Top 10 Worst Things About Nickelodeon

Just things we hate about this channel since its changed a lot.

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1 Bad Writers
2 Bad Shows

That's why Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network suck nowadays.

I partially agree.The only shows I consider bad are the telenovelas

3 Shows Dragging On Too Long

Don't hate me for this, but I'm kinda happy that they cancelled shows like Jimmy Neutron, My Life as a Teenage Robot, and Danny Phantom. Why? Because they all ended at just the right time. SpongeBob and the Fairly Oddparents were awesome for the first 3 or 4 seasons, just like those shows, but because they were dragged on too long, they suck. Danny Phantom is my favorite Nicktoon, and I was sad when it was cancelled. But now, seeing what Nickelodeon has become, if that show was dragged on like SpongeBob, it would probably suck too. Shows can only go on for so long before the writers run out of ideas and they start using tons of filler, recycle plots, and add new and unnecessary characters. They really should cancel the Fairly Oddparents and SpongeBob. - BeanBag343

They should cancel The Fairly OddParents, but the president of Nickelodeon confirmed that they can't cancel SpongeBob because if they do, they will go bankruptcy - GumballWatterson

4 Weird Designs
5 Cruddy TV Shows

Most of the shows are cruddy

Yes. Don't even get me started on Breadwinners or Sanjay & Craig! - anonygirl

Pretty much everything nowadays is cruddy.

One day two shows (Breadwinners and Sanjay & Craig) teamed up to lose viewers of Nick and dictate but the hero Loud House killed them and Nick went happily live with the new Arnold Jungle Movie.

Note: I wonder if CN and Disney went back to normal?

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6 Bad Characters
7 Lack of Original Nicktoons
8 Nick's World Wide Day of Play

Agreed.Who cares about playing outside.Nick wastes 3 hours of fun yet dumb television to playing outside

9 Firing the Original President

Now We Have an Iranian as President. - kcianciulli

10 Nick running out of ideas

The Loud House is now Nickelodeon's last good ideas until SpongeBob ends sometime in the future.

Every Witch Way is Nick's last good ideas. - nelsonerico6

The Newcomers

? They only care for SpongeBob

Very true, Nickelodeon said to me that they don't have plans of making a Lincoln Loud costumed character in the hotel in Dominican Republic right now and you can count The Loud House merchandise with your fingers
- 2 books
- A shirt
SpongeBob has tons of merchandise that it would me take 511999 (get the reference? ) years to point them all - GumballWatterson

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11 SpongeBob

It sucked since 2004, but it's getting better, thanks to Stephen Hillenburg coming back, the show is getting fresh again.

12 Too Many Baby Shows
13 Gross Jokes
14 The Shows are Just Not Funny
15 Cancelling Every Good Show
16 Sanjay and Craig Sanjay and Craig Sanjay and Craig is an American animated television series produced by Nickelodeon. The show is about a 12-year-old boy named Sanjay Patel who owns a talking pet snake named Craig.

Too much potty humor with the butt jokes.

17 Nick Studio 10 Nick Studio 10

One day while watching Power Rangers, it was interrupted by a bunch of bug robots crawling around. Did you really have to interrupt your OWN programing for this?! - Frouze

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18 Nick caring about money instead of children

That's what happened to Nickelodeon until Every Witch Way, but when that show is gone, Nickelodeon will disappear.

19 Nick hiring unfunny, untalented writers

It's true that many shows have bad writers that have been hired for them, Since the end of the 90's, The cancellation of the first shows began, then SpongeBob came, but after season 4, during their first movie, Steven Hillenburg, the original writer, retired and Nick hired bad writers with very little ideas, then Nickelodeon really started to go down, then they hired writers for House of Anubis, which was a great show, but the soap opera genre made the show a hit and miss, after that show, nothing else good until Every Witch Way, the fortunately telenovela genre along with the teen sitcom genre (like many modern shows) was a success for all ages and had a great plot, the writing was nice and it's the first children and adult show on Nick to be adapted from a show from another location called Grachi, a Latin American telenovela, Every Witch Way is considered to be Nick's last good show and after it, Nick will resume it's downhill path and be dead forever, Nick, thanks for finally ...more

20 Actors can't act

I love every witch way

Only the actors of Every Witch Way can act since the cancellation of House of Anubis, it is a spinoff of Latam fantasy show Grachi. - nelsonerico6

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2. Cruddy TV Shows
3. Nick hiring unfunny, untalented writers

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