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41 They Have No Talent

They don't have talent, that's true!

They can't write, they can't play. And most of them are just backup singers. Even the manufactured Monkees could play instruments well and they did in fact write their own number 1. These idiots can't do anything. They are just so talentless. Good bands should be able to play instruments at the very least. that's the bare minimum. Play an instrument. These stupid imbeciles can't. Only one of them can play a guitar, but he's not a proper guitarist who can play riffs and solos and all that. Idiots.

Oh look at that, I haven't seen you get three gold stars in the xfactor! Shut up, please. your heads are so stuck up 2010's arse that once you listen to a recent one direction song, you'd immediately listen to it as a bad song without giving it a try! What's your problem? They've become better and better throughout the years and their sound became so different. what do you look at them as? Some poppy british boyband, correct? Because of their debut album. great. good for you. now go listen to FOUR and I'll get back to you.

Everybody has some talents. Please don't insult the whole human being.

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42 They Have Infected the Minds of Thousands of Teenage Girls

All the girls at school hate them true! Oh I used to be a directiner till I found them stupid, annoying, dumb, and not a good band for kids.. And I kinda find then not attractive

Okay well once again, it's your opinion to like a band. I won't hate. But if I like a band, aka 1d, you will hate. Not cool, girlfriend. I can understand the scary fans, but my mind isn't infected. Don't tell if or if not my mind is infected. This is my opinion that I like one direction. And there's nothing wrong with that, just like your love for another band. Peace is better than war.

After going into school one day wearing an All Time Low t-shirt - I discovered this after being ambushed by a swarm of 12 year olds. Despite myself being a few years older, they didn't hesitate to throw harsh insults at me such as,"The lead singer of that band is a ******", "You like THEM?! Jump off a cliff! " These girls used to be completely normal children - now?

There music is a high infecting VIRUS and IT'S MAKING MORE TWEENIES AND TEEIES INFECTED EVERY DAY shivers

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43 Larry Shippers

Larry isn't real

Your point being? Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy... they aren't real. Just because you don't believe in "Larry" or whatever other one direction ships there are between the band, doesn't mean others don't. - DinoIsBlue

... I can't even so annoying

Awwie they look so cute

I agree

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44 Their Management Controls Almost Every Single Thing They Do

I like singers/bands like Luke Bryan, The Band Perry, Linkin Park, Keith Urban, and most bands that sing with honesty. 1D sings only for the money, and deserve to die in a hole. Their fans need to move on in life and listen to Train or Lady Antebellum, or One REPUBLIC. They have true definition in music.

Example- The Band Perry's If I Die Young
1D's Kiss you
If I Die Young- "But she buries her baby. the sad life, of a short life. Well, I've had just enough time"
The song is about suicide/children being murdered.
Kiss You- "Let me kiss you"
About a guy flirting on a girl... AGAIN!

The Band Perry puts meaning in songs, so do other artists, but not 1D!

Why don't you choose a song that doesn't work exactly in your favor? Like Diana. That's about suicide. In fact, it's the band specifically saying that even though they don't know you, they still love and care for you. And that you shouldn't take your life so long as there's still that one person that you know doesn't care about any differences you may have and just wants you to continue living.

Yes. That's why we hate modest. Directioners and one direction want modest management dead.

So not true. Why don't you find the truth. They are young men. They can make responsible decisions without management, although management does help. Besides, even if management does control them, that's not the band's fault. Making hater reasons requires some thinking and accuracy.


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45 Their Fans Constantly Send Hate to the Wanted

The wanted started hating on one direction for no reason, it's not the fans fault. In all honesty though? What does this has to do with the band?..

Just Saying but the comment was "their fans send hate to the wanted" your not complaining about them your complaining about their fans. they can't control how there fans act & one more thing the hate to the wanted started because the wanted made comments about the one direction not saying hating is right because it never is but still

And of course if their fans do mean things they must be evil! Oops, what do you know; that means every band is evil! Very flawed reasoning...

That's so mean of those dictoriners

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46 Directioners Keep Saying That We're Just Jealous of Them Even When We're Not

I agree... Haters are most upset and angry how little they did to get to the place they are in. We worship stuff like Maroon 5, Cold play, Elton John, and even Beatles because they WORK and write. - okcnaline

I'm not jealous but I can probably create a more enjoyable song than them ( and my voice is GOD AWFUL). Not trying to be narcissistic... - MusicalPony

YES YES EXACTLY! Directioners, there's people who hate EVERY band. You're basically saying that ANYONE who hates 1D is jealous. So let me get this straight... Hate=jealous?
No. You're basically saying that if we hate fish then we're jealous of it. But no, if we hate it it does NOT mean we are jealous. You don't control our opinions. We can hate whatever we want and you have no say in it.

We hate music artists not because we're jealous. Especially because a "music artist" gets a lot of girls. We don't give a flying foxhole about that. We hate them because they don't have talent, or they judge because of looks and not the talent and the music, which is why they have their career in the first place. And we have gathered reasons to hate One Direction in which the directioners can't even have valid justifications of at least 30% of the reasons stated.


