Why Does Management Control Matter?

How's this there fault? Modest control their lives and the boys sometimes don't agree with this, this stuff is irrelevant like you bring up topics like the wanted and zayn looking for siva? Who the hell cares and how does that annoy them? People look like each other you know. People complain about them expressing feelings like crying about hate, hate is terrible and almost very celebrity gets it and gets upset about it. You are forgetting that most of the fans have depression and are emotionally unstable, and some of these boys have saved their lives. If you studied fans that aren't delusion and send death threats to everyone, and didn't think it was the best to laugh at other people for liking another musicians, you would realise that these fans are the fake ones, and the ones who get everything. Larry? You brought that up abit too soon as it's a very touchy subject, as fans have different opinions on it. You don't understand anything until you are part of the true fandom, and how you said harry styles was something had about the band? Like that's low as hell. And there popular for their looks, they literally looked like lesbians on the X factor and during 2011 so cut the bull.

I just think that your just judging them based on their music, and what other tabloids say. I think this is appalling that your doubting peoples idols, and I don't care if you don't like them, I don't mind, but you wonder why they get upset and your saying stupid s*** like it annoys you that they look like other celebrities?

I'm done here, you don't understand anything, why depressed, emotionally damaged teens get help from the boys of one direction.

Some people have been self harm clean for moths because of them. And the true directioners ( which hate that name and prefer like fans) feel like they have made friends and family online, and when it's over, they will cherish them memories and tell their children, like it was the happiest day of their lives and how if they experienced concerts how it felt to be completely at peace. Te true fans aren't annoying who don't run around with their one d cup and t shirts listening to them all the time when the fans actually have really good taste in music, and I quite like image dragons and the two door cinema club, Eventhough I've like the boys for 2 years now.

I'm not ranting, I'm just proving a point

From A fan (not a carrot)