Top 10 Worst Things About Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

This was the favorite anime of my friend,but he finally figured out it is a bad show.The toys are not bad,the show is.

The Top Ten

1 It's very boring It's very boring
2 Annoying Characters Annoying Characters

Especially Lloyd, the retarded ass Gary-Stu of the show

Again, lol! I love Ninjago and all it's characters, but I understand why some people don't like it. These comments are funny!

They have awful voices and most of them are very serious.Everybody loves Lloyd,but I think he's the worst part.He is very powerful,but he is also selfish,has the most annoying voice and face and thinks he is the best.Very annoying! - TopTener

3 The show is serious The show is serious

Starting with season 3 it began taking itself WAY to seriously. Season 1 and most of season 2 were still upbeat and focused on action. Now it's all overly dramatic, like it is trying to be an anime. I mean, come on! This is Lego!

Not all characters are serious,but most of them are. - TopTener

4 It is very ordinary and retarded

"We have to do something to stop someone from doing something"-the most boring and oftenly used plot. - TopTener

5 I hate their haircuts I hate their haircuts

I think that Kai's,Cole's,Lloyd's and Garmadon's haircuts are totally awful! Are they in a rock band? No! - TopTener

6 It's Getting a Movie

A very stupid unfunny bad looking movie - VideoGamefan5

Um, that’s not a reason to hate the show

7 They think they are funny... They think they are funny...

That picture though

...But they are not! - TopTener

8 Cliched, melodramatic romance

The kissing and romance is inappropriate for kids - VideoGamefan5

Screw Pixane and that stupid love triangle! I originally liked the show because its main focus was action & comedy, with just the right amount of innocent, lighthearted romance (JayxNya) on the side. Now every kriffin' ninja has to have a one-dimensional, satellite love interest (it's subtly sexist, honestly), and the writing just feels like a bad fanfic. Unnecessary catering to the fangirls. That's what it is.

9 It is very overrated

The most iconic LEGO theme doesn't mean the best! - TopTener

10 The characters are ugly

The Contenders

11 Nya

She's whiny and irritating as hell

12 Wu never stops talking annoying and useless things with his annoying voice
13 Lego is milking the franchise

Honestly the show was supposed to end in 2013 yet Lego decided to milk the franchise for 4 more years by adding stupid ideas just for the $$$$

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