Top 10 Worst Things About the Nintendo Switch


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1 It is Expensive

Yea... it's a game system that's about how much one of those costs - GleamingShadow

200 is a more reasonable price - Smash64

Overpriced. - B1ueNew

The PS4 and Xbox One were more expensive than the Switch at launch. - thunderstar1124

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2 Very Few Games

Also a new system
wait a while we will get more - GleamingShadow

Not anymore. - thunderstar1124

True, But When Time Comes By, You Will Regret Saying This - VideoGamefan5

3 The Joycon Can Easily Be Broken

The Xbox One Can Too - VideoGamefan5

4 A Wii U Copy

LOL - GleamingShadow

The guy who made this list is completely ignorant.

Not at all. It's a console, and a handheld.

5 Bad Graphics

The graphics are great maybe your just poor - GleamingShadow

Whoever made this is CLEARLY a biased Nintendo hater who probably doesn’t even HAVE a Switch.

6 Graphics are Awful

Again, u just poor

it doesn't have to be the most realistic game you have ever played to be fun - GleamingShadow

Just because the Switch isn’t as powerful as the competition doesn’t mean it’s incapable of producing amazing looking games like Mario Odyssey. - thunderstar1124

7 Bad Game Catalog

We can all agree that the Switch had a great library last year, But we have gotten literally nothing this year - B1ueNew

It wasn’t big at launch, but now the library is amazing. The eShop is an absolute gold mine of amazing indie games. - thunderstar1124

8 The Battery Life

The Battery Life sucks. It's fine in the Dock because it's constantly Charging it but for a Handheld Device that's made for use on-the-go, you'd think they'd make sure it has a long-lasting battery. Mine wouldn't even last half a full day from full charge.

I believe that too

My DS can last longer than my 3ds, Wii U, and Switch combined

9 Dead Pixels

That’s probably just your crappy T.V.. - thunderstar1124

10 Pay to Play Online

That's not nintendo only, and it's only 20 bucks a year - GleamingShadow

I wanted to play Super mario party BUT then Pay.. I went evey sad when that happend I don't want nintendo to turn into Microsoft and sony

Get used to it. Xbox and PS4 do it to

Not yet, but when you do have to, it’s only like $30 a year which is *cough* cheap *cough*. - thunderstar1124

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? You cannot talk online

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11 Overhyped

Screw you for ruining my fun on waiting for the next smash game :'(

12 The Price


13 Bad Customer Support

No, their customer support is actually really great. If something such as a controller isn’t working as expected, they will repair it for free. If they can’t figure out what’s wrong with it, they’ll just send a brand new one for free! I know you are running out of ideas to hate on Nintendo, just admit it already. - thunderstar1124

14 Only Marios and Sonics

Is sonic nintendo? no. it is sega

who is the main character in legend of zelda? - GleamingShadow

What idiot added this to the list? There are only 6 games with Mario and 3 games with Sonic compared to the hundreds of games in the Switch’s library. - thunderstar1124

15 Games take a long time to release

It’s better to delay the game to improve it than it is to rush it out. - thunderstar1124

16 Controls are Bad

They are good - GleamingShadow

No, they are not. Blame the controls on one of the games (if one with bad controls exists), not the controller itself. Odyssey’s controls are quite perfect, actually. - thunderstar1124

17 So Many Glitches

Yes there is so many glitch's in so many games but still a very fun console to play on.

18 Trailer that has games that the switch does not have or planned to be released

They just didn’t have dates for release yet, so quit whining. - thunderstar1124

19 Storage is Awful

Just get physical copies of games. If you don’t want to, buy a MicroSD Card. You can easily get a 64GB one for under $20! - thunderstar1124

20 The games use cartridges
21 No Home Screen Music

That's the magic of the Switch! Yes, I like the "home menu music" style(like on the 3ds or something) too, but still! The Switch has such a nice, mature touch to it! If you want menu music, just stick with a Wii U or a 3ds/2ds(or a Wii/Ds/Gamecube, but those are older consoles).
- Anonymous

22 The Dock
23 Only 3 launch games, only one of them was good.

Despite that, BOTW is sure to keep you busy for a long time. - thunderstar1124

24 They sell Wii U ports at full price

I got most of the original copies of those ports for less than 20$ brand new or pre owned - B1ueNew

25 Nintendo Switch Online

Only good point on this list - thunderstar1124

26 Overpriced

This is literally the 3rd time it’s on the list - thunderstar1124

Nintendo Switch with 2 joycons bundle - 300$
1 game - 60$
Pro controller - 70$/Or a extra pair of joycons - 80$
1 year of online play - 20$
PS4 Slim
PS4 slim 500GB bundle with a game included - 300$
Extra controller - 60$
Another game - 10$-60$ (Depends if it is an older used game or a brand new one that came out or any other)
1 year of PS Plus to play online + Free games every month. - 60$ - B1ueNew

27 No Metroid

Metroid Prime 4 is currently in development right now for the Switch, SO HAHAAHA. - thunderstar1124

28 Game won't show up when card is inserted


29 Fragile
30 Bad Design
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