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101 They Don't Know What Respect Is

Well they are a respectful band. - blondegirl123

Its true. They are very respectful.

They're respectful..? don't know where that came from

One Direction was a bunch of nobodies that disrespect positive opinions on Green Day, The Beatles, Queen, all these other great bands back in the late 20th Century. >:(

102 They Don't Sing With Other Singers

They don't need rappers to make good songs.

They don't make good songs you know why because other people make their songs for them

Aw is someone mad that Nicki Manaj didn't show up in Best Song Ever? :( Poor baby. -Note the sarcasm will ya? -

Because other singers don't want

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103 Directioners Have to Know Every Single Thing About 1d

This I agree with. It's truly sickening in my opinion that every fan of One Direction has to follow the code of knowing every little fact and detail about the band ranging from what they like and dislike to what they do within their personal lives etc. And even if you get a tiny little fact wrong (if you were a 1D fan), most of the Directioners attack you and call you "not true fans" or "Directionators". Look. I'm a fan of certain bands like Erasure, TDCC for examples but I don't know everything about what they like or dislike etc. But why do I need to? It's none of my business. I'm there to like their music, nothing else. And if I wanted to know some facts about those bands, I would research in my own time. Just because I don't know every fact doesn't mean I'm less of a fan than you are. There is so much more to being a fan than knowing everything about the members, it's about appreciating the band members and their music. I'm sorry if I offended anyone but this is what I think.

Absolutely. It's ridiculous. I mean, I like to know some fun facts about my favorite bands too, like when their birthdays are. But hey, I don't need to know what their favorite pizza topping is, how many times they got in trouble in school, or how many chocolate bars they ate as an eight year old and how much weight they gained from it. Yes, fans of One Direction will actually go that far, and it's idiotic.

This is the thing that's bothering me the most about this site... you're basing it on some of the fans and not the rest. Not everyone is like this - I like them for their music, and I personally don't care with what happens in their life because it doesn't directly affect mine. - DinoIsBlue

So? Are you jealous that your fandom doesn't know that many facts about your favorite bands or singer?

So you're saying we can't be a fan of something if we don't know anything about who we are a fan of, your wrong, you Directioners are becoming too defensive, we didn't need to know everything about bands like Linkin Park, Paramore or boy bands like EXO or the wanted to be a fan or a part of their fanbase if they had one (some of them do)

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104 They Don't Seem to Do Much Charity

What about when they made the One Way Or Another music video by themselves and donated the money they saved to charity? Or when louis dyed his hair red for it? Or nialls soccer game?

So true look Justin Bieber! He does them all the time

Louis tweets 24/7 about endora trust or whatever that is and the rubi kid and yeah can't list down all of the charities they do my hand would be numb

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105 No Swag

They can't even where a pear of shoes with out telling them selfs that they have swag or with out there fans saying something like this... Oh you guys look so hot or you have the most swag#socute

106 Their Hair

Oh really because if you really can see, you will see that their hair is always perfect and they are perfectly shaved look them up on Google images and then get back to me please.

Nothing wrong with your own personal style.

They are in deperate need of a decent haircut and hairstyle plus they need to shave

If they want to wear their hair like that, what is wrong with it! If you get a haircut everybody else thinks you should change, do you?

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107 Liam Payne Liam Payne Liam James Payne is an English singer and songwriter. He made his debut as a singer when he auditioned as a solo artist for the British television series The X Factor in 2008 with "Fly Me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra.

God no. What the hell is this and why is this even on here?

Liam Payne is the best singer in one direction, I'm a Niall girl.

Liam has the best voice among all of them (coming from someone who likes him the least among the four members)

Although I'm a Niall girl Liam is my hero,He has been rejected 22 times,Had a lot of needles inside of him in his childhood,has one kidney because he was born dead YET STILL looks back at his childhood with a smile

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108 Zayn Malik Zayn Malik Zain Javadd Malik, born on 12 January 1993, who records mononymously as ZAYN, is a British singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Bradford, ZAYN aspired to pursue a career in music from a young age leading him to audition as a solo artist for the British reality television music competition The X more.

I hate him so much. Who is he. He ditched my concert and suddenly left the band a few days later. Nice

You what you haters zayn gets really hurt. That's way you judge him the way he looks. Someday in life you're feel sorry. I don't want here little pretty games here. Do want me to yell. Zayn is cute awesome,beautiful. Go Away HATERS. SO LEAVE HIM ALONE! ยก!

