Top 10 Worst Things About Online Pokemon Battling


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1 Clans

There are clans who just shove things in your face, and the ones who act like "not being a clan is not having fun! join now or die! " are plain annoying. There's reasons I prefer to be solo, and this is why. - Swellow

2 Competitive freaks

Competitive battling is good itself, but I hate people who are freaks about it. It ruins the game, and there's underrated Pokémon now because of it. - Swellow

3 Rage-quitters

Nothing's worse than training your team for a long time, and then battling someone who just quits for "not winning the battle"! Look, life can be unfair, but winning isn't always the key to victory. It's a video game, not getting into college. - Swellow

4 Legendary spammers

Just yesterday I fought with one of these. I obviously lost - Martinglez

Using legendaries can be fun, but when people constantly overlook others for them and then make a whole team of them, that's when the fun gets ruined. - Swellow

This should be number 1 - DarkShadows

This is why Smogon is actually good, the weaker Pokémon like Vullaby and Golem can actually stand a chance in the PU tier. And legendaries that actually aren't good like Regirock. - AsianBlood

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5 People who use weak Pokémon for the purpose of joking

Thanks to this, we have baby Pokémon and Magikarps trolling that isn't even fun anymore. - Swellow

6 Shove-it-in-your-face type people

AKA the people who taunt you over voicechat to make sure you feel like a loser, but make themselves look foolish. - Swellow

7 You're about to win, but then the other person gets the advantage

Encountered this many times in the past. - Swellow

8 Disconnections

Don't you just hate this as well? My internet is strong, but can lag too much. - Swellow

9 Darkrai Darkrai Darkrai is a legendary Pokemon developed by Game Freak. The only way to get this Pokemon was through two events, only one in the United States.

I wonder if this is banned in competitive play. I hate that Dark Void move whenever it gets used on me! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It's a rare Pokémon ruined by it's popularity, and it's signature move. - Swellow

10 People who don't use type advantages

Making battles harder and frustrating for them. - Swellow

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11 Magnemite Magnemite

Can not faint!

12 People who shout at you using Voice Chat
13 Shiny Spammers


14 Butthurt people
15 Arceus hackers
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