Top Ten Worst Things About One Direction

Worst things about the boyband One Direction.

P.S: Not hating. Just curious. If you don't hate them, don't comment. Simples.

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1 Directioners A Directioner is a super fan of the British/Irish boy band called "One Direction". Directioners are dedicated to the band's four members: Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and people associated with them.

I don't actually mind one direction, I don't particularly like their genre of music so I don't listen to them but I reckon they're probably cool guys, but their fan base is so irritating, they are so disrespectful to people who don't like them, they feel they are superior and they even hate other fans of one direction because they don't know every single fact about them, its ridiculous, I even got told to 'go get cancer' when I told a fan that I didn't like them

I am speaking for the part of the fanbase no ones recognizes. There are some fans who don't wish cancer on anybody and have actually met them. I went up to Liam to ask for a quick picture while he was on a date. He paused his date to take a picture with me and actually held a conversation even though he was on a date with his ex Dani. I love them for their personality not their looks. I do admit that I think they are attractive but that's not the only reason I am in the fandom. Also I know and am aware that they didn't write their songs but now they are... They aren't trying to be The Beatles or NSync.. they are trying their own thing

Possibly the most annoying fanbase on Earth. Not even appreciating each other and calling the fans who don't know every little fact 'Directionators'. Plus they hated on Alex Garskarth because he stated an opinion and said Mitch Lucker deserved to die. - sameera62

I guess you are right but there are still fans out there who got their sanity and those who doesn't I guess that's what love do make people go insane... Haha - achi

Number one is absolutely correct, they are only famous because they are good looking. I don't mind their voices. Their songs are cheesy and annoying as hell but they do have okay voices. But the directioners...annoying as hell and irritating to the max. Some of them are like "I'd cut all my limbs off just to meet 1D! " are you serious?! They act like 1D are gods. They think anyone who doesn't like them is inferior. Everyone has their own opinion they need to realize that. If someone says 1 thing bad about them, the directioners attack them and go CRAZY. You'll see the most foul language ever come from a 10 year old. They are the rudest fan base I have ever seen, even worse than beliebers. Honestly, maybe I'd like them a little better if their fans werent so rude and annoying to everyone. They need to get their priorities straight - dragonfly99

Bro that doesn't just happen with directioners. I've heard Eminem fans, Linkin Park fans, Pitbull fans etc. They all do this thing. It's like when you follow someone you start loving them. So fans defend them. - Atif2505

Hey guys, whats up?

So I have been in this fandom for almost 5 years and I have to say that its pretty hard to keep up with fandom like this but anyways,

I saw comments saying that directioners are 12 years old girls, yes, there are few of the fans that are "crazy about them, pulling their hair about them & ready to cut their veins for them and they are all 12 years old" but a lot of us are 17 to 20 year old girls who really matured through the years and know how to get it together and not be like those fans and somehow we take this like an offense because we are not 12 years old. All of those fans that I put in " " are those fans who still love and listen to 1d because of their looks.

About writing their own songs, do a little research and read that they have participated in song writings and actually wrote a LOT of songs on their own... :)

Those jealous fans are the fans that think that if they are a fan of this boy band that that means ...more - daisy123

2 They're Only Famous for Looks

I have 3 or 4 friends who are Directioners, but I have one that only talks about One Direction and their looks. Just the other day I said, "I don't see how everyone is so obsessed with One Direction! " My friend gasped and replied, "Uh! They're sexy beasts! " That has nothing to do with what people should be famous for! People should be famous for their MUSIC if their an artist or in a band!
Like when I heard the song "Me Without You" I had to dance and once I found out it was written by TobyMac, I looked him up and bought some of his albums. Just about a year and a half ago, I became a fan of his, because of his MUSIC! I think I've proved my point.

Can't some of the fans on One Direction hate lists just at least try to respect other opinions? Not everyone likes One Direction and this reply is only speaking to the extremely rabid Directioners, the open-minded ones are fine.

