A rant on Online Schools + My Experience

Hey fellow Owls, this is the SpectralOwl, and this is the result of me thinking about a time right after my life had fallen apart. In the entirety of 2016, I had been punished by unluckiness that is online school (This rant applies to K-12 online schools). The school I was forced to was K12, if that was the best online school, as many people say, I don't even want to know how the other online schools are like. Why did I go here? The previous school I went to was revoked by greed corrupted Thimble-wits.

Imagine the worst school you've ever been to, minus decent electives, minus making friends, minus yearbooks, minus extracurricular activities, minus.. well you get the Idea. That was practically how I experienced online school. This is where when you find where your classmates and teacher are as special as you can possibly see them... A bunch of names on a list. That's right. There is a class chat system, BUT It's online, on the internet, where you cannot share personal information or contact information. Basically, you can only chat with them to class sessions and forget them faster than Sanic when you graduate from it. There were some meet-ups of school classmates to help bring some life to it. However, barely anyone attended in my experience. So if that seems to be the case with many other online schools, how about we REVOKE online schools because this is Not OK! People need to develop social skills!

If the concept of online school takes over normal school, It is saying my wishes would be ignored. (And yes, I'm calling it normal school because that is how school is always supposed to be). Another effect: The phrase "Saved by the bell", would be permanently eliminated. Why? There is Flexible beginning and dismissal times. Along with no commute. However, 5 minutes is not that much, and Prioritizing online school just to save those minutes is not worth it in any way!

What if your internet connection goes down. Or even WORSE! It works on the Teacher's and other student's Side. Or Even WORSER. You're not with anyone tech-savvy in the house. This may apply to regular schools that use Chromebooks as well, but at least you could have the teachers take a look at your laptop with a google doc open.

So yeah. There is my rant and experience with this thing we call "Online School" Remember, this all is actually my opinion, believe it or not. So respect it, please


Online school sounds horrible. Also, congratulations on the HQ post! - visitor

Can you drop out of online school? - Skullkid755

You can, but the only way I escaped it was because another regular school was opening it's first year - SpectralOwl

The fact that they shut down your prior school (that's what revoked meant right? ) sucks. - Skullkid755

My life was ruined by F**kheads who care nothing more than having money all to themselves until I graduated middle school - SpectralOwl

And yes, that's what revoked means in that sense - SpectralOwl

Faster than Sanic ha - TwilightKitsune

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