Worst Things About Nintendo Fanboys

I've had it with these guys. I was reading this site searching best video game series, and Sonic is number 9 while Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and even Grand Theft Auto are higher. And on the Sonic section Nintendo fanboys are just trolling on Sonic and calling him a Mario rip-off. That's it. I had to make a list about them(sorry if it's rude I'm pretty angry when I'm writing this)

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1 They Hate on Games Because They Aren't Nintendo

No, not every Non-Nintendo game is crap. Sonic, LittleBigPlanet, Pac-man and Street Fighter are good games. And they also have terrible reasoning! - Drawbox

I'm a nintendo guy and I love the playstation too. SCREW THIS LIST!

This list wasn't about you in general, it was about the "fanboys". You seem like a fan.
Fan- admirer of something.
Fanboy- fan that goes overboard and trolls on people who don't like it.
But this list is rushed I'll admit. - Drawbox

2 They Bash on Sonic

Sonic did not go downhill, he might have had a few bad games, but that doesn't mean he's terrible. So why does Sonic get bashed on for having a FEW bad games, yet no one gives a crap about Mario? Hotel Mario, Ultra Smash, Color Splash, and Mario's Time Machine were god-awful. - Drawbox

I’m a HUGE Fan of Mario, but I don’t bash on people who love Sonic. I only explain my side of thinking and reasoning of why I think Mario is better than Sonic. But if you like Sonic, then whatever. You’re entitled to your opinions guys

3 They are Biased

When any Sonic or Shooting game comes out, this fanbase just goes crazy. They say it sucks even though they've never even played it. And then Splatoon comes out! And guess what! They like it! WOW. And I'm going to be honest, if Splatoon came out on ANY other platform, and it was the exact same as it is now, I'm willing to bet you $20 that they'd be ranting on it. But NO. It's Nintendo. - Drawbox

4 They Treat Melee Like a God

The Melee fans are insane.
1. They say that Brawl and Smash 4 are bad games because they aren't as competitive(even though Smash was intended as a party game).
2. They say Brawl and Smash 4's openings are uninspired even though Melee's was just an E3 trailer
3. They say Smash 4 has a bad roster(even though Melee has six clones.)
4. Won't admit that Melee isn't the only good Smash title. - Drawbox

5 They Hate on Several Mario Characters

In case you haven't noticed the Mario fanbase sucks because they are always fighting over the characters and they keep hating on Rosalina and Peach and praising Daisy, Luigi and Yoshi. - Drawbox

Everyone has favorite characters, but you should at least be a little more kind about it when sharing your thoughts and reasoning. To be honest, I love all the Mario characters so yea

6 They Think that Nintendo is the Reason that All Video Games Exist

With this awful logic, they are saying that any game that inspires another, means it automatically is the reason for its existence. What most fans don't know is that Shigeru Miyamoto(Mario and Zelda creator) was inspired by Pac man to create his games. Heck, he even said that Pac-man is his favorite game character. - Drawbox

It is true that Nintendo Mario games did inspire some Sonic games for Sega, like how Sonic got his “kart” games. But even though I’m a Mario Fan, I do agree with this because Nintendo isn’t the reason why all video games exist. Even though to me it’s an awesome company and deserves lots of praise, it’s definitely not the reason why video games exist

7 A Lot of Them Like Game Theory

And Game Theory sucks. - Drawbox

Game Theory,more like egotistical annoying fake theory.-LitSavage

I don't know who Game Theory is, but everyone says he sucks so I won’t bother

8 They Treat Their Opinions are Facts

This is a problem with all Fanboys actually, Sonic's, Call of Duty's, FNAF, and all of the other fanboys can't accept opinions. - Drawbox

Opinions can only become facts if you have REAL evidence and reasoning from games, websites, shows, interviews, etc. If you’re just saying things or just telling something with lame or non-real evidence, then it’s not a fact

9 The Fanart They Draw

Don't get me started on this ugly abomination called fanart. I mean, there are good fan drawing like those Smash bros comics, but not ones where people make(insert Nintendo character here) in an inappropriate situation. - Drawbox

This is more opinion-based, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t think some fanboys are annoying. Both sides can be annoying (speaking of Sonic and Mario fans), so yea

10 They Overreact About Ocarina of Time

Yes Ocinara of Time was good, but it's not the only good game! While I do think that Zelda is the best series ever, some fans can overreact. - Drawbox

The Contenders

11 They praise the Gamecube era and hate modern Mario games

I love the modern Mario games, except for Mario Odyssey (only because of it’s story, not the gameplay)

You might be thinking that I'm talking about the Sonic fanbase, but this fanbase is exactly like them.
I just go on the Nintendo channel and I see a couple of guys hating on Odyssey and asking Nintendo to bring back Sunshine.


12 They Bashed the Wii U

So what if it isn't that good, which I disagree with? There are plenty of good games! - IcetailofWishClan

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