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121 The Way Harry Messes With His Hair

The way he is always putting his hand through his hair looks like he has nits

Harry is in desperate need of a haircut...

Got a problem with that I think it's cute

Got a huge problem with that I think it is cute.
Yup my mom says Harry styles needs a hair cut.
I'm like I love Harry's hair.

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122 They Are Cocky

Are you kidding me are you seriousley seriouse HA HA HA! Your opinion! HA HA HA. - blondegirl123

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123 They Copied Big Time Rush

I said to myself long ago that I would never be mean to any band or anything ( except the wanted, I HATE THEM! ), but big time rush is bad at singing and I don't like them at all, they are nothing like one direction, big time rush has fans of the age of like 3, 1D have teenager fans. They are different for that reason and many MANY others.

Yes, they copied one of their album covers and stole a lot of their Rushers, Big Time Rush to me is the best band ever and one direction is the worst

Absolutely not! Big Time Rush is way worse then One Direction!

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124 Directioners Hate Big Time Rush

Why do directioners hate them, maybe your getting big time rush and the wanted mixed up.

Directioners hate all who aren't one direction

Objection! I hate 1D but I hate big time rush a lot

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125 They Will Be Replaced

This is just temporary. 1D will be replaced by another group of youths. Deal with it. Soon enough we will all be hating the next group of boys that are marketed by smart business people.

I feel sorry for those who will replace them

But they will always be the biggest band in the world

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126 Directioners Told Alex Gaskarth to Kill Himself

This was just horrible and I have to say that this is the reason I hate this generation: idiotic people who don't know how to not be completely sickening and accept other people's opinions.

I love how people care about this but don't care about the fans who have done nothing wrong who are killing themselves for being told to kill themselves simply for liking One Direction

And some Directioners said that they are only cold-hearted because of the haters... We HATE because we have a REASON!

Directioners always tell someone to kill himself...

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127 Directioners Think Everyone Loves One Direction

I used to like 1D but they just make it seem like it's a competition to fangirl and I hate that and the world doesn't revolve around them

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128 They Steal Fame from Other (Better) Bands

They are one of the reasons why Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin are not that famous nowadays.

Please, we all know the tweens are all talking about 1D. But have they ever talked about other boy bands? No. The Vamps are WAY better in my opinion. Even I'm not a fan of The Vamps, they sound better and their music has better meaning. But they barely get ANY attention. This is because the media is too intrested in what Harry Styles wore at some stupid shop. Like PLEASE just stop with the ONE DIRECTION stuff and be openminded and listen to some REAL music, Directioners!.

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129 They Brainwashed Females With Their Music
130 They Have Tattoos

Seriously? Some people complain because they have tattoos. it's totally their personal matter.

No but niall is the only one with no tattoos at all.

So what? Doesn't make them bad people.

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131 Their Fans Think They Are the Next Nirvana

No. Just no. Maybe they have the same popularity (unfortunate) but they will never have the same impact, music and talent as Nirvana!

They write crap and call it music. Nirvana wrote music and called it crap. Nirvana is good. 1D is exactly what they write. Crap.

Oh come on! Directioners don't know who are Nirvana

We don't at all think this

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132 Their Fans Are Idiots

You know it hurts when someone one says that kind of stuff, you don't know the impact.

There are doctors, nurses, dentist, etc. and thousands of very smart people who like 1D... Your argument is irrelevant because you can't judge a person like that

We are not idiots, I think I am pretty smart myself, so back off there just normal guys, and not selfish, and very attractive.
They also sing our feelings for, and give us what we want to hear
And that's why we crazy fans love the

That's just like generic you pant on fire liar jk

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133 They Have No Technique In Their Music

They have no talent

134 They Weren't Waved from the x Factor But They Should Have Been
135 One Direction Haters

Haters are better than directioners

We hate because we have a reason. This is a list compiling all the reasons to hate 1D. And obviously an illogical directioner put this irrelevant item in this list. This is obviously not a reason to hate 1D.

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136 Poor Manners During Interviews

Nope. have you watched their interviews? Have you watched after? After an interview, they clean up trash and put away the chairs. get your facts right.

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137 They Got Good Charlotte to Help Them On Their Fourth Album
138 They're British

And? That is incredibly racist to British people! I'm British too, so I find this highly offensive! - Wolftail

This is invalid. They gave us great bands, especially IRON MAIDEN!

Being British doesn't make them bad - Neonco31

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139 Their Fanbase Bashed Mitch Lucker's Death

That is not their fault. I'm not saying it's right because it's not right. Mitch didn't deserve that, but Don't blame the band for something some the fans did, and only some of the fans not all of them are like that.

Directioners also told Mitch's 5 year old daughter to slit her wrists and kill herself after Mitch died

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140 They Are Nothing

They're obviously something if they're famous. - DinoIsBlue

If they are nothing why are we talking about them

I agree, they are definitely nothing useful!

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