They're Only Famous for Looks


I'm sorry, but I really believe this. I have a friend who loves 1D (calls herself a Directioner etc. ) but can't name a song if I play one at random. I'm an Owl City fan. I don't call myself a Hoot Owl (that's an Owl City superfan), but I have almost every single song I can get my hands on by Owl City. If someone played a song at random, I could tell you within 15 seconds its title, album title, album number, occasionally it's placement on the album, and whether I like it or not. And then I will proceed to sing along to almost every word. Ta the. Despite that, I can't tell you Adam Young's birthday, star sign, relationship status, tour schedule, eye colour, current haircut, or anything else about HIM. I can talk about HIS MUSIC. It was only after I bought (and memorized) 2 albums that I could even tell you what he looked like. Hi, I'm a REAL band fan. I care about the MUSIC.

They're only famous because of their looks. You can even see it among them - Niall and Harry are more popular because apparently they look good, where as Zayn, who is the only one who can sing in my opinion, is the least popular just because he doesn't have that innocent, boyish expression that Harry and Niall have. If they were a group of 50-year old men singing exactly the same thing, with exactly the same voices, they wouldn't be famous

So we buy their album to listen to their faces yeah sure thing! They are an amazing boy band and I don't like them just because of their looks I like them because of all the things they do the music they sing (etc. ) you guys are just some haters that don't have anything else to do but you know what they say haters always make us famous!

If they weren't good looking they wouldn't be famous, true, but that doesn't mean that they are are only famous for how they look.

How are they only famous for their looks? People by their albums to listen to their faces? Like for real?! I buy their albums to listen to their music not their faces!

They aren't only famous for their looks. Quite obviously they are famous for their music. They are attractive but their music has done so much for us

Yes. One Direction are famous for only their looks. That's why I buy their album, to listen to their faces. As if! One Direction are good looking but they didn't get a recording album because of that. They didn't get into the final round of The X-Factor because they are hot, it was made with hard work and talent. Which you haters must lack due to the fact that you spend your time hating on good people instead of contributing to the world. I infer, that people who think One Direction are only famous for their looks are jealous of their fame

All my friends are Directioners. They always talk about these guys looks but nobody of them talks about the music. They just " One direction is so cute". Music has to be great. Not about the music video. It has to be about the meaning of the song. And One direction's song didn't have any meanings. That's my point

Their nothing but a one hit wonder they wont last until we have a new boy band. I hate how they are only famous for their looks I personally only like their songs not how they look personally I don't hate them just how they are only famous for how they look.

To the girl who said she went to a one direction concert and saw boys, the only reason that boys went to the concert is because they were smart enough to realize that only girls were gonna go to the concert, and they were horny enough to buy a ticket

I have friends who are directioners and when I ask them what's so special about them, they think for a while and say that they are super handsome and cute. I seriously find no talent in them. Probably they sing better than me but I don't think they have the talent to take singing as a profession

Yes, One Direction are famous for their looks but also for their MUSIC. Why do you think their songs are NUMBER 1 in I don't know how many countries, why do think they have won so many awards? I don't know who you are but please, next time, think before saying stupid things

I swear to God, if you ask the typical One Direction fan why they like them, the first thing they'll say, "They're so cute/sexy/hot" or whatever. I asked one fan that once, and then asked them why they like their music, and they couldn't think of any reasons. Lol.

Oh yeah. Because I bought their album to listen to their face. Definitely

Nope, you bought their album because you became a fan of their looks. How old are you? 11?

every girl I know is into one direction, and practically only like them because they are good looking. I'm not jealous, but every girl I know acts as if they're the only good looking guys out there. Its annoying how they obsess over these people.

I strongly believe that this not true. Yes they are very good looking. But they have a true talent. Girls may like them because of their looks but true artists think that they are very passionate from thir hearts not from the outside of that.

Harry Styles actually looks like Mick Jagger. They are both ugly, but at least Mick Jagger has more musical talent then all of them combined.

This is untrue. The boys want to be known for their music, that's why they are a band, duh! Obviously EVERY artist in the world will have an element of looks playing a part, that's just natural.

Yea totally because u know I buy all their albums and singles to listen to their faces they may be hot but they all have great voices and are really sweet - Luvcheer

When I ask my friends who are directioners about why they're like one direction, they mostly think for about 2 mins and then say because they are so handsome. And I particularly never found them being talented. When I hear my friends brag about their latest song I try to check it out and find nothing so special about it just a normal song.

That's a lie, they are famous for their songs as well. Granted, they are handsome but that's not the only reason they're famous. They have great music and great personalities as well

First you say They're Only Famous for Looks, then you give multiple reasons down below about how bad they look... you just cancelled like 8 of your reasons!

Looks plus T.V. exposure plus lots of marketing. They deserve nothing at all, it's sad to see worthless fakes like these cheat their way to success.

I don't think they're only famous because of their looks. I don't like their type of music but they can sing well. I think most of their fans like them because of their 'talent' and I guess the fact that they're also good-looking makes them more famous. Though their fans really exaggerate on their looks. I think we've all seen better looking guys who are talented. The fans need to stop doing that, it's really ANNOYING!

I think one d is going to end up just like beiber. People are going to finally stop liking there stupid songs and snap back into reality