Top Ten Worst Things About Nostalgic 90s Kids

The 90s are great are true, but some of the stupid 90s kids think they are so superior and think everything made in the 2000s sucks. I am not trying bash the 90s kids, but the one who think they are superior and the 90s are everything and so pesstimics. Those annoy the hell out of me.

The Top Ten

1 They think the 90s was peaceful.

Many tragic events happen in the 90s such as the Rwanda Genocide, the Gulf War, the LA riot, etc. America in the 90s didn't care about their or the other countries problem which is why 9/11 because they thought nothing could happen to them. - ihatelife123271

Um, hello? Are you stupid? There were many tragic events that happened in the 90s such as the LA riots, the Gulf War, Rwandan Genocide, etc. America in the 90s didn't care about their and the other countries problem which lead to 9/11 because they thought nothing would happen to them. - ihatelife123271

Why everyone keep forgetting Yugoslav Wars. I am not forcing anyone to remember it, but it is not cool to forget it. - BorisRule

Childhood was peaceful (except for school) everyone just played with toys & video games.
The world has never been peaceful.
The decade of your childhood is peace.

2 They think they are superior to the 2000s and 10s kids.

Just because you are from the 90s, it doesn't mean you have the right to bash the younger generation. I am pretty sure the 80s kids did the same thing to you guys and next thing you know, the younger generation will be doing the same. You are just blinded by nostalgia. - ihatelife123271

3 They think all the shows from the younger generation sucks.

There are many great shows from this generation such as Gravity Fall, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Super, Sherlock Holmes, Avatar The Last Airbender, Regular Show, etc. Instead of assuming, why don't you actually watch some of the shows. This proves that the 90s kids can be just as bad as today kids. - ihatelife123271

4 They complain about how bad technology is.

If you hate technology so bad, why use it. Don't use phones, computers, T.V., kitchen, sink, cars, lights, etc. Go back to your caves. I swear I see many of them complaining about technology yet they are glued to their phone. - ihatelife123271

5 They stereotype the younger generation.

According the overly nostalgic 90's kids, today kids are spoiled, bratty, ungrateful, stupid, and lazy who are glued to their phone. Instead of stereotyping the, why don't you go out and talk to them and see they are a lot more different than you think. Every generation is different so I don't get why you except the younger generation to be just like you guys. The 80s kids were just talking just as bad as you are right now. - ihatelife123271

6 They think there were fewer problems in school back then

According to statistics, there were more teen pregnancy, high school drop rates, and bullying in the 90s than today so get your fact straight. - ihatelife123271

7 They bully the younger generation.

The stupid 90s kids need to stop making the younger generation feel bad about themselves. It is not their fault they are born in this generation, they cannot control that. Just because you are older doesn't mean you have the right to bully them. Most kids are probably spoil brats because of you guys because you are not being good role model for them. If you want to change them for the good, then stop being such a bully and guide them. - ihatelife123271

8 They think the 90s are everything.

It's fine to miss the 90s, but if you are going to go over the limit and bitch around how this generation sucks, you need to move one. I am pretty sure as you get older you will be talking about how greats the 10's is. - ihatelife123271

9 They spam social media.

Some times when I scroll around facebook or Tumblr I keep seeing posts comparing the 90s to today. I am fine with that, but I don't like it when they spam it. It gets really annoying and when I see the comments, I feel like punching a baby. One of the comment says, "We are the last generation to go outside." Are you stupid? I see kids go outside all the time. Sure not as much, but they still do. Don't act like you don't stay inside too. - ihatelife123271

10 They think they are unique.

Every generation is unique, so I don't see why you guys stand out. I see some of them where neon clothes and loose pants which I was fine with if they didn't keep bragging out how awesome the 90's fashion were. If you are trying to act unique, then you are not. You are just a wannabe. - ihatelife123271

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