Top 10 Worst Things About the Nostalgia Critic

While I do enjoy most of NC's reviews, I have to admit that most of them are unbelievably flawed.

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1 He Makes Lots of Mistakes

He's terrible


His entire series was a mistake.
This is highlighted in any of his clipless reviews. They're so stupid and it's a piss poor way to review something. We aren't able to see if the criticisms are valid unless we've seen the movie, and they're always still in theatres, so we'd have to pay money to see them. He's also just a complete hypocrite. He constantly says that toilet humor is awful when he uses toilet humor.

Uh, dude, he made a list showing the mistakes he made. Everyone makes lots of mistakes! Besides, he looks like a pretty nice and normal guy, even though his reviews may seem a little out of hand and loud they're is always that center part of his reasoning and explaining that is just heartwarming or just fun too watch. Also in his Doug Walker reviews it's his true self, not the guy who jokes around, swears a lot, screams, and makes mistakes that most of us love. It's his true colors that show. He is my favorite critic, and always will be. (Also, CHECK OUT HIS COMMERCIAL REVIEWS! I ALWAYS DIE LAUGHING FROM THEM! And you will see Canada's opinion on rape. )

2 Reuses Old Jokes

Pointless unfunny side characters

Pointless unfunny main characters as well, like the nostalgia critic - CostcoHotDogs

3 Thinks Spider Man should be Dark and Broody like Batman

And plus, how the hell could he possibly think the amazing spider-man movies are better than the original moves?

He thinks every superhero should be dark and brooding, which would be stupid

And the worst part, he likes more the Mark Webb's spiderman

I agree, how the hell can you think the Amzing Spider-Man is better than the original. Andrew Garfield sucks as Spider-Man. And Nostalgia Critic sucks as a critic.

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4 Doesn't Know Anything about Animals
5 Has an Annoying Voice

Yep he sure does have a weird voice!

Stupid screechy voice

6 Is Loud

He makes fun of Chris Tucker for screaming high pitched yet he does the exact same thing.

When has screaming high pitched ever been funny?

He's like a demon possessed manchild for god's sake!

7 He Swears A Lot

Who Cares
He Has The Right To Swear

8 Some Jokes Go on Longer Than Necessary

Some of the skits in his more recent reviews tend to get on my nerves in straying away from the actual review. Some aren't even that funny.

9 His Fans

Many of his fans seem to have the mentality that "if the Nostalgia Critic says its bad, it must be bad".

I'm not even exaggerating, here is a quote from a comment on one of his reviews "I still can't believe there are people who are actually coming out of the woodwork to DEFEND this movie. That's what's surprising to me."

To add even more shock this comment was extremely popular. Its very unsettling and cult-like.

His fans need to get a life.

10 His Autism Joke in Ernest Saves Christmas

As a sufferer of Autism, I was deeply offended by this.

I must say I agree with you, for I have autism as well

Haha there is something funny, in Mexico they have facebook page of bad humor who call themselves "autist" You will love to know the Mexican people

I don't think it was that bad

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11 His Let's Play of Bart's Nightmare

I played the game and I am a Simpsons fan and I hated the game - Frouze

12 He's Very Simple-Minded

He's extraordinarily, legendarily stupid.

Take for example, his "Disneycember" (what?) of Howl's Moving Castle.

(A lot of this post will be picking apart this video, so if you haven't seen the video or the film, this probably won't make any sense.) He says that it's completely unfocused and it's hard to remember what's happening. Have you considered that it's actually very comprehensible? He also says that Howl has no motivation. Oh. My. God. Calcifer said that he wanted to break the contract with Howl. Howl says that Sophie is his motivation. You're points are not valid like you say they are. You're a terrible critic. He says that the stairs scene is awful and pointless. It may be unpleasant, but it sure isn't pointless. It's supposed to symbolize The Witch Of The Waste slowly aging. He also says it's dull. In what way is it dull? It has a lot of plot. And don't tell me it's complicated. You just have to pay attention to the film. Which he clearly didn't do. ...more

People, stop watching his content already. He's a frigging idiot. He always shoves his opinion down your throats and is extremely pretentious, self entitled, stupid, unfunny, annoying, never brings up good points, and the thing I hate most isn't Nostalgia Critic. It's Doug. I really hate how he says Inside Out and Toy Story 3 are great, (when in reality they are monstrosities of film) yet he craps on far better films like Howl's Moving Castle, and Meet The Robinsons. His recent trailer for suicide squad and his reaction to his own trailer was where I drew the line. Why would he hype up his review of the films so much as to make a trailer for it? But more importantly, WHY IS HE REACTING TO IT?!?!?! I thought this was a movie review channel, not a cancerous reaction channel! I can see scraping the bottom of the barrel if he is going through money problems or is running out of content, but this is just pathetic.

