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21 He Considers The Lion King to Be Overrated, Yet He is Oblivious to Frozen's Flaws.

I understand that we should respect other people's opinions and I understand the criticisms he made on The Lion King in his Disneycember review, but the only flaw he had with Frozen was about the Elsa and Anna's backstory being too rushed, yet he doesn't realize that the entire plot was rushed, that the characters don't have much personality, and that Hans was made to be a last-minute villain-in-disguise when there were other much better villains with this characteristic (e.G. , Professor Quirrell in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone). Again, I'm not against Doug Walker's opinions and I don't hate Frozen, I just think the movie's overrated and wish that Doug could explain more about Frozen's cons while still outlining the pros in his Disneycember review. Hopefully CinemaSins could help him realize the film's flaws.

Ah, the reason that was only added to this list because all the Frozen haters are mad that Doug doesn't hate the movie like they do

22 He Hates Robin Williams
23 He Made Fun Of Rio In His Foodfight Review

His otherwise good review of Foodfight was ruined by his hatred of the movie and the company that made it. If he hadn't made fun of Rio, I would have really liked the review. Same with his review of The Swan Princess. As result I refuse to watch those reviews because of the fact he cruelly made fun of the movie and the company that made it.

Ruined Such A Great Episode

For Christs sake people! Why is everyone treating his dislike of Rio as a sign of the apocalypse? Aren't we supposed to be free to have our own taste in movie? What is so terrible about him not liking Rio?

Rio review
Story: 5
Animation: 8
Characters: 6
Sound: 9
Final verdict: 7/10 (if I reviews Rio, it would be mostly the same as AniMat's review)

24 He Hates Rio

The fact he hates this movie really pisses off I thought I was the only one who felt angry that he hates that movie but I'm glad to see that I'm not, not only that he seems to hate Blue Sky Studios for no real good reason (expect for the movie Peanuts) his otherwise good reviews of Foodfight and The Swan Princess are ruined by the fact he rudely made fun of Blue Sky Studios in his Foodfight review by while not outright saying it, calling Rio and Ice Age horrible franchises by jokingly saying they asked to turn Foodfight into a horrible Franchise and showing a fake crossover called Ice Age meets Rio meets Foodfight which at first I didn't understand it was a take that towards them until he did his The Swan Princess review where near the end of the review Tamara (one of the new characters in the revival series) called Rio and Ice Age diet Dreamworks (a.k.a ripoffs of Dreamworks) even though common sense will tell you that there's nothing to suggest outright or otherwise, they are ...more

Now that I think about it forget about what I said about rarely watching his videos I've pretty much stopped watching him entirely. (I don't know if you can edit your comment or anything so please forgive me.)

Doug Offended Me So Badly Twice That I Quit Watching Him

So the Ice Age sequels are good films? >:(

25 He can’t respect other people’s opinions and shoves his down our throats

He treats the viewer like if you like the film he's reviewing your automatically an idiot

26 He Freaked Out over the T-Rex Losing in Jurassic Park III

Now I know that fight scene with the T-Rex and the Spinosaurus was kinda ridiculous seeing how the real Spinosaurus spent it's time in the water and not on land, but what's even more ridiculous is how the Nostalgia Critic reacted to the T-Rex losing. He like, took it really seriously and thought that the T-Rex was the only dinosaur that nobody could beat. He probably still doesn't know how the animal kingdom works after he made that joke involving the girl and her Dora doll. I'm just saying that if a Spinosaurus could live on land and defeat a T-Rex in real life, would the Nostalgia Critic freak out over the T-Rex losing? If he did than that would be unbelievably retarded.


27 He's Too Similar to the Angry Video Game Nerd

Name eleven similarities between the two

28 He Nitpicks Without Bringing Up Good Points
29 He Caused People to Think That the Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Is the Worst Remake Ever

Tell me why you prefer Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (2005 remake) over Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971 adaptation).

Come on, Doug! It was better than the original!

30 Only Listing Cons

He seems to list only the cons of certain movies instead of exploring the good parts of the movie with unnecessary comments. In Some critiques he does list a few pros but is mainly pessimistic about movies.
In Event Horizon, he complained about dreams however dreams can usually foreshadow future events or show how imagination works in the selected character's mind. He also didn't recognize that a wormhole bends space and time, not a blackhole. A black hole is a celestial entity that holds a singularity which is dimensionless. He should try doing more educated points rather than emotional rambling.