I think these guys get too much credit just for their looks. Other bands like maroon 5, the script, one republic, matchbox 20, and train get famous for their music. Niall even called some fans the c word an airport. These guys need a little less credit.

I would like to say all of these reasons but I think this is the absolute worst because are plenty of other people that can sing a billion times better but have no recognition. I think their fans go overboard and say they love their music in reality all they love is their looks. Many of their songs don't make sense, all of them about a girl, which I personally think is stupid but other artists like My Chemical Romance or train actually have good lyrics. This is only my opinion and if you love 1D then I don't hold it against you because you can like whatever music you want to. I'm sorry if this offensive to anyone but they are my views.

I'm sorry, but I really believe this. I have a friend who loves 1D (calls herself a Directioner etc. ) but can't name a song if I play one at random. I'm an Owl City fan. I don't call myself a Hoot Owl (that's an Owl City superfan), but I have almost every single song I can get my hands on by Owl City. If someone played a song at random, I could tell you within 15 seconds its title, album title, album number, occasionally it's placement on the album, and whether I like it or not. And then I will proceed to sing along to almost every word. Ta the. Despite that, I can't tell you Adam Young's birthday, star sign, relationship status, tour schedule, eye colour, current haircut, or anything else about HIM. I can talk about HIS MUSIC. It was only after I bought (and memorized) 2 albums that I could even tell you what he looked like. Hi, I'm a REAL band fan. I care about the MUSIC.

3 They've Been Compared to the Beatles

One direction never was and never gonna be like the Beatles

We know... They're completely different... No one can replace them... It's the paps and media that are comparing them

This really really pisses me off. They did an Abbey Road cover. ABBEY ROAD. That's illegal in my books. I mean, seriously. When will they be as good as John? They'll never be a good as singer as Paul. They can't even play bass as good as George. They can't ever hit a note like Ringo! I... I am so annoyed right now..

Florence Welch did a cover of Oh! Darling, she has a right to do that, she is a musical genius, One Direction isn't.

Some fans argue they haven't brought it upon themselves. They walked across Abbey Road, for crying out loud!

Sorry but I never knew walking across Abbey Road was illegal so how on earth are they trying to compare themselves to the Beatles?!

No band will ever be as good as the Beatles. The Beatles left behind a legacy. Even these idiot directioners know how Yellow Submarine goes or Hey Jude. By the time they are adults they will say hey remember 1D and the other person will say yeah and leave it at that. No one in the future is going to know the "Best" song ever. Walking across Abbey Road is a huge NO and they should be banned from anyplace forever for even stepping on it. Even other great performers like Ozzy Osbourne have said no one will ever be as good as the Beatles and they are the best brand ever. Dave Grohl talked about his inspiration from the Beatles all the time

4 They Can't Write Their Own Songs

Writing your own material is the most important part of music. Just because you look good and have a good voice (which not all of them have a good voice) doesn't make you talented.

I agree. I don't know how their music saves lives? I'm more of Metal guy myself but before you say I'm close minded, I also like funk, rock, reggae, jazz, classical, and even some pop like Bruno Mars. But the reason I like metal is because the lyrics are written BY THE MEMBERS to let the fans connect directly to what they are saying. I don't see how having someone write songs for you about being beautiful is saving lives.

And because of that they don't have their own style. The songs Ed Sheeran wrote for them sound like Ed Sheeran songs, the songs Tom Fletcher wrote sounds like Mcfly songs, and they hire really rich songwriters to do the rest of the work then the songs come out really cheesy

I know! They don't write there own songs but the directionless think they do. It's some talent to sing songs, but people are seriously talented if they can write catchy songs. I watched the movie and I said it was a 5-10 and my friend said: Seiriously? What kind of directioner are you? And all of my friends think they write their own songs but when I tell them it's not they don't believe! Asses.

