The Band Members Are Bad Role Models for Kids

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The Band was a Canadian-American roots rock group formed in 1965 . Which originally consisting of Rick Danko (bass guitar, double bass, fiddle, vocals), Levon Helm (drums, mandolin, guitar, vocals), Garth Hudson (keyboards, saxophones, trumpet), Richard Manuel (piano, drums, vocals) and Robbie Robertson more.


No, actually they are not bad role models. Some adults underestimate children. They know that smoking, and cursing is not good so why would they do it? Because One Direction is doing it? I think not. If parents think their kids are going to curse, smoke, and get a tattoo because One Direction did, then they should talk to their kids instead of hating One Direction. These boys have contributed to many charities and have recently started Action1D. They care and they want to help the world become a better place. If you don't want your kids to make the world a better place, then there is something wrong with you.

They're not meant to set an example, why should they? If they were meant to, they are doing a pretty good job at it. Their personalities are absolutely amazing and they are down to earth. They've donated so much of their time and money to charity. Louis recently donated over 10% of his net worth to "Believe in Magic" and Liam donated over another $50,000 euros. Now please try and tell me that they're not setting a good example for kids. And they've done countless things out of the good of their hearts and have asked for nothing in return. And you're complaining about tattoos and smoking?! Louis and Zayn have smoked ONCE. As for the tattoos, most artists now-a-day have tattoos so why are you picking on those in One Direction? And fyi, Niall Horan of One Direction has no tattoos. Tattoos and smoking are personal choices, not choices that they're advertising to kids.

Sir can you possibly tell me how these boys are bad role models.

They smoke weed so what! Almost all people do. They're quite actually life savers. They donate to charity all the time and just recently they've started a little Action 1D campaign where they try to get their fans to spread the word about change in the world. Such as people in poverty and issues with society today.

Tattoos are nothing, you're only saying it because you obviously don't like them. Tattoos can mean anything. Just because they haven't told you what every single last one of them means doesn't mean they're meaningless

Most of their fans aren't 12 year olds! When the band started, most of them were around 12, but back then One Direction didn't have tattoos or act inappropriately. Now, those 12-year-olds are 17! They can handle smoking and tattoos. They got through Zayn leaving!

Don't cover your tattoos. Be who you want to be with no one judging. And tattoos do mean something. Maybe it's something spiritual, anyway who cares just do your own thing.

This reason is just an excuse for people to promote bland, soulless, pointless, Christian music. I mean, were The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Madonna, etc. clean cut? No, but they are true music legends.

Usually G-rated music sucks unless it's from an epic soundtrack if you know what I mean.

I don't think they deserve all this hate. It's their choice if they want tattoos. And did anyone notice that Niall is 23 and still doesn't have any? And their tattoos aren't meaningless, look at Liam's tattoo with the four arrows. They stand for his four best friends. It's really your choice whether you want to follow their actions or not. They don't deserve this.

As if the Beatles, rolling stones, linkin park, all of them have never even touched a cigarette -_-. On what basis are you saying this? They are no KIDS. They are not even TEENAGERS anymore. And it's THEIR life. They can do whatever they want to. PLUS, we (the fans) are not kids anymore! It's been four years already.

As much as I hate One Direction, it's not their job to be role models for kids. Their job is to make music not be a role model for your kid.

I'm not against tattoos! I think tattoos are awesome but they should at least have meaning or a good story behind it! They however are showing that it's perfectly fine to have useless tattoos all over your body and the drug thing is really sad because they are no longer teens! They should be more responsible and respect their bodies a little bit more!

Directioners, please stop saying everything 1D do wrong is because of their managers. Their managers are the reason they're famous, and you can't just blame the management all the time because you can't stand the idea that one direction aren't perfect. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with messing up a little, everyone does and they are just in their early twenties, but you need to stop blaming the managers and accept the truth

BAD?! HAHA MY ARSE. They are not paid to treat kids manners, elegance, and life goals. Yes they cuss but not on stage a lot. They have tattoos. Why? Cause they want to. You talk because you WANT TO.

They're just as bad as Miley Cyrus... I saw Harry doing the exact same things that Miley does on stage... At least Miley can sing though! And seriously... The tattoos? If they we're tattoos that meant something like Demi Lovato's 'Stay Strong' tattoo I would say ok, but having a human heart tattooed on yourself?

I disagree because it doesn't matter what they look like, kids should learn not to judge by looks anyway. However, smoking and cursing when kids are able to find out about it is not very good role modeling.

They're kinda bad role models for PEOPLE.. But it's up to them if they wanna follow them.. :) Most of their fans are KIDDOS and TEENS. Taking a video of Zayn smoking? Did they really think it's good for the others?

When people say "it's not their job to be a role model" actually, yes it is. Maybe it's not what they signed up for but it comes hand in hand when you want to be in the entertainment industry. That's the hand they've been dealt

These guys are rude and rough! And the one about accent, I couldn't agree more, I am a British and I don't think their accent is anywhere near the posher British accent! So overrated and lucky

This band is just a bunch of morons who are completely untalented. they are only respected for their looks which I have to add is pretty insulting within itself.

The majority of the singers are junkies and have tattoos and they don't have to be examples (but parents have to be examples). I hate the songs of 1D but I can like "protect them" on that point because they do what they want to do as everybody. And it's better to smoke than sniffing cocaine...

The fifth one on this page, or whichever one is about someone with tattoos is right. no one should be judged by tattoos. my mom has tattoos, a lot of perfectly nice people have tattoos and don't need anyone telling them they can't express themselves. by the way I'm ten and that's my opinion

If they are then tell who is a great role model for kids the only thing that you hate is that they don't make rubbish videos like Miley cirus and Justin Bieber first you have to look at those rubbish people they are funny and extremely funny so you are jealous from them

I like One Direction, but Zayn. PLEASE! GET RID OF YOUR SMOKING ISSUE! - maddyparrot22

I am actually a fan of them, but I have to admit that I was quite dissapointed to find out that some of them smoke. As a 14 year old, I think that this isn't the right thing to do as they should be / are aware that they have fans of ages till 8 or 9. since they're on break now, they don't have the same management anymore, so now some of their songs have some curse words in it, which I also find quite dissapointing...

What? Why is having tattoos bad? My mother has a tattoo and my dad smokes so all the sudden they are bad role models?

No one has ever said they are for kids that's why there concerts are for 12 and over