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61 They Are So Dramatic

Then there's other bands who are insulted on day to day bases then they give inspiring quotes to interviews on how "They can get threw it" or "How they don't care" Then there's 1D who just cry about it! Inspiring...

They cried over hate. Loads of people gets hate but they don't make a big deal out of it.

Yeah instead they put up a front that they are alright but deep inside they are drowning from misery yeah that is so not a big deal... And those who cry are weaklings because they wanted to find a better way to relieve their misery by spill their real feelings which magically becomes tears.. Yeah poor crying weaklings right.. Bet you never cried because of hate, the suffocating gruesome feeling that someone could give to you, such a brave person you are - achi

You expect them to stay strong when you keep telling people this very inaccurate list of information? Saying they don't know music, they don't have talent, they're just a bunch of lucky talentless guys... everyday they get hate. You also said they ruined songs by doing covers. Well guess what? EVERYONE DOES COVERS. And I bet you 5 million dollars your precious Beatles and death metal bands also made Ocove rs. o ne direction has been through a lot, they deserve the fame that they have, they're very talented. The only reason you say these things is because you don't like their music. You can hate them all you want, but don't influence other people to hate them too by giving this that isn't even true. Some may have made mistakes in the past, but haven't we all? They are all very kind hearted, and its just heart breaking to know some cry over the unnecessary hate.

To all those bitches who say they are "Dramatic" from crying over hate.Look at your life for once,haven't you ever been bullied,if yes,have you ever cried about it... If yes there is no reason for you to call the boys "Dramatic" if they cry over hate.

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62 They're Better Than Me

FINALLY! Something I can agree with you about. But the rest of the crap you said is ABSOLUTELY complete and utter crap!

DEFINTELY! That should inspire me to hate them, no way should I change myself...

I'm a miserable pissbaby who took the time to write over 100 things I hate about one direction because I don't have a job and can't get laid

No no, you are way better than them, just don't grow up and become a Justin Bieber

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63 They Insult the Genre of Rock Music

My directioner said I shouldn't listen to My Chemical Romance (my favourite band) because I might turn into a depressed emo and I just said no and she tried to convince me that one direction can be better and have rock music so she showed me "Little black dress" I just looked at her and said this is pop and I showed her Teenagers and said this is rock...

Ok I hate some rock and metal songs but I'm not refering to all the genre I don't ofend anyone by this I'm personly a Pop and Rap fan but I have no right to critisize you for your opinion

Very true... Rock is love rock is life... to be honest 1D tries to be punk rock... doesn't work..

64 Their Accents

Not true they can't help where they come from they're just a couple of northern/Irish lads! Just because they ain't all posh and southern doesn't mean they aren't lovely people because they really R. If you get to know Niall especially, the nicest guy you will EVER meet! He's just so genuine and nice- they all are! So back off people!

Why are you guys (the comments below me) being so RUDE? She/he just voiced their opinion, something you haters are always claiming you want.

I seriously get the feeling that whoever wrote these are running out of reasons... If there even were some

Yep. They can't help where they were born. I have a mid western acent and can't change it. You have an acent too, according to people from different countries. We are all different, so don't hate on us being ourselves.

Accents?! Seriously?! The Beatles have British accents loads of people have different accents so this reason is so stupid. - Anonymousxcxc

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65 Harry's Hair

This has got to be a joke. Not everyone likes the fact that his hair is down to his shoulders - I myself don't like it very much but hey, it's not MY hair, nor is it MY body or MY life. - DinoIsBlue

LOOK. he's very feminine and he's doing his own thing. he already gets heat from fans. not everyone of the fans say its cute.

No offense to him but he looks like a werewolf and all the "directioners" are all like "it's so cute! " And I'm like "it's gross,no offense to him"

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66 Used Nickelodeon to Get Popular

I never heard of One Direction until they appeared on Nickelodeon, so this is so true. They weren't already popular, and this is how those annoying fans most likely got started. The fans should actually try listening to good and real music, that doesn't have auto tune, dumb lyrics the band didn't even write themselves, members who can't even play an instrument, and most of all good music has musicians behind it that actually have talent.

No they didn't use nikelodeon they were already popular

They didn't use 'Nick'. I'm sure that the people who run iCarly didn't want 'nobodies' to come on the show. And by the way, Nick asked One Direction to go on iCarly. Fun fact, iCarly actually got more popular once 1D was on there. Thank you very much.

I'm getting off this page now so many lies I don't like them but really guys

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67 They Have No Bond

It's true, they only act oh-so-friendly with each other but their actually just acting to be friends so that they get more famous. Real bonds (take my favorite, jpop for example), happen in real groups. Jpop bands have been together for more than half their lives! E.G. arashi, SMAP, TOKIO, Kinki Kids. Even Justin Bieber was better than one direction! And, I'm not a Belieber myself.i hate even having to mention their name. Plus, one direction aren't even a very good example for kids! They refuse to see a dying fan cause she wasn't paying enough? How grateful for their fan base (not sarcasm)! And, their fans only like them so that they're more 'popular' in school! One direction is SUCH a flake

How in the world would you know they have no bond? Have you met them? Have You seen them not in public? I'm not trying to hate I'm just saying. Also their management has a lot of control over them you don't really know what they will or won't let them do, and you don't know them you can't judge them you have no idea. and I mean neither do I but still and about liking them just to be more popular? Really? Whats that have to do with them? They can't control their fans.