He loves to insults great movies. It can be kinda creepy when he does it.

31 He Hates The 1st Shrek

Oh, wait. Nostalgia Critic has amixed opinion on Shrek and a really negative opinion on Shrek the Third.

If anything, the 3rd Shrek deserved the hate he gave the 1st Shrek. Too much toilet humor, eh?

32 He Shoves His Hatred For Certain Properties Down Our Throats

It's not exactly a property but it is something he constantly shoves down our throats, and that is the fact that he apparently hates his own race, he spent the entirety of the Cool As Ice review mocking white people and in the Freddy Vs Jason review when he was annoyed with how the black girl talked and asked "who wrote this movie? " Then a picture of 2 white guys came up and he was like "you know, white people, can we just not...white people today, it's exhausting, sometimes I need a break from us" Seriously dude! Why are you hating on your own race so much? I can't believe even he is part of this now apparent 2010-2017 mentality of "white people suck"

Angry Joe and him did a piss poor review of BvS, failing to understand any of the depth and complexity of the film while talking about it.

Here are the popular franchises that he constantly feels the need to remind us he hates

Power Rangers
Jurassic World

All 3 of these, especially Pokemon, are properties he insults all the time, I feel like he does that only because the brand is so popular and beloved and he thinks he's cool for hating it


33 His Hatred Of Pokemon

He's insulted pokemon 4 times, I can understand that he doesn't like pokemon but come on just stop being so harsh on it especially since 2/3 of your fanbase are pokemon fans

I think he should not have done the review of the first movie. He knows nothing of the series, and he had no one to guest star. I seen the first movie and it's not that bad. I purposely didn't watch his review of the movie, because I know I'll be FURIOUS!

34 The Cat In The Hat Review

I know the film isn't a masterpiece or the best Dr Seuss adaption out there but it does have some genuinely funny moments and Nostalgia Critic unfortunately fails to see that. That's why I don't like this review


35 He Hates Hercules
36 He's a SJW
37 His Review of Eight Crazy Nights

Please put "He defended Hotel Transylvania" on this list even though he went into depth on why he loves Hotel Transylvania. - The Ultimate Daredevil, who actually finds Hotel Transylvania to be a complete mixed bag

You are a butthurt fan of Sony Pictures from the comment section of AlltimeMovies, eh?! >8(

This should be #1.
The video is garbage. The worst he’s ever made. He degrades fans of Happy Madison for liking Happy Madison films. (I like Happy Madison films, but that’s not why I’m angry.) He even goes as far as to murder Happy Madison fans as a joke and portray them in the most insulting way possible. Nobody should be degraded for what they like, which means he has no respect from me, even on the lowest level possible.
He also greatly overexaggerates how annoying whitey is, while he’s more annoying than anything Adam Sandler has made. - CostcoHotDogs

38 His "Mommy, What's Sex?" Joke In His Jaws 4: The Revenge Review

The problem many people have with this "joke" is the fact that Judith Barsi would end getting murdered before she could ask that very question making it come off as forced and out of taste. That's why plenty of people hate the "joke" in question. To make matters worse he has never apologized for it, making this even more infuriating and tasteless. Moments like these make you question if the Nostalgia Critic was ever any good in the first place because this "joke" was made in his reviews before his return but either way moments like these make it difficult for me to watch his older reviews because (as already said) of how infuriating and tasteless they are.

Only the most ridiculous thin-skinned reactionary would read that deeply into a joke. If just one rational thought ever crossed your mind it would qualify as a second personality.

39 He Shoves His Opinions Down Our Throats

Pretty much. - CostcoHotDogs

40 He Thinks the Amazing Spider-Man Movies Are Better Than The Originals

No Doug, just no! These movies are far from that description, and it really annoys me that whenever he says something bad about the original movies he praises the new movies saying, they did nothing wrong

How can you think The Marc Webb Spider-Man series is good it's pathetic.

After seeing what happened to TASM franchise, I would love to see how he feels about it now

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