They Can't Play Instruments


They each auditioned as solo artists for X Factor, and were later put together as a band. That means they are a vocal group - they aren't supposed to play instruments. There are plenty of talented music groups that do this. It isn't like they're lying and saying they play instruments!

They can all play musical instruments, just because you don't know the truth doesn't mean they can't. Seriously, do any of you do the research before speaking or do you just whine and make excuses to hate them? Taylor Swift is a piece of crap who writes songs about her break-ups, and you're saying that she's better than them? Are you serious right now?

I think this band needs to learn how to play an instrument. No one knows how to play an instrument. They need to listen to matchbox 20, the goo goo dolls, train, one republic, the script, Lifehouse, and daughtry.

Well it's because they're famous for something else. They're famous for their singing. This is kind of just like saying "I hate shampoo because it doesn't moisturize my hair like conditioner" Um, maybe that's because that's not what shampoo does. Shampoo cleans your hair and just like that's One Direction sings.

Niall can play the guitar and plays it during tour. The rest of the guys can play an instrument, they just don't play it during tour. How is this a bad thing? There are tons of bands that don't play, I just don't know about them cause I'm always trying to make my boys even more famous ; )

EXCUSE me that is not true...Niall plays the guitar and I'm pretty sure the other boys play other instruments as well!

Sorry but they can play instruments. Louis plays the piano, and Niall plays the guitar. THOSE ARE INSTRUMENTS! The guitar and piano are not instruments that are "easy". I have tried to learn both and know that they require a lot of effort and dedication.

Not all band singers can play instruments. In fact, all of the members can at least play one 1 instrument. If I ever become a famous singer (not saying I ever will), then I won't know how to play any because I don't know now. It is awesome experience that they can both sing and play!

To the person who said that they can all play the instrument:

Playing the same chords on one instrument does not count as playing music. Also, playing the triangle does not count as playing an instrument.

This is true. Ok, TWO of them play like one instrument. BIG DEAL! There's like five of them, yet only two of them can play an instrument? The band Imagine Dragons ALL the members play a couple instruments. 5 Seconds of Summer, for example, all of them play guitar except for the drummer. They are talented because they learned something musical. Nobody has to learn auto tune.

They can they are just waiting for the perfect time to show every one that they can. I think everyone should just be nice to them. Being famous isn't as easy as it looks. They get put under a lot of pressure every day.

Okay I get it, Niall can play guitar. So can I, and I know a 10 year old who's damn amazing at guitar. In fact, I'd say 1/3 of people I know play guitar. Also one direction songs are really simple, so shouldn't be that hard to play. Again piano, loads of people play it, it's not that big a deal.

They do play instruments. Harry is learning guitar and can play a bit of the drums. Louis plays piano and a can play a bit of the drums. Liam can do a bit of the piano and drums and Niall plays guitar. You'll always catch him with his guitar on stage

Are you guys so sure they can't play instruments well let's see Niall plays the guitar Louis plays piano Liam plays Piano and Zayn plays drums too so do your research

Rubbish. Louis plays piano, Liam and Niall play guitar and Harry is trying to learn. Harry can play the kazoo and triangle. They also play a bit of the drums!

Niall, plays guitar. He even plays guitar in the songs when they record them, as well as on stage. The other boys can okay instruments too. They can't play instruments. And your point is? They're a boyband. Kevin Richardson played piano in some of the Backstreet Boys songs. Just like Niall plays guitar I'm some of their songs.

Niall Horan is such an amazing guitar player, he plays with out it plugged into an amp... Look it up

Niall can very well play guitar. Louis can play the piano. Liam can play BOTH guitar and piano. Zayn plays the triangle and harry plays the kazoo (plus he is learning drums). They all play instruments! Get your facts right

This is f-ed up. Honestly how are they a 'band' if they can't even play an instrument? I can play 3 instruments drums, clarinet and vocals sort of and I practically have no musical talent whatsoever. And they're supposed to be god-like? Vocals don't really count as an instrument, because if all you're doing is singing your music is boring and on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst they're like an 11. I hate that all people care about is they're looks. 'Harry's so cute, ' yada yada yada. Just shut up. No one cares other than you and their fans are even rude to each other when someone doesn't know anything. Or say their not 'True Directioners' if they don't something about them. Ever thought about their music?

It pisses me off that because of good looks and a flat out corporate money grab that they can make it famous when they can't even play an instrument

This irritates me so much. I can play guitar, piano, and drums and there are 5 of them and only 2 of them can play an instrument.

How are they even considered a band? Bands play their own instruments, however One Direction don't. They're just another cheesy boy band that will be forgotten in a couple of years

All the directioners here (including me) are just here to find someone to give hate to..

These guys should listen to dream theater, to learn about technical proficiency

Because they can't play instruments their music sound horrific, like I watch Minecraft parodies of them but other than that One Direction sounds AWFUL!