's KCA like Super Mario Maker?!

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24 Girl Meets World Lost

While I don't like GMW anymore, it was certainly better than the other nominees. Meanwhile Nick treats Henry Danger like a deity and that's why it won. Though really all I cared about is that The Blundermans lost. - Cartoonfan202

Girl Meets World lost. GMW is the best children's show (in my opinion) on the network today, it teaches kids so much, and is very popular! But for the last two shows, they've lost! The winner for the 2016 show was the thundermans, which is a horrible show about this family, who tries to "save the world from evil", and then henry danger won this year. It is beyond rigged, and GMW deserved to win. As everyone knows, it is rigged, so yeah, screw you KCA's

Whats more Henry Danger beat it Henry Danger is a show that is suuupperr stupid - Ihateschool

25 They encourage kids to use social media

Social media is bad for kids. I only like this website and youtube

26 The Jokes are bad
27 Slime

The slime is stupid and retarted and I don't know anyone who would want to be covered in this crap. Anyone exept for retard JOJO SIWA!

28 Fifth Harmony won over Fall Out Boy

Proof that only little girls and preteen girls vote

No 5th harmony is stupid and every song is about sex. Fall out boy Is awesome. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

29 Blake Shelton was the host for the 2016 Kid's Choice Awards

Wasn't there john Cena? WAIT I'm THINKING OF 2017

God, I hate country singers. - creed99

He sucked

30 It's a popularity poll

People only vote for who is the most popular / trending not by how good they are. Twenty One pilots is in for so many this year and I'm scared that they will lose to some cringey / crappy artist that doesn't even deserve it!

I hate JoJo so much

31 They didn't nominate My Little Pony

MLP is on a lesser-known network, so they didn't nominate it. - Cartoonfan202

32 My Little Pony did not get nominated

Is this a joke?!

33 No rockers allowed
34 Teen Titans Go! was a nominee in 2017

Sometimes, I ponder to myself what kids' tastes are like these days... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Please! I hope it's replaced with MLP!

Te Amazing World of Gumball? Good choice, But Teen Titans Go!? OH NO THAT IS THE WORST SHOW TO BE NOMINATED

35 Doesn't make any sense

Seriously Slime, what the hell where the producers thinking. And it looks more like a little kids contest program than a awards show

36 Mario and Ligui at Kids Choice Adwards 2016 with Game Shakers sucked

Why let Game Shakers ruin the master video game.
I was with my babysister Leo and we watched The Kids Choice Adwards 2016 and when we saw Mario I told Leo it was going to bad then he said I right. TOTTALY RIGHT, Game Shakers ruined it by the goombas not get jumped, slow jumping, and boring things. WORST EVENT AT KIDS CHOICE ADWARDS EVENT EVER!

37 Frozen always wins

Frozen won once.

38 Metallica's New Album Wasn't Nominated

Kids don't know Metallica that's sad. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

Idiots don't know real music

39 Iggy Azalea performed at the 2015 Kid's Choice Awards
40 They barely nominate any good cartoons

The only good cartoons that get nominated are Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Avatar, The Loud House, and Steven Universe. Other than that they never nominate any other good show like We Bare Bears, Star vs The Forces of Evil, Regular Show, or just any other show in general. Oh yeah I to mention TMNT and The Amazing World of Gumball also gets nominated.

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