Top Ten Worst Things About One Direction

Worst things about the boyband One Direction.

P.S: Not hating. Just curious. If you don't hate them, don't comment. Simples.

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81 Their Music Makes Me Want to Kill Myself and Everyone Within Earshot

Exactly. Your fault. Listen to them if you want, this one is not their fault. I will enjoy the music.

If you said that you are overheard their song on radio. Just shut off the radio. It's simple. Not their fault. It's your. You can shut off the radio, except, you don't have finger or hand. Duh.

I have gothic tendencies. Why kill yourself for hearing their "songs"? Kill the people playing them! Stop degrading yourself! They are already degrading themselves with their music taste and then you are here, joining them in degrading themselves by also degrading yourself? That doesn't make any sense.

Then don't listen to them. Duh. That's your fault. I will enjoy the music, you go kill yourself (if you are so desperate to do that)

So just don't liste... you re independent

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82 Harry Styles Gets Way Too Much Attention

Whenever I want to look up the latest celebritiy news I always seen an article about Harry! Especially if you go on most celeb sites some articles are about one directtion. When you click on it, BAM IT says HARRY!

But no other pop singer does, because it's important to life to know who taylor's new boyfriend is... and how this person cheated and this person LIED! They don't get too much attention though. only harry

They can't control how much attention they get so why hate them for that

Hi I'm a 13 yrs old directioner and harry styles is my favorite member. I don't want brag on I went to one of their concerts. I'm so sorry about the yelling of the caps on my keyboard I didn't notice it. Directioners keep liking one direction and don't listen to these people haters. Harry Styles is the most awesome singer ever. And he's cute and funny. Um harry styles can get all the attention. Person who made this lists is! mean! I'm a true directioner.
Love collielove a
P.s stay beautiful.

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83 They Are a Shame to People Who Listen Heavy Metal Music

I'm a heavy metal fan and I don't care, like I understand there's people who try to be "hard core" and love metal bands and make fun of Miley Cyrus, one direction, etc. BUT there is this thing called having a taste in a variety of music. Even my taste ranges from Slipknot to Miley Cyrus. So just grow up and realize you don't have to like one genre of music, I know their annoying at times, but my friends like them and I respect that. Their not a shame, just a different genre

They are not a shame. Just a different genre. Everyone has different tastes in music. You heavy metal likes think of yourself as "oh so cool" and think of the pop music likers as "lame with no taste in music". Oh please, should I remind you again? Everyone HAS DIFFERENT TASTES IN MUSIC. Get that through your thick skull. Listening to pop is not as bad as it sounds. In fact, my ears hurt when I listen to mindless rap and heavy metal.

Not only to heavy metal fans, but to the whole of music! They are a big disgrace to music especially to British bands!

True.. believe me... my school is 99% pop music 1% rock, heavy metal, etc.

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84 Modest! Management

Modest kinda bothers me sometimes, but then I remember they work for the band that changed my life, I can't imagine life without them, they're the reason I'm still here today they make me happy and I know I'll probably never meet them, but that doesn't matter to me because they will always be in my heart.

85 They Think They Are Cool

Hello to the person who ever made the first comment. I would like to give you some life advice. You used the word "wright" in the wrong context. The right way to use it is "yeah right" Also I would like to tell you that your opinion is irreverent because all you are doing is bashing them and not giving straight up facts, thank you for your time I hope I made your life better.

Yeah wright there a couple of bags that can't wipe their ass so never mind singing and dancing. I feel like hanging myself every time I see them or hear them I feel like tieing a bag over my head and jumping into a river

Clearly, they are cool. but what is the definition of cool? It doesn't really matter in the end if your cool, does it

Well, they have snot for brains!

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86 The Way That Directioners Reacted to Zayn Leaving

They reacted as though he died. They are also doing things like suicide and cut themselves to mentally force him back in the group. This fanbase is the most selfish fanbase I have ever heard of.

Just because you're not in the fandom doesn't mean you can just say that. Jesus. Zayn was one of the biggest parts of our lives and so much people were upset by it.

I bet they were really upset to see zayn leave

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87 They Talk About Sex In Their Songs When 4 of Them Aren't Even 21

I think it's insane that those guys can talk about sexy stuff in their songs when only one of them (Louis) is even an adult. The rest of them should really get in trouble for sex-talk in their songs with their mommies. I think that sex should be reserved for married adult couples.

From where they're from, they're legal adults. Just because in some places you have to be 21+, doesn't mean it's the same in other places. - DinoIsBlue

Look, I hate 1d as much as the next fully developed human, but because they are british and Irish, they are legal adults. in those places, when you turn 18 your a legal adult.

And so what a lot of famous people post naked pics of them selfs and do that too when they are in their early teens

Well all of them reached 21 already you appy now

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88 They Have No Acting Ability

Acting ability? I thought they were singers? You're probably looking for an all-rounder? No offense.

Last time I checked they're not actors

They don't need an acting ability, they screw around in their videos, I hate one direction as much as any well functioning female would, which is a lot I might add, But you seriously have no life whatsoever, and tryna make urself feel better by hating on someone more successful than you. I am a thirteen year old telling you this. How tragic.