This HAS to be the stupidest one yet. They are like brothers they never had, they are alwas with each other and they love hanging out! They love being together as a band! What proof do you have that says they have no bond?

They're quite friendly with each other! If not, what's the point of shipping them?

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68 Their Songs Are Generic Pop Songs

The songs are basically the same thing every single time! All their songs are just crappy love songs, if you can call them that.

They are british pop band! for god sake go and check wikipedia first - Lia_Harris

Story of my life is not all the same as the others. Those pop songs were made when they where younger. Haven't any of you noticed that their music has changes as they grew up. Sorry to y'all haters that hate but they've changed their looks and music. They should be at least a little less annoying cause some bit of these opinion/facts are now false. BYE AND LOVE TO EVERYONE! 0:

I literally can't tell the difference between one thing, what makes you beautiful and live while we're young...

Well, these are their old songs... Now they have newer songs that are better than the old ones...

They aren't even songs. They are just auditory torture to real music fans.

69 Their Fanbases Tear Down All Else

If you like another group (ie Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic), they will sit and swear their fool heads off that you dislike their 'future husbands' and like another boy band instead. They compare real lyrics and stories to five guys (if you could call them that, they are all immature) who rewrite the sam song over and over and become horrendous role models for anyone. If there's one thing that I dislike most about 1D, it would be the screaming, crying, disturbed masses of 6 - 10 year old girls.

I agree! I'm a fan, and even I have been insulted for liking other bands. Just because I love My Chemical Romance, The Fray, Coldplay, The Script, All Time Low, The Goo Goo Dolls, The Beatles (etc) I'm not a "real fan." Are you kidding me? I guess if you abide by the Directioner's Code (Not a real thing) the only other bands/singers you can like besides One Direction are Little Mix, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, and Five Secconds of Summer. Also, I'm sure the fan base will begin hating on HATS one day! They call people who dislike the band "haters", while most Directioners are the DEFINITION of haters.

It's not the band's fault if some fans are rude. Half of these reasons are not their faults.

You should stop blaming the boys for that, it's because of some idiot fans? - Lia_Harris

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70 They Copied Backstreet Boys With a Picture

Oh ye! They had a famous picture of all of them holding puppies, girls love it but don't know backstreet did it first!

Lots of people before the backstreet boys have pictures of them holding puppies, duh!

The Backstreet Boys are way better than One Direction. They have been singing since when? 1993 or something? And people are still talking about them and they enjoy their music. But One Direction are never going to last so long. No way! In fact, I'm pretty sure they have already lost half of their fanbase 'cause I don't hear of them so much anymore.

Backstreet boys are so much better! Them and n sync both did that, so one direction adopted the idea for the third time

Well, everyone likes puppies

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71 Their Twitter Fights

They have way too many twitter fights (Tyler Oakley, The Wanted, etc). This also goes back to how their fans are so immature! They get involved in the twitter fights and send threats. Like seriously?!

It's so annoying when they fight with The Wanted boys. I love The Wanted and I don't want them hurt.

Tyler loves the band. Bla bla bla. That's all the haters say.

Ridicu-louis.😂 Hehehe, get it? Since he is the one behind the fight

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72 They Made a Video On the Same Beach As Blink 182, and Blink's Video Made Fun of Boy Bands Such As 1d

It's hilarious how blink-182 parodied 1D, 12 years before they existed.

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73 Too Much Publicity

Seriously? False. Other people worked FOR One Direction. Go research some REAL hard working bands like Nirvana, Or AC/DC (dead lead singer AND a rhythm guitarist who got dementia), Guns 'N Roses, Iron Maiden, Metallica, etc. People who didn't just waltz into fame. People who earned it by themselves.

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74 They Cheat On Girls

That's and under statment ok so if zayn did that to perry does that make the other band members the same? - blondegirl123

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75 They Are Bad at Singing

So what I been to one of their concerts!

They are the best singers in the world I don't get this list.

The list is just fishing for things to "hate" about - not to mention it keeps contradicting itself. This is the "worst" things about One Direction and jokes on the website, because over half of this is based on the fans. The band can't help what the fans do. - DinoIsBlue

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76 They're Are Only Famous Purely Because of Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell wanted more money. therefore turning the five boys into another crappy boy band to exploit

They are famous because of talents, sorry you don't know the definition of that.

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77 Their Clothes

Yeah? So it's a crime to have style?

I don't think this is a reason to hate them, everyone has their own way of dressing

I've seen even crappier. Was this just a reason you made up so you could hate them?

That's bad why?

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78 Their Only Dance Move is the Pelvic Thrust

They are just a bunch of talentless dumbass...

Really? Only the pelvic thrust? These guys are jokes to real idol groups. Real idol groups do different dances and do not carry the same dances over to the next single.

So? They'll tell you they can't dance.

Look at Best song ever mv. I don't see that

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79 They Rate Their Fans

This is not true. Why would they write a hit song about every girl being beautiful if they thought otherwise? They really mean what they sing.

Just saying they don't write their song they don't get to choose what songs they sing either

What never heard about this one?

This never happened at the concert they say everyone of us is beautiful

What hello listen to what makes you beautiful so its not true

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80 There's 5 of Them

0 is already to much

WOW five 1 2 3 4 5 I guess your right! (sarcastic moment there) yeah bands have five members some=times. - blondegirl123

Ohh wow great discovery! I can't believe it there are 5! (sarcasm)

4 actually

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