Worst Things About the "OK Boomer" Meme

Alright, by making this list, I should mention I AM NOT A BABY BOOMER (I am Gen-Z, alright?). However, this meme annoys the hell out of me, and here are the reasons I cannot stand it at all. I respect your opinion if you like it, but only if you don't call me a "boomer" yourself. You might already be familiar with the fact I cannot stand most memes (We are Number One, Let it Grow and the Discord dank memer are the only ones I actually like), but saying this is the worst meme of 2019 in my opinion is a serious accomplishment. And yes, I said it: Worse than Big Chungus, worse than Hit or Miss and worse than "Autistic" Screeching. And yes - even worse than Oh Yeah Yeah, and that is seriously saying something. However, if you do like this meme, good for you. And with that being said, here's the list.
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1 It's not funny at all

I don't get the joke. With most memes, I can understand what the basic joke is, even if I don't necessarily find it funny. Not the case here. My guess is, given how quickly the Internet makes memes out of anything, and since the Internet has been popular since 1995 (24 years ago as of this comment), eventually, they were going to run out of material. In the case of this meme, it seems the Internet meme machine is scraping the bottom of the barrel for material.

NOT FUNNY AT ALL, and this is coming from a Gen-Z teen. These guys may have caused global warming and pollution, but they were way more social, had better sounding accents, and made fantastic music.

Like seriously, how is just saying "OK boomer" funny at all? It's just two words that have no meaning when you put them together. And the original song, it doesn't have any humor in it, either. The meme, if you can even SMILE at it, I have no words.

New Meme: Was Not Funny, Didn't Laugh!
Oh and (OK boomer), It's Cringy.

2 It can be offensive to actual baby boomers

Oh yeah! Those people born between 1946 and 1964. That's what make you remember that's where the word "boomer" originated from, and when people put common logic behind it, that's what can anger the baby boomers themselves.

Baby Boomers: “Today’s generation is full of lazy, dumb snowflakes who are addicted to technology! Back in my day people weren’t this stupid! ”
Gen-Z: OK Boomer.

Especially with the "jokes" about coronavirus being "natural selection", how it'll "take care of the boomers"

Especially the new form of it ("I hope the coronavirus kills off all the boomers")

3 Apparently disagreeing with someone makes you a "boomer" (even if you're not), according to it

No, it is not a "mindset" or "mentality". People who insist otherwise just don't want to admit that their misuse of the word doesn't grant them the authority they think it does.

You realize boomer can also mean a mentality. Usually someone who is backwards, regressive and stuck in the old days.
Also boomers constantly slander Gen Z and Millenials and act like hypocrites so I don't see why they can do that but we can't just make a meme about it.

Person 1: I don't find (insert joke here) funny!
Person 2: OK boomer
Wow. Well done remaking TTT in a nutshell. Did we really have to bring opinion disrespecting into a meme? That's not very respectful to others.

Most things are subjective. Just because someone doesn't like what you like, it doesn't make it right to start calling them boomer.

4 It generated a bad song

Worst song I've heard. Not only that, but apparently zoomers believe that anyone 65 or older classifies as a boomer, but you have to be born between 1946 and 1965 to be a baby boomer. BOOMER IS NOT ANOTHER WORD FOR A SENIOR CITIZEN!

"OK boomer OK boomer OK boomer OK boomer." Wow. A boring, stupid, meaningless, annoying, repetitive song is what the phrase generated. How original and funny.

5 It has no logic or common sense

Not sure what this would come under but I remember a list of top 100 songs from the 2010's (a list that to be fair was mostly just the most popular songs) one person objected to Blurred Lines being included due to it having a bad message and someone responded simply with OK boomer. This is really stupid and if anything only makes our generation look bad. Really disliking a song because you feel it is disrespectful to women makes you old? In that case then I don't mind being considered old although of course I am not.

Now, look. When you're telling someone "OK boomer", that can upset them and start drama. If you don't want to get in this drama, why do you start this in the first place? And how would you feel if you got called this? Nice try, that's what I thought.

No, revenge- no matter how "deserved" you think it is- is not "logic" or "common sense".

6 It's so repetitive

All you do with the meme is say OK boomer, OK boomer, OK boomer all over again when someone disagrees or says something you're not fully fond of. Fantastic.

7 It's not original

Seriously, how many times before have you heard memes and jokes about roasting people on these types of things? I mean, never has there been one with a certain era of born babies, but the concept has been used more than enough.

Nor is it funny, clever, or justified

8 It's stupid

I mean, seriously. What's so spectacular about roasting someone by calling them a "boomer"? First of all, it's not just "boomer", it's "BABY boomer", and second of all, joking around by name-calling is a middle schooler thing.

Stupid AND unfunny

9 It's boring

Wow. So should I be giving stupid names to people? It gets old so quickly and doesn't interest me at all. It just bores me too easily, honestly.

10 It’s just used to tell people to shut up, even if they are not actual boomers
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11 You hear it all the time

Every time you express your different feelings or opinions on something, prepare to get insulted. That's the literal concept of the meme.


12 It spawned the "Boomer Remover" meme
13 The idiotic rhymes that mean the same thing

"Okey dokey bout to croakey", "10-4 dinosaur", "roger that artifact", that kind of stuff. Sounds like kindergarten playground talk.

14 People are using it more than ever during the COVID19 pandemic
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