Top Ten Worst Things About Older Siblings

I am the youngest of 3 children, and I have to deal with these EVERY DAY. While they can give advice, these can ruin what you like about them.

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21 They move away for college

Really if you're going to leave me what was the point in the first place and the worst is when your left with another who's an awful older brother. Sigh, he'll get it eventually

This s GOOD! I'll be sighing in relief once my older brother, who is 20, to go off to college - 906389

This is a good thing. - AnonymousChick

My sister moved away in August (which was 2 months ago) and I was actually happy that I got more freedom from being pushed-around so much.

When I found out before my 9th grade year ended, she told me she was leaving for college in August. in my head, I was like... "When that day comes, it'll be the best day ever! " - Stazemar000

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22 They think you are trying to be like them

When I was eleven I didn't want stuffed animals anymore and my older sister said stop trying to be a 16 year old like her. And I was like, I just don't want stugged animals

23 They think they are smarter than you
24 They think they're the the boss of you and they rub it in your face

So true - Stazemar000

25 They always get shotgun

When I get a car in the future, I'll tell her "My car! My rules! " - Stazemar000

I don't even have a car.

26 They break your stuff

Not only younger siblings do this

27 They hate on things you like, meanwhile they like similar things.

My life in one sentence.

28 They use sarcasm on you

My sister uses a lot of sarcasm on me. YEP! - Stazemar000

29 They listen to loud music

My older brother is OBSESSED with Eminem. He listens to it every day and even as I type this he is listening to it. I don't hate Eminem, but I'm getting a little tired of this. - FluffyBanana

30 They think they're so smart
31 They think they're 100% more awesome than you.

Yeah, Always been told you're not cool but I am

32 They can't take a joke
33 They act like another parent

Older sisters act like moms and older brothers act like dads! What the heck (frowny face) - Stazemar000

34 They scold you for being "selfish" when you ask to borrow something for a second
35 They're selfish
36 They tickle you if they get a chance

I have a older brother. We have two separate rooms but we sleep together. Sometimes if he is bored of if I feel so sleepy and tickle me to wake me up or to entertain himself because he us bored. My midsection it the only ticklish spot I have and it's so easy to tickle me.

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