One Direction...

Okay so as a directioner myself I am proud to say that I personaly have never sent hate to anyone at all even if they are not in the same fanbace as me. However I cant say the same for many fellow directioners. Although, It is hard not to at times when people are saying bad things about our idols. I have being to one of their concerts however as some fans would say "I would cut off my arms and leg's to go and see them." I wouldn't. I dont at all agree with everything they do but they are their own person and i as just a young girl have no controle over them whatso ever therefore i cant change what they do I can only defend them to a certain point.

There have being those times when i really dont agree with things such as when a member of the band dated someone else who i dislike for many reasons which are irrelevant right now were dating. I didnt agree with that;however i wouldnt send hate to them as i know what it is like to recive hate mail.

Some people are saying that the Directioner fan bace is really irragant, what i think to that is there re really nice fans out there who wouldnt put a foot wrong towards another person and i have being lucky enough to meet a load. I think that saying that we all are the most ' Annoying' fanbace out there is very sterotipical and they need to re-think that.

Yes, some of their songs are cheesy but so what? I can list many others which are way more popular which are cheesy too. Their voices may not be the best but is it really just the voice which matters now, not the person who is really inside?

They most deffonatly dont have the most pleasant of langauge used as someone mentioned but does anyone? I mean we all have them days when we just swear a few times also they are all in their 20's now they can swear. And no they have seen calling fans bad names but they also say "Your perfect to me" and no this doesnt make it okay but it is a lot better than just leaving it.

They may have being compared to the Legands such as the Beatles but so have others, I mean they have made history too... and just as they cant sing like them, look like them, and play bass like them if you listen to their music. the simularitys are they are music, they use majority of the same insuments, they are boybands, they make their living making music for people to enjoy. everyone is diffrent.

Bad covers, well. If you think they have done bad covers then i doubt you would want to listen to mine. And it isnt illigal to do covers, in fact the aim of the X-facoter where the group were made the aim was to do covers. If you think they cant sing covers your the oposite view of people such as Simon Cowell, Nicole and, and Cheral Cole...

People are saying that they cant make their own songs, but that view clashes with the songs are cheesy. Which may not be teir own fault. Furthermore, artists such as Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and ect also have co-writers too.

smoking and the tattoo's. they could have done worse. They could be murders. But no. over 62% of the world smoke, so why cant they its their life, their choice. Look at Miley, people use to love her, now look what has happened. Many other examples too...

Yes they have done some bad thing but they have also done some really amazing things, I belive people should look on both sides before jumping to a conclution.

PLEASE NO HATE ON MY OPINION ON THE BAND. - I have being open about the things wrong they have done such as the acohol,smoking and tattoo's the voices and what they do and say so please respect what they have done for the good too. Thank you very much.


Nope, The Beatles is the best British boy band. - visitor