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47 Directioners Make Fun of People If They Like Other Bands

Eg I like bigbang and anime some directioners say stuff like eww Asians are so ugly they don't sing in English no bigbang is copying one direction I was like uh no bigbang debut in 2006. Eww super junior there like in there late 20s one is 30 our boys will never be that old I was like bitch one point In Harry's life he will have a 30th birthday party how dumb is saying that eww Asians can't dye their hair blonde it's fake but one direction can dye there hair and other people so how's it fake is it the law that Asian boys can't dye there hair if they want to and some worry if 1D will meat SNSD and date I was like what OD have girlfriends. Some are saying that the guys in vampire knight are hotter than 1D which is true one said that aido is trying way to hard to be sexy and he's coping nail and takuma accent is fake he should go back to South America or wherever he come from. Not all are like this but seen some say this stuff on YouTube and some other sites

You're literally insulting a band to make yourself feel better

No definitely not. I love one direction. You gonna come and say "Hey, I dislike their music. I am into Imagine dragons, one republic, etc". I will most probably reply with "Cool, I like imagine dragons too. Everyone has different taste in music". Jeez dude, don't judge the whole fandom because of some immature girls. I am a 27 year old woman, and I am proud to be into one direction.

That's parcially true some do but I'm a 1d fan and if other kids don't like one direction or like other bands that's not bad well to some people it is but be who you are not what others R. If you like a band go for it if you don't like a band so? Natural. - blondegirl123

Um first I'm never one of those fans. Second Idc what band u like. Third I'm a sweet person

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48 They Are Nothing More Than a Marketing Tool Devised by Greedy Business Men to Take Money from the Most Stupid & Gullible Members of Society.

The motley group of sound botherers were hand picked because of image rather than vocal ability. They had backing vocals to boost their weak voices throughout the X Factor and had the show telling the public to vote for them, and still they lost. The winner of the show has been blacklisted by Cowell for being an actual talented singer, yet the losers were given massive publicity. $20m was spent to break them in the US to brainwash the dumb into believing they have talent, yet their music is loss making. The profit comes from their merchandise.

Worse than this, their Twitter accounts (like everything else they do) are controlled by their management. So there are 100 million under age girls tweeting a faceless person in the belief it's Harry, Barry, Gary, Larry or Carrie.
Then there's the fake Zayn/Perrie relationship used to promote the talentless group of girls under the same management.

So not only are they a fake group they actively lie to their fans.

And ...more

Everyone likes different types of music. Just because we are interested in their music and buy there albums doesn't make me "stupid and gullible". Just because I actually liked this band and my parents wanted to see me happy so they bought me concert tickets doesn't make my parents "stupid and gullible". They are 5 guys who had a dream, which they have achieved. And man, they just make music. It's not their fault that they got so rich and famous so fast. It's not even a mistake to begin with. Jeez, you need to cool down

RUDE! That kinda hurt my feelings :c not to much but whoever wrote this didn't speak from there heart they spoke from there hater friends family or strangers this can be true to you but to others its not so fine the bands you like are just the same if you think every band is! :s - blondegirl123

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49 They're Ugly

So "they are only liked for their looks" and now "they are ugly" this doesn't make much sense... Just saying

They are liked for their looks, that is absolutely correct, but Niall Horan is actually very good looking, look it up, he's hot.

They actually are really attractive. I don't really like their music much except a few songs but they do are handsome. I guess the person who sais this is either into old men or really young men or is blind.

You're all such hypocrites for saying this. thanks for that. how'd you feel if I called you ugly and said that 'your hair goes in different directions', as well as 'nobody likes your face because it's ugly'?

I agree. I'm not Directioner42 anymore as you can see I'm LiaRose2400!

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50 They Can't Draw

What does drawing has to do with doing what you love. Singing. Please just don't be ridiculous

Zayn can draw though..

This is idiotic. Drawing? Is that the best you got? I can't draw either, now are you going to hate on me? Well, can you draw? Can any direction alters draw? I'm sure some can, but not the majority. Even though, zay n can draw. He can sing and draw. Everyone has different talents. Please.

Why is that so important?

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51 The Name

One Direction...

That leads to crazy fangirls sending death threats to people who hate the group.

Like that other item on this list said, they just ripped off OneRepublic, who actually have TALENT. But, you have to admit, it DOES kind of suit them. Because the only direction their going in is DOWNHILL!

So what if they stole the ONE from OneRepublic even 5sos I mean 5 seconds of summer stole the logo of 30 seconds to mars's logo...

The other

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52 They've Ruined the Internet

If you go to and you look at what's hot, it says a bunch of things and then it says One Direction! There is nothing special about them

I dare you to scroll through the "what's hot" feed of any social media and not see a (too) familiar face.

You literally cannot go anywhere on the internet without seeing 1D. I'm even on a page about One Direction right now. - IsyTheElf101

They MADE the internet.