His emotions and biases overpower his intellect. There is also a lack of vocabulary, mainly him just swearing.

Toy Story 3 and Inside Out are awesome films, but they do get a little too much credit.

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13 He is Very Picky
14 His Overuse of Dark Humor

Most of it goes on in the series to the point where it's not really funny. Just hard to watch.

Nostalgia Critic hates toilet humor, yet he is putting toilet humor in his own channel.

It wouldn't be so bad if he weren't to put down toilet humor so much and pretend that "shocking" dark humor is somehow more classy than toilet humor.

How dare you praise toilet humor. >:(

15 He Hates Almost Every Good Movie

Yes he does and it's annoying.

Most likely the movies people are referring to are movies like Rio and Jurassic World movies that are considered good, yet he thinks they are bad when of course they are not.

Which movies are you all referring to? - The Ultimate Daredevil

16 He Hates Good Cartoons and Loves Crappy Cartoons

I find it annoying and kinda hypocritical that he balls out some cartoons like the flintstones for having bad animation but then gives other ones like scooby doo a free pass

I find it odd that he said the animation in the Spider-Man cartoon was terrible, yet in his review for the X-Men cartoon, a show that has the EXACT SAME ANIMATION QUALITY, he completely ignores that fact and calls the show amazing

It's weird how he said Spider-Man TAS had bad animation even though avatar, a show he loves, had animation that was barely better than it

Whoever put this on the list could tell us which cartoons you are all referring to specifically.

Also, the animation in Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra is breathtaking!

Other than that, the creator of this list actually liked the Nostalgia critic according to both the description and a reply.

The Flintstones is underrated, thanks to Nostalgia Critic, who is a great YouTuber, but not as great as his inspirations from Bobsheaux to MrBKainX.

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17 He is Now Bringing His Political Beliefs Into His Reviews

I understand that The Nostalgia Critic is free to have whatever political beliefs he wants and all that, however I don't think he should be bringing them into his reviews because politics are not something you should really be bringing into everything or something you should bring up in polite company and unfortunately Nostalgia Critic just brings into his reviews like it's no big deal. That's where I draw the line at.

If only Nostalgia Critic were a lot more tolerant towards Blue Sky Studios despite how oversized Ice Age is. I would talk about politics, but I don't really have anything to say about them. - The Ultimate Daredevil

This is perhaps the biggest example of him trying to be relevant

Seriously Doug! Enough With The Trump Jokes!

18 His Misunderstanding of the Planet's Psychology

He did acknowledge this mistake in one of his top 11 nostalgic mess ups

I'm not trying to defend Battlefield Earth or anything, but this mistake resulted in one of his biggest outbursts ever. Which in reality, it wasn't called for.
Now that's embarrassing.

It's Psychlo you idiots. I wrote this list and had it originally as Psychlo. You can't change it to Psychology.

19 His Obsession with Batman

Every single time he mentions a superhero movie or cartoon he always has to compare it to Batman, and I'm sick of him saying Batman TAS was the cartoon that changed everything, cause it's not, if anything, Spawn TAS handled that tone way better than Batman TAS, you know why? Because Spawn was full on dark and gritty, Batman was pretty serious too but not nearly as much, and in terms of the movies, once again Batman wasn't the only one who was making movies with a darker tone, Blade came out the same year as the first batman movie and they had pretty simillar tones, and we had 3 X-men that came out 5 years before the dark knight trilogy came along. I'm just so sick of him and all these other people that always praise the batman movies or cartoon on being the first ones that have a serious tone, cause they weren't

Now I'm fine with people being obsessed over things, but when someone like the Nostalgia Critic says "How can I get Catherine Zeta-Jones in a Batman outfit? ", then that's taking it a little bit too far.

What the hell is this, I don't EVEN

20 He's Gotten Worse Over Time

Please put "He Doesn't Really Like Big Hero 6", "He Hates Hercules", "He Hates the Cars Trilogy", "His Imposter Called The Real Nostalgia Critic" and "He Didn't Review Bratz: The Movie That Starts With Doug Walker Reasonably Bashing the Bratz Franchise" on this list.

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