If you get your facts before you post they wrote 14/16 on their last album

This argument is very outdated. When the band was first starting up, their management would hire professionals like Ed Sheeran to write most of their music. Throughout the majority of the band, they have written on most of their songs. Also, the song lyrics used as examples in comments are lyrics from singles that were written long ago. The one direction songs that are not overly played actually have some more meaningful lyrics. Using the song "kiss you" as an example doesn't show the band's full potential, since the song is only from their second album, and it is a single that was written most likely to become something popular that would be played on the radio and enjoyed by people that aren't fans of their music.

5 They've Ruined Songs by Doing Bad Covers

Viva La Vida, Wonderwall, Teenage Dirtbag, Your Song, Chasing Cars. WHY?!

Wait, they've covered Coldplay, Oasis, AND Snow Patrol? Those cretins should never have touched anything by Coldplay! - Merilille

Too right they have ruined many greats the one that pissed me off the most was Blondie's One Way Or Another how about they write their own songs and only cover one song as an extra per album

The reason the covered Blondie's song was so that they could go to Africa for CHARITY called COMIC RELIEF to prevent poverty in Africa! They sung with the kids there and played with them, and they cried because they were so shocked. And they write their own songs too! Like story of my life they wrote together, all of them! And they haven't even covered very many songs!

The worst fact about one direction they steal music..

You might think their covers are bad, but many of us don't. They're covers are better than most covers done by other artists. Just because you're jealous of the fame and glory one band gets, does not give you the write to say that their covers are bad. And they have never stolen music, if anything people have from them.

6 They Can't Play Instruments

One knows the guitar, one knows piano. So much talent. Sarcasm. - sameera62

They all can play a musical instrument. Do some research before you post mean things on the Internet.

And then when people compare them to Taylor Swift they don't even talk about instruments.Taylor swift is one person, and she can play more than two instruments, actually she can play 5 and probably knows more. Piano, Guitar (she learned on a 12 stringed! ), Banjo, Ukelele, vocals (which One direction can't do)!

They're just a bunch of idiots with no talent being famous just because of their looks. Even Death Metal bands are better than them, they play instruments, they write their own songs, their lyrics have a deeper meaning etc. They're not like these stupid cows who are famous just because of the little girls crying out there for them. One Direction has absolute no talent, none of them can even play a instrument and they still have 300 million plus views on YouTube, do they deserve it? Noo. It's just that people don't know what music is. People have very bad taste in music nowadays. Just because they're good-looking doesn't mean they have musical talent! I wanna scream so hard in those stupid One Direction fans ears, that after that they'll know what is called music.

Singing does take talent and voice is an instrument, but I get what you mean. People tend to overrate One Direction.

They each auditioned as solo artists for X Factor, and were later put together as a band. That means they are a vocal group - they aren't supposed to play instruments. There are plenty of talented music groups that do this. It isn't like they're lying and saying they play instruments!

7 Their Songs Are Cheesy

This definitely. It is truly annoying how their songs absolutely have no substance at all. They have some nice tunes and the five people in the band seem nice and are fun to watch, but their lyrics are awful.

Do you have to make EVERY song of yours about your annoying fanbase full of teenage girls? What ever happened to songs about where you Learn To Fly, or even ten million Fireflies?

Ooh are you talking about "diana" in which they tell girls not to cut and commit suicide because they are loved by someone in this world? Or maybe about "one way or another" that they made to raise money for comic relief, to help thousands of children in the uk and Africa? Oh no! You must be talking about "moments" where they describe a guy's feelings after his girlfriend committed suicide? Oh okay I thought you were talking about these. please get your facts straight before commenting these kind of things. you don't know anything about one direction - mariatomlinson

They're also supposed to make whoever's listening to the song feel like they're the one being sung to. - sameera62

I think that is the main reason why people listen to music TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES! You might not but half of the world's population does

EXACTLY WHY IS THIS NOT HIGHER ON THE LIST? I used to hate them because a lot of their fans pissed me off, then I grew up a little and realized they're not THAT bad.

