Top 10 Worst Things About the Nostalgia Critic

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61 He Thinks All Gamers Are Misogynistic, Basement Dwellers
62 He hated Gordy

What the crap is gordy?

I officially say this list was made by a brain dead chimp with an iq of about 7. Liking or disliking a movie is opinion based. The maker of this list is nothing more than a common troll.

I'm the person who made this list. And I didn't put this Gordy related subject on the list. This is a website where people are free to put whatever they want on all kinds of lists. Liking or disliking a movie is opinion based. I know that. Apparently you're the one who's acting like a troll. No offense.

It's one of the best movies of all time!

63 His Sketch Show, Melvin Brother of the Joker
64 He Screams a Lot
65 He Never Says Anybody's Name Right
66 His Pot F*** Up in the Top 11 Nostalgia Critic F*** Ups Part 3
67 He Thinks Chuck Norris Jokes are Still Relevant
68 He Said Pee-wee Herman's Floor Didn't Talk When It Really Did
69 His DVD
70 Some of His Jokes Don't Make Sense
71 He Tries Too Hard to Be Funny

But he's not

72 He Said That Professor X, Magneto, Banshee, and Havok Are the Boring X-Men

This is when he saw X-Men: First Class.

73 Him Putting the Banshee from Darby O'Gill and the Little People at Number 1 in the Top 11 Scariest Nostalgic Moments

He should've put the face peeling scene from Poltergeist at number 1 instead of the clown doll.

74 His Negative Review on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
75 His Comments About Rocko's Modern Life In The "Nicktoons" Episode

HOW ARE THEY BAD?! >:( - The Ultimate Daredevil, aware of how flawed Rocko's Modern Life is despite being one of Nickelodeon's strongest franchises

76 He Constantly Trash Talks The Power Rangers

The most obvious examples of this are in the reviews he did for the movies, but he even said something mean about them in the commercials video he made, when he said 1 of the toys looked like a power ranger and said it captured their non-existent personalities, look I know the power rangers is a really goofy show but still, he's so cruel to them

Something he does all the time that annoys me is that if he doesn't like a movie or T.V. show that everyone else liked, video after video he will just constantly shove it down our throats how much he hates it, at a point I was like "we get it critic, you hate the power rangers", or more recently "we get it critic, you hate Jurassic World"

Even If 2 of these were in the review for the movies, I've counted, he's insulted the power rangers 5 times from what I've seen, I can understand that he doesn't like power rangers but for gods sake just stop being so harsh on them

77 He Thinks Captain Planet and the Planeteers Is Propaganda and Caused People to Assume It Is the Worst Cartoon Ever
78 He Never Answers In the Comments Section
79 He Hates Over The Hedge

Are you kidding me? Over the Hedge was fing hilarious!

I Quit Watching Him Because He Hates Over The Hedge! 👿
Shame On You Doug! 👿
I Love Over The Hedge!

80 The Doves In His Face/Off Review

That line "that movie no one remembers" really angered me, really
Nostalgia Critic? "that movie no one remembers!? " I'm afraid you are mistaken, there are a decent amount of fans of the movie even to this day you known, plus this film has more fans than one might think (not to the the point of Frozen or Star Wars or something like that but I'm sure people can understand what I mean by it just look it up on deviantart for example there is plenty of fan art of the movie, not to the point of other popular movies like Zootopia but still) Seriously Critic you should not talk $&@! about Rio, you clearly don't understand why that movie is arguably one of the best animated movies ever. So shut your mouth about that movie because no one wants to hear it anymore.

They Offended Rio(A Movie I Really Enjoy And That Most Do Too)

I Got So Angry With These 2 That I Want To Get The Duck Hunt Dog To Strange Them

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