Why the hell are haters here. Any who Zayn is one those nice poeple. I'm sorry go away haters. Geez.

Leave my beautiful zayny alone!

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109 Relationship Enders V 1 Comment
110 Zayn Malik is Not a Part of the Band Anymore

So why is this a bad thing? Sure I don't like the band at all, but Zayn shouldn't get all depressed just because of some hardcore haters. Best of luck to you Zayn and good luck on your engagement. This comment may sound hypocritical coming from a 1D hater, but at least I don't tell fans and the people themselves to die. That's just wrong. - Anonymousxcxc

As a directioners I have to agree with this one

I know that he left the band earlier this year 25th march just because those directionators were giving hate towards him and he was depressed and started taking drugs!

And he was the best...

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111 Live While We're Young ripped off Should I Stay or Should I Go

Come on. Because ripping off The Who isn't enough, they have to ripoff The Clash.

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112 They Dissed Portishead
113 Their Songs Have Poor Chord Sequences

Their riffs are all much the same: they could really learn from other bands about rich harmony and good bass.

If they did, then you guys would say that they copied other people, etc. EVERYONE is different. if everybody on earth were the same, it'd be really boring. not everybody likes the same thing, right? If you don't like them, it's perfectly alright. everyone has their own opinions. by the way, I'm sorry if I offended anyone.

My guitar teacher kept giving me 1D songs because he had so many of them, and after a few, I was just like, "Wait... didn't I just do that? "

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114 They Don't Do Anything Themselves

They have made so much money (5million each) off other peoples hard work and time they have not written a single song themselves and all of them are cheesy anyway.

They write a lot of there songs. Some of my favourite songs by them they wrote. And plus, the people that only write songs for singers, where do they get there money. They write good songs. They needed help with first two albums but now they can write songs

They've written 15 out of 18 songs on the Midnight Memories album...

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115 The Have So Many Awards Simply for Their Looks

They have not worked hard for a single award they have in their possession and don't deserve anything they have

AKB48 worked very hard and didn't win anything. They had to go through hell just to gain fame. But One Direction? They just showed up with no effort, and got all the awards. They can't dance, can't play instruments, can't act, and most of all they can't sing. They're only famous for looks.

Yeah I buy their songs to listen to their faces.. That sounds just about right.. (SARCASM, laugh out loud)

They have so many awards because of their fans who votes their asses off

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116 They Don't Try

Girl talking about The Monkees. The Monkees were an American remake of the Beatles (Not hating on The Monkees cause they are great just getting a point aside) - hkred100

Oh so that's why they have so many fans cause they don't try? - blondegirl123

They put no effort into their preformances and their always boring or look like they've been put together by a trigger happy 2 year old.

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117 They Act Like They Expect Us to Believe They Are One Big Happy Family

What do you mean? One direction and directioners are one huge happy family. We love direction and one direction. We couldn't be happier. You can't understand directioners, one direction makes us smile when we are sad and we just feel like we know them even though we never met them. No matter what you say directioners will stay, till death.

Agree. They basically live with a fake lifestyle just to make us believe that.

This site isn't all about hate and petty insults. I mean can't some people show how they really feel about certain things and people to a bigger audience without having someone bash on them and make them feel inferior, sure I don't like death comments or racist or sexist comments and say that it's wrong, but at least I respect opinions even if sometimes it sounds like I'm not. So if you are someone who does all of the stuff I am against for then think twice about this message and stop we all have opinions so respect us for that and stop bashing on us. - Anonymousxcxc

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118 They Copied the Ramones V 4 Comments
119 They Do Not Take Criticism Well

This is true but you should not criticize people in the first place

When the haters said that to harry, they had recently become popular. they hadn't experienced the pros and cons of being popular. and as far as I think, harry is really sensitive. it's okay to cry once in a while. after all, you wouldn't like to see all those mean stuff about yourself.
P. S: no offense to anyone

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120 Harry Styles Ripped Off Beatles' Harrison

Harrison is one of the best guitarist, and even singer, songwriter! What about Harry Style? The hair style makes him and also 1D popular. So sad Harrison's died :(
The songs? 1D songs will never even catch up Harrisongs.

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