Well I thought they were singers! (sarcasm)

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89 They Smell

Just don't say any rubbish... Its crazy... I hope you re not mad... How do you know? N they r richer than uso have money to buy perfumes

Do go around smelling them? Get a life loser

What do you go around to meet and greets to sniff them and leave just to wriyebmean things about them.

This part is creepy. - Anonymousxcxc

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90 Fans Hate On Their Girlfriends

Yeah, this is sick. Some fans are really mean and need to get lives.

We do? Oh no we don't? Fake fans do. But WE don't. - XxHarryxStylesxX

Not all of their girlfriends just the ones that are mean and don't really like the boys

I would never make fun of them. I like Perrie Edwards. Sophie and danellie.

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91 They Are Hideous Pretty Boys

Why does everybody think only stupid girls like them! Its just petty, and the point of this site is to insult 1D, not put hate a whole bunch of hate on girls you don't even know the name of. For all you know what you just said could've pushed a girl passed her breaking point, and you could be the reason she killed herself. All I'm asking is that everyone stop insulting the fans.

Ok I'm sorry but how do you continuously say you have all As and whatnot, but you can't spell and use a instead of an and then you use the wrong form of there. You must be getting straight As in third grade.

Only stupid fan girls like them

If you call them hideous, why put pretty boys title?

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92 They Didn't Perform for a Girl With Cancer

True, they didn't do it because they wouldn't pay them. that's just mean fame shouldn't just be about the money

Because every person with a severe health issue deserves to have their favorite band play for them! If the band doesn't don't they MUST be greedy selfish asses

That may be sad but they can't perform for every one nation wide there has to be a couple hundred who did not have them perform for them but they are a band who does concerts makes new songs and dance lessons and makes videos sponsers T.V. broadcasting radio shows and much more things not everyone can have them perform for them. - blondegirl123

But couldn't they postpone 1 thing. She has cancer for heavens sake!

When was this?

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93 They Abuse the Fame They Have

Oooh kay, please enlighten me as in to how they do this. - DinoIsBlue

How? :o

94 Zayn Copied Siva from the Wanted

I was going around youtube and I saw an interview of this "Zayn Malik" person admitting he copied Siva from the wanted... I love the wanted but one direction shouldn't get credit from what they copied. (ex. One way or another)

About one way or another, I know that they copied the song, but it was for a good reason. the money that they earned by releasing the song, they gave it away to a british charity-event called comic-relief. so they actually did it for a good reason.
No offense at all.

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95 They Try to Lift Girls Up But Bring Them Down

They sell makeup, to up their fanbase and collect more money. It had nothing to do with telling girls they need makeup, let alone trying to deflate their self esteem. I am thirteen years old, hate one direction, but I tell you this, go get a life, and go get laid..

This is like the third good reason on the list! Not saying I agree, but at least it's a good reason. girls shouldn't get their value from music, either way

One of their songs lyrics are "don't need make-up to cover up" but they sell make-up as one of their merchandise

I'll let you all into a secret, Harry Styles actually pulled a girl's trousers AND KNICKERS down once!

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96 They Make Girls Mean

Directioners are terrifyingly obsessive. At my last middle school dance the girls put "Best Song Ever" on the request list 1,234 times! And my middle school consists of about 100 people. And also one direction fans always think we are just jealous which is totally not true. I am not jealous of a bad band with bad songs. I like songs with passion and emotion. Like the wanted, the script, one rebublic, and Mumford and sons. I think one direction just might be worse than Justin Bieber.

My middle school has 1200 people and my elementary school had like 700 people and the high school has like 5,000 people, though I agree with you. - Anonymousxcxc

My ole' friend said that his girl classmates beat up a boy because he hated 1D. I vote to bankrupt them 1D.

You see all the fans on this list defending 1D? That right there is a PERFECT example.

I can agree with that!

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97 None of Them Can Sing

They were put into a group on X-Factor because they can't sing. They were all booted off until a stupid Nicole noticed they all have a look that dumb kids will go for so she suggested they be put into a group

They can sing especially louis

They really can't sing! They sound like they're talking! Didn't you hear their garbage?!

Yaaas may be that's why they are on the top of the charts

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98 They (Especially Zayn) Are Too Dramatic

On X-factor Zayn Malik started crying when he was told to dance why cry and get emotional about it? And they all try and make big deals out of little things.

I know, thing of the chorus to "What Makes You Beautiful" - Baby, you light up my world - I don't even want to sing the whole chorus!

Wow he didn't even cry! He didn't want to do it because he feared of being judged and isn't a fan of being around too many people at a time. I don't blame him, he's shy. When I see interviews of them on T.V. he never really talks

Zyan cried because he was in the worst boy band ever

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99 They Turn Young Girls Aggressive

You can not say a bad thing about one direction to a directioner without them trying to knock your head off! At Least Beliebers respect other peoples view on other musicians

They are not the ones who turn the girls aggressive, some of the fans are way too obsessed and they cannot hear one word against them. that is a bit too extreme. everyone has their own opinions and if someone doesn't like them, we should respect it and not tell them to die or something. non-directioners can also tell directioners to die because they like them, but they don't because they're not offensive.

Um not all the fans are aggressive your basing that on a majority

Most of the directioners are aggressive and crazy...

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100 They're Bitches

Laugh out loud... Shut up before I do it for you.

Laugh out loud but not so true. - blondegirl123

Have you met them personally?

Doesn't look like it :/

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