I realized that it was just most of their fans that put me off from listening to them and I decided to give them a chance. So I listened to drag me down and I really really regret that. I wish they would sing an actual meaningful song instead of some like that, not to mention almost ALL of their songs are about some girl. Don't even get be started on BEST SONG EVER, I think it was opposite word day when they came up with that song because it should be WORST SONG EVER. Not hating, by the way stating my opinion.

8 They Are a Ripoff of the Backstreet Boys

They cannot be compared to THE BACKSTREET BOYS. At least, THE BACKSTREET BOYS was a real band, with real talents, not just a bunch of idiots with stupid girls following them screaming all the time with absolutely no reason. THE BACKSTREET BOYS exist since 1993 until now and they have done an amazing job in the music industry. ONE DIRECTION will split up in 2 or 3 years. I'm pretty sure about it.

They are so rubbish and manufactured they are not a real band there a boy band

They are just a sad version of Backstreet Boys...

I think that no artists should be compared to others. I mean, I like 1D because they are unique, the Backstreet Boys are unique and talented in their own way as well.

9 At Least Two of the Can't Even Sing

2? None of them can sing!

If people would like to hear an excellent singing voice, I definitely recommend Brendon Urie. If people actually think that One Direction have good voices, they haven't heard him. Or Joey Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone. - panicdownthedisco

I'm sorry I have to ask which 2 didn't make it through? I just want to know...

It's Harry and Louis, they couldn't sing even if their life depended on it. - UnjustNation

The two were Louis and Niall, right? Well, that's what everybody thinks. SO WRONG! Louis and Niall can sing just as great as the rest!

Who can't sing. The ghosts members. Who didn't pass the X-Factor? Zayn? Louis? Niall? Harry? Liam? WRONG GLITCH. They all got in. They do this because they always know that there is someone loving, caring, and helping them get through things. When ever one is sick he tries to get better to sing for the arena.

10 The Band Members Are Bad Role Models for Kids The Band was a Canadian-American roots rock group formed in 1965 . Which originally consisting of Rick Danko (bass guitar, double bass, fiddle, vocals), Levon Helm (drums, mandolin, guitar, vocals), Garth Hudson (keyboards, saxophones, trumpet), Richard Manuel (piano, drums, vocals) and Robbie Robertson more.

It's not their job to set an example. As said before they should be known for music, not their looks or what they do or don't do.

YES! So true. So true. I have no idea what they were thinking. Honestly, they know that their fan base is mostly young teens and preteens, with kids, so why do they get meaningless tattoos all over their body? IT's important for kids to know that your body is something to respect, not just something you can draw on all the time. It's alright to get a tattoo, but covering your whole body is something you need to think more deeply about. Also, I've seen the drug accident with Zayn and Louis, and it's really wrong to say things like that, much less to smoke drugs. That really disappointed me, because I thought they would have better control over themselves, since they're no longer just teens. They're nearing adulthood, and they're smoking drugs. The things that they said were extremely offending, inconsiderate, and unappreciative too. Making comments on someone's race, their sexuality, and about what they have right now, is not something to be taken lightly. The fact that shocked me ...more

Disagree. I know I sound like a preteen who doesn't know anything but I do. There is something called management and management has access to all their social media accounts and such. Management tells interviewers what they can't ask and what they can. They also tell the boys how to answer most of the time. I could go into detail but I would rather not. by the way who are you to say those tattoos are meaningless. Tattoos are usually represent a person, event, etc.

Obviously. Smoking and having tattoos? Um no. Kids don't need to like a group that does stuff like this.

My dad has tattoos. Are you saying he was a bad influence? Don't shame people with tattoos because you don't like them. People can do whatever the hell they want with their own bodies, no ones approval is needed. Seriously, it's people like you that make me have to cover mine to go to work every morning.