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53 They Existed

If they are solo artists, they would've made it by their looks only

Their existence is the reason that sadness exists

Last time I checked, depression and suicide was happening long before One Direction was a band. - DinoIsBlue

Well this should be reason number one! SARCASM this is stupidest reason with no logic

What about you existed

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54 Harry Styles Said They Were Bigger and Better Than the Beatles

Harry said that they were PROBABLY even bigger than the Beatles but music wise, they would be fools if they compared themselves to the Beatles! I think it's better to be clear about the whole matter than to just rant about it without even understanding the matter. no offense to anyone at all!

Correction : Harry said that they were more famous than Beatles PROBABLY (Which is true. They are more famous) and he also said that music wise, they would be fools to compare themselves to the Beatles because the Beatles were legends. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT

That's ridiculous to even compare music wise, just look at the decades it's much easier to make it in music these days with YouTube but when the Beatles were around they made it bigger than one direction ever will and this was without the YouTube and Internet to help.

... Wow. Don't even go there, Styles. Do NOT even go there.

This stupid website makes no sense.

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55 Directioner Fan-Fictions

Listen, fan fiction is probably something that fans write for their own amusement. They mean no harm. And obviously if you don't like them, then stop reading it!

Fan fiction is for the fans. Not for haters.

This is the most annoying part of the fanbase. Its crazy. Girls that think dating 1D makes you awesome and think it would be so cool to be Mrs. Styles and have a hundred kids with him? Ew.

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56 The Music

There song midnight memories is the worst song ever the person who sings this is a idiot so annoying

No one asked if you dint got anything nice to say then get your ugly fat ass out of here

Buy no control on itunes now!
It's a song that is guarantee to make you horny!

Their songs r never about real, improtabt stuff, just crud girls who r naked

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57 They Are So Dramatic

Then there's other bands who are insulted on day to day bases then they give inspiring quotes to interviews on how "They can get threw it" or "How they don't care" Then there's 1D who just cry about it! Inspiring...

They cried over hate. Loads of people gets hate but they don't make a big deal out of it.

Yeah instead they put up a front that they are alright but deep inside they are drowning from misery yeah that is so not a big deal... And those who cry are weaklings because they wanted to find a better way to relieve their misery by spill their real feelings which magically becomes tears.. Yeah poor crying weaklings right.. Bet you never cried because of hate, the suffocating gruesome feeling that someone could give to you, such a brave person you are - achi

You expect them to stay strong when you keep telling people this very inaccurate list of information? Saying they don't know music, they don't have talent, they're just a bunch of lucky talentless guys... everyday they get hate. You also said they ruined songs by doing covers. Well guess what? EVERYONE DOES COVERS. And I bet you 5 million dollars your precious Beatles and death metal bands also made Ocove rs. o ne direction has been through a lot, they deserve the fame that they have, they're very talented. The only reason you say these things is because you don't like their music. You can hate them all you want, but don't influence other people to hate them too by giving this that isn't even true. Some may have made mistakes in the past, but haven't we all? They are all very kind hearted, and its just heart breaking to know some cry over the unnecessary hate.

To all those bitches who say they are "Dramatic" from crying over hate.Look at your life for once,haven't you ever been bullied,if yes,have you ever cried about it... If yes there is no reason for you to call the boys "Dramatic" if they cry over hate.

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58 They Look Almost Exactly Like the Wanted

Really? I mean do you have eyes? I guess no. I mean didn't anyone teach you the difference between monkeys and boys.

Last time a checked know of them were bald...

Its like they've copied everything

Nope.. how the hell can you copy ones looks? They were formed I think earlier than the wanted

The Wanted is very... Interesting looking

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59 Directioners Are Cold Hearted

How many directioners have you met? Maybe a few. When you met them, did you insult them, did you say bad things about one direction? You probably made them angry, we directioners are protective of our babies, even though they might be older than some of us. WE LOVE THEM, WE ALWAYS WILL, EVEN AFTER WE DIE!

I am sickened by the way they treated Alex Gaskarth.

Not all of us are and the only reason we are is because people like you

No wonder you made fun of Mitch lucker's death and mocked his family when harry stole the lucker stomp, Oh, and no wonder girls like you treat people like trash when they don't listen to 1D, wow, so not cold hearted (I was being sarcastic)

Totally agree. The only good fanbase are Selenators. #proudselenator

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60 Niall Horan Niall Horan Niall James Horan is an Irish singer-songwriter and guitarist, known as a member of the boy band One Direction.

Your obviously just jealous, he's hotter than you.

He's amazing awesome incredible outstanding funny hot sexy he puts a smile on my face he super talented and he's one of the best human beings ever

This is the most accurate discription on why One Direction is the worst thing that has ever happened to planet earth. This piece of human detritus should never have been born. Look at his neck it is so long. this is a reason to hate him. This one-legged freak has a special place in the depths of hell. One direction would be actually okay without this "thing" holding them down and drowning them. Harry styles could actually be happy. We all could actually be happy. This is expired mayonnaise and I vote that if we all stand up together WE CAN GET RID OF IT. Who is with me!

Niall is awesome and cute

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