Worst Things About Online Schools

As a guy who once went to an online school, I can tell you that it is not a great experience. If you hate the school you go to, you should be glad that you aren't in online school. Without further ado, let's take a look at this list.

The Top Ten

1 You don't really make friends

When you take online classes, the teacher and classmates are nothing more than just a bunch of names in the list of people who attend this class. Some schools might have a chat feature in their classes, but since it is online, you cannot give any personal info. That means no contact info given and that means you can only talk to classmates in online classes - SpectralOwl

2 Your internet connection can have technical issues

You would miss a lot of time to do stuff on the online school, because your wifi wasn't working properly. chances are, you would miss a class and have to watch the recording (I Don't know if all online schools record the classes) - SpectralOwl

3 No memories are made

Imagine the worst school you went to, but without events or field trips or any of that. That's Right, Online schools do not have events, field trips, and no Yearbooks! Yearbooks are meant to remember what happened in the school year and take a trip down memory lane. - SpectralOwl

4 Flexible arrival and dismissal times

Some say this is a pro, but I say this is a con - SpectralOwl

5 Students are easily distracted by opening up another tab
6 Absolutely no creativity comes from this
7 Students are less likely to succeed
8 Poorly managed electives

Trust me, electives on online schools are a total Joke. - SpectralOwl

9 The only reason that they are here is to replace the occupation of a teacher
10 It has no benefits
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