Well, Dmaybe that's true but they can smoke and drink and get tattos cos it is there rights

The Contenders

11 Harry Styles Harry Edward Styles is an English singer and song writer, known as a member of the boy band One Direction.

If his name is Harry Styles hi hair style should at least look presentable and not like a dirty old wet mop.

Ah, that's nice. Now, give me a call when you do concerts all night, barely get any sleep, and still look like a Victoria's Secret Model. Also, did you get to tell your mom from the womb what you wanted your name to be? Hmm didn't think so.

Harry is amazing, leave him alone! How would you like it if someone card you the worst thing that happened? Harry is an amazing singer, has an adorable personality and is such a sweetheart, I'm disgusted by everyone who has bad things to say about him!

I'm disgusted by these One Direction minions, like yourself. You may think that Harry is great, but there are people who don't and that's not your choice to make. Everyone's entitled to an opinion and if you can't accept that, please leave the internet forever because you're going to have this problem a lot if you keep acting like that. Here's my opinion of Harry - he's a bad singer, he's annoying and he looks as if he was born into a family of mops. If you're disgusted by me for saying bad things about him, then you are obviously an obsessive fan with an unfeasibly bad taste in music.

Harry's not the worst thing that happened though; that, of course, is the band.

Harry styles is the worst thing that's ever happened

Whoever said that Harry Styles is the best thing that ever happened, shut up and listen to real music.

HA! Do you think they really care about whether or not you like them? If you don't like him, then DON'T. He's not begging you to like him or his hair.

12 Their Song "Best Song Ever" is Not the Best Song Ever

In fact... It's the worst song ever

Umm... Honey I don't think you can understand English because the lyrics go "and we danced all night to the best song ever". They clearly refer to some other song NOT THEIR OWN

I agree... ITS A TERRIBLE SONG! Probably one of the worst, pointless, most stupid songs EVER!

Right, listen to the lyrics! Okay, it's a bad song but they are not saying their song was the best song ever!

How would naming their song the best song ever not be declaring their song the best song ever?

First of all it is not a bad song second of all there not saying there song is the best song ever there saying " and we dance all night to the best song ever" oh and maybe the music video didn't make sense because your brain is to small to process it. Please stop hating on them like who are you to hate You may not even have experience so please go back to your life.

13 Their Songs Have No Meaning

Actually a lot of their songs have meaning.

Little Things- telling girls not to be insecure and saying their beautiful.

Diana- Telling people not to hate theirselves

What Makes You Beautiful- Telling girls no matter how they look their gorgeous

Gotta Be You- That some boys should treat girls better

There's also hidden messages in songs:

Where Do Broken Hearts Go? - To own up to your mistakes

Illusion- Not to be so heartless that you hurt people's feelings

Alive- Do what you want no matter what people think

You have to look deeper than just the beat to find meaning you know.

Everything listed here I guarantee I've seen hundreds of times before in popular music. While I wouldn't say their songs are completely meaningless, they're not the slightest bit interesting. - tgbhj

A couple of the lyrics that I've heard (or have been forced to hear) are relevant to their 12-year-old audience (smart techniques by their managers, targeting tweens. Justin bieber pulled it off nicely. Why should'nt you? ), but other than that it's awful. I find it way too childish. I hate criticizing since it's just how these guys make a (very, very wealthy) living, yet I don't feel too guilty since they don't write their own songs. I have nothing against these guys, it's their crazed, ignorant fans that I'm upset with. You can't claim that their songs give you reason to be aggressive/"protective" to others that breathe of 1D. They're company is just spitting out whatever garbage makes you think that these boys are "so romantic, so sensitive, or so hurt by the world. " give me a person who's feeling true emotion, and I guarentee they'll write 10x better, more meaningful songs.

To whoever you are, wherever you are, I appreciate you and love you. people need to start seeing the real things out there and what is so good about them anyways? Guess what idiots! We immune to insanity!

