Top 10 Worst Things About Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

This was the favorite anime of my friend,but he finally figured out it is a bad show.The toys are not bad,the show is.

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1 It's very boring It's very boring

Yes, boring! I better watch Randy Cunningham than this! - ChatNoirFan18

2 Annoying Characters Annoying Characters

Especially Lloyd, the retarded ass Gary-Stu of the show

Again, lol! I love Ninjago and all it's characters, but I understand why some people don't like it. These comments are funny! - eventer51314

They have awful voices and most of them are very serious.Everybody loves Lloyd,but I think he's the worst part.He is very powerful,but he is also selfish,has the most annoying voice and face and thinks he is the best.Very annoying! - TopTener

3 The show is serious The show is serious

Starting with season 3 it began taking itself WAY to seriously. Season 1 and most of season 2 were still upbeat and focused on action. Now it's all overly dramatic, like it is trying to be an anime. I mean, come on! This is Lego! - eventer51314

Not all characters are serious,but most of them are. - TopTener

4 It is very ordinary and retarded

"We have to do something to stop someone from doing something"-the most boring and oftenly used plot. - TopTener

5 I hate their haircuts I hate their haircuts

I think that Kai's,Cole's,Lloyd's and Garmadon's haircuts are totally awful! Are they in a rock band? No! - TopTener

6 They think they are funny... They think they are funny... V 1 Comment
7 It is very overrated

The most iconic LEGO theme doesn't mean the best! - TopTener

8 The characters are ugly
9 Cliched, melodramatic romance

Screw Pixane and that stupid love triangle! I originally liked the show because its main focus was action & comedy, with just the right amount of innocent, lighthearted romance (JayxNya) on the side. Now every kriffin' ninja has to have a one-dimensional, satellite love interest (it's subtly sexist, honestly), and the writing just feels like a bad fanfic. Unnecessary catering to the fangirls. That's what it is. - eventer51314

10 Wu never stops talking annoying and useless things with his annoying voice

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11 Nya

She's whiny and irritating as hell

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