One directions songs have a lot of meaning if you listen to them. not only have they helped em threw depression they have helped me with almost everything. they are my turn to people. I bet 99% of you that say that are not even Directioners, so you don't know how it helps. Yes they have been compared to the Beatles but I'm don't getting mad at them for it because I love both bands. One Direction means the world to millions of fans because of their music, if you don't like them then don't listen to them.

All their songs have meanings, don't just say that their songs have no meaning without trying to understand what they're about. And they write many of their songs as well as songs for other writers, unlike many artists today. Please stop speaking without doing the research.

14 They're Not Even a Band

These pretty boys try to classify themselves as a band. Bands play real music and don't go around doing the same thing over and over again. These guys need to listen to Jethro Tull, Rush, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Blue Oyster Cult, Boston, The Doors, Cream, etc. Music needs soul, not hairspray.

They really need to listen to Rush... I bet the band doesn't even know who Rush is... - MusicalPony

Technically, they're a group. Not a band.

Why aren't the many people who write songs for them and play the instruments in the "band"? 5 average singers whose success is due to aggressive overexposure (bankrolled by their puppeteer Cowell) and emotional exploitation of teenage hormones does not equals a band. To call that a "band" is an insult to all artists and musicians who actually MAKE music rather than having others do all the work.

A band is a talented group of people who chose to come together and make music for the public because they want to. One Direction auditioned for the X Factor and they all sucked so the label was like hey lets put them together and make a few million dollars off of them and their songs are written for r them and their voices suck and they can't play instruments and the label sticks their pretty faces on useless crap no one needs/wants unless their faces are on it.

I usually don't care and don't act like a crazed fan about one direction but honestly if you think they suck so much then why don't you go audition for the X Factor yourself and when you become famous, are still going for four years and have been on multiple tours why don't ya give me a call hun!

15 They Had to Go Onto the X-Factor to Actually Make Something of Their Life

They did something to follow their dreams by taking action instead of sitting on the couch all day. They were smart to do that instead of making YouTube videos in hopes of being "discovered" with a million other people

Gosh. If they wanted to be a band, they went for it. They followed their dreams, and actually recognized that they have talent so they could follow their dreams.

Liam had to audition twice

Oh a 14 yr old hadn't perfected his voice yet, my gosh what are kids even doing these days. And for your information he went all the way to the judge's house during his first audition at 14. He got advice and came back having trained and sounding beautiful, getting a standing ovation. Please I bet your were sat on the couch at 14, not trying to live your dream like this kid had the guts to go do. - kelxsey8011

They had the guts to pursue their dreams, even knowing they could embarrass themselves in national television. I wish I could do that. Liam even auditioned twice. He perfected his voice, and appeared singing beautiful. At such young age he already knew he wanted to sing. If not, he wouldn't have come back and tried again.

16 They're Not Original

They sound like every boy band that's ever been alive

Stole the beach scene from Blink 182's "All The Small Things". "One Thing" sounds like "I Want It That Way". Also stole the concert title "Where We Are Tour" from Westlife.

But I thought this is all because of their management? If only one direction have a better management and marketing team they'd be so much more respected and successful in the music industry in my opinion..

YES THEY ARE. How aren't they? They're them selves all the time! They don't change for the media. Guys no one knows about those old groups and it's not like they know about them. They haven't mentioned them since the start of their band. All they ever said was wanting to be famous as the Beatles, that's it. Well, they did hold the title BIGGEST BAND ON PLANET EARTH...

They stole the Ramones' logo, the riff of It's Not Your Fault by New Found Glory, Pour Some Sugar On Me by definitely Leppard and so much more. In my opinion, that's a crime. Steal my girl? More like steal your song!

17 They're Ruining Music

I'm a 13 year old girl, and I have had my friends tell me that One Direction is probably the greatest British band that ever was. Upon hear this, I feel like I'm about to cry. There are so many other British bands that surpass them in all the ways I know: The Beatles, Mumford and Sons (my favorite), The Who, The Rolling Stones, etc. One Direction was never, nor will it ever be in my opinion, able to live up to the milestones in music history that these other people have left.

Okay: Olivia, Diana, Moments. Gotta be you, More than this, Frag me Down, History ect! 1D song do have meanings

Two words explain it all: They suck. It hurts my ears to listen to their dumb thing that they call, "music". Correction, stuff that good singers like Katy Perry sing, is music. That, is just pure utter crap.

I agree and disagree, why? Katy Perry is pretty much just sings to an audio loop just like any other popular pop artist does

Their whole Fandom is saying that all of the songs have "meaning", and sure that's true, but they all have the same bloody meaning! There is a distinct difference between art & music, one direction are musicians, not artists. Every single song is about how beautiful girls are on the inside and how you should always feel good about yourself, now I'm not saying that's a bad message, I'm just saying they need to get a new message instead of saying the same thing in every song but with different lyrics.

18 They Use Autotune

We have heard them sing for real. Some of them can actually sing. Like seriously. If you're going to sing, at least publish all your music without all the computer work.

If a so-called singer (or singers) need to use auto-tune because they are tone deaf, they aren't even real singers. If you have no talent as a singer, why in the hell did some moron give you a job as a singer?

I've been to their concerts some nights in a row and they literally change they way they sing certain lines every night just to mix things up. I've heard one sing while being terribly sick, and zayn can actually hit his super high note in real life. They don't auto-tune themselves, they actually sing and I'm so sick of everyone using their "lack of talent" which there is no lack there and the "they are good looking" as the excuses for them being the way they are. None of you even know anything about them, yet you all speak like you do. Please look at facts and don't rate things on personal bias, it will get you absolutely no where in life. - kelxsey8011

Auto tune everywhere. On concerts? Don't have to expect them to not sing without it. They can cheat whenever they want without people knowing it. Seriously? The other fans are deaf enough to not know what they sounded like. And they are not being serious while practising, that is your idol? More like trash idol. Laugh out loud.

That's a lie. They don't autotune at concerts, I just went to one last night. They'll extend notes or sing a pitch high then usual. You're obviously lying or else you simply haven't seen one of their live performances

19 They Didn't Even Decide to Be a Band Themselves

All they did was go on the X factor and from there, they wee techncally FORCED into being a band. They can't sing, dance and their fan base only likes them because apparently it's the new 'thing' to become a directioner. They don't even have a bond, they only act camaraderie and they aren't even handsome. They don't even care for their fans. Words never cease.

Maybe one direction should do one thing to stop making music and separate from each other for good

Yea they didn't choose to be a band! One of them had to try 3-4 times to actually get through and they only came 3rd! Little mix Actually won the X factor and there not as popular!
This also shows that I agree with N.1 that they are popular because of there looks!

Even if they did get famous because of their "looks", there are heaps of fans out there that like them for their MUSIC and not what they look like. I am one of these fans. - DinoIsBlue

This is their dream, to be famous singers. So what they got put in a band, they could could have said no if they wanted. They're a good one too, they sell out stadiums. So instead of trying to hate on them with not even auditioning as a band you could possibly try and find a life

I hate it whenever people say that all haters don't have lives because some of us do have lives. We just have different opinions than fans of people do, so please shut up and leave us alone. - Anonymousxcxc

They could have dropped out if they wanted to... They could have gone solo after their contract expired but they didn't because they WANTED to stay as a band

20 They All Act Like 2 Year Olds

They are so immature its rediculous, except one of them. I think one is more mature. They got kicked out of a hotel for sliding matresses down the stairs. I mean really, just wow. Just wow.

So what? I can be immature a lot of the time to and I think it's fun sometimes to just live my life how I want and not care about what other people think honestly and they are the same way

So what if they act like 2 year olds? They are at least being themselves. I would much rather have a immature band rather than a mature band. Plus Liam is mature, so he puts them in place when he needs to. If he doesn't need to, he is also like a child. They all have a mature side. Harry always acts like a little kid, but he also cares deeply about the people he loves and can turn mature easily, along with everyone else. Lmfao if they dress like 2 year olds, I want to meet 2 year olds that wear skinny jeans a graphic tee's. They don't steal songs. They may use a tune of the song, but other artist do that too! Stealing a song means stealing the lyrics and tune, not just tune. Not to mention, we all know if they did a cover or not.

Not only do they act like two year olds, they also look like two year olds. They don't realise that they can't steal great songs, much like when a toddler doesn't realise that it's wrong to steal. Let alone stealing something and making it worse. Other song writers do covers of songs to yes but like Marilyn Manson's cover of sweet dreams he made a version that is almost as good as the original. And the reason why people liked his version, because he made such a spin on the song it sounded like a completely different song. And he admits that that still isn't his song. But he has made it original. Unlike these twats who think they are the dogs bollocks.

21 They Didn't Even Want to Be a Band, They Just Got Lucky

What do you mean they'll never be famous again? They're already famous they can't get famous again because they already are

They definitely never planned to be a band, but they wanted to be a SINGER. They got their dreams. But if you're saying that they got it by being lucky, then you PARTLY correct. They had the courage to go through the auditions. The made it through all those rounds in the X factor. You really think that they just HAPPENED to be number one on the top chart?

Yes but they love being a band

How'd they manage to win over Simon "I'm barely impressed by anything and like to be snarky" Cowell? That guy seriously is hard to impress.

22 They Are an Embarrassment to Good British Bands

Famous British bands, The Rolling Stones, Iron Maiden, One Direction... Wait... One Direction?! What?!

Totally agree. Most British bands are actually goodd but one direction just ruins British musicians image.

They are an affront to one of the loudest and proudest nations in the modern era

First of all, One Direction is not a band. They stand in a circle and sing at their concerts while other people play instruments for them and get absolutely no credit. It's pathetic.

Next, Beatles, Stones, Who, Floyd, Zeppelin, Radiohead, Queen, Clash, Fleetwood Mac. The circle singers are no match.

23 Zayn Does Drugs

(I'm not a directioner by the way) I'm going to make a point most famous people do drugs. I love the Beatles and I don't really mind that John Lennon did drugs I also like Panic! At the disco they did drugs. Okay so it's a bad influence but I don't think any one I wouldn't smoke of do drugs just because a band member did it or in this cause 'forced together boy group' - hkred100

No, he does not! Get your facts right!

Yes he does, and there's a video of him smoking marijuana. This IS a fact, and you can't accept that your hero does such a thing.

That is so inaccurate. He only used to smoke cigarettes but he stopped because of the fans

There's a video of him smoking marijuana, to be honest it's hilarious, I love the fact that they would record a video like that

Seriously one of the reason is because Zayn smoked a joint? I'm not even a total fan and I think this point is useless. If it makes of Zayn a bad person so then are we all

24 They Know Nothing About Music

Sadly 1D put little thought into harmony and melody. Some of the songs they write could actually be half decent if they paid a little attention to musical detail...for example, they explore little beyond major triads, they use boring bass riffs, and they really don't know how to use heiola!

So true so true

I hate them but would like to point out that some points are wrong, they clearly know about music as they are famous for it.

Harry's favorite song is shine on your crazy diamond. No more comments.

I don't buy it. I know WAY MORE MUSIC than them ( and probably you too). - MusicalPony

25 They Insult All Gays

Since when did they ever do that?

Since when did they do that or say that! Please stop writing these senseless reasons! Don't think that if you write rubbish people would agree with you because your not worth it! And stop insulting other bands.. ( I mean 1D)

They don't do that...

They never do that... They respect everyone. you